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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.

Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.


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Mike Florio talks about the biggest NFL topics with the people who are most passionate about the game: League execs, players, coaches and the journalists who cover pro football.




Colin Kaepernick impressive at Raiders workout

(00:00) Josh McDaniels comments on Colin Kaepernick's workout for Raiders (21:45) Which other teams will give Kaepernick a look?


Sashi Brown unworried about Lamar Jackson's absence

(00:00) Patrick Mahomes on offensive spread, Sashi Brown unworried about Lamar Jackson's absence plus Aaron Rodgers not present at Packers OTA's (26:00) Budda Baker says Cardinals got 'comfortable' last year before season collapse (38:00) Reports that Carolina Panthers wanted Browns to pay 13-14 million of Baker Mayfield salary if acquired (48:00) PFT Live Draft: Best sports movies of all time


Colin Kaepernick works out with Raiders

(00:00) Reactions to reports that Colin Kaepernick worked with Raiders but does he have a realistic chance to make the team? (35:00) Judge denies NFL's motions to dismiss Jon Gruden lawsuit


Lamar Jackson skips OTA's

(00:00) Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray remain absent from OTA's (25:00) Ryan Tannehill clarifies his comments on Malik Willis, regrets how it was received (32:00) Real or fake? Tom Brady's 'hole in one' + Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown (50:00) PFT Live Draft: Best non QB's in NFC East


Reactions to tragedy in Texas and Real Sports interview with Deshaun Watson's accusers

(00:00) Reflecting on the tragic event that unfolded yesterday at a Texas elementary school (40:00) Reacting to Roger Goodell's comments on Deshaun Watson and takeaways from the Real Sports interview with his accusers


Roger Goodell comments on Deshaun Watson and more at NFL Annual Meeting

(00:00) Mitchell Trubisky wasn't aware the Steelers would draft a QB + new GM in town: Steelers hire Omar Khan (12:00) Roger Goodell addresses Deshaun Watson, Daniel Snyder and more at his NFL Annual Meeting press conference (27:00) Matt LaFleur claims Aaron Rodgers is in 'good spirits' despite not being at OTA's (34:00) Kyle Shanahan expects Jimmy Garoppolo to be traded (39:00) Tyreek Hill is surprised by Tua's throws at practice


Cardinals selected for in season Hard Knocks

(00:00) Will the Cardinals face another 2nd half season collapse under the Hard Knocks cameras? (30:00) Kyler Murray, Deebo Samuel aren't present for voluntary OTA's (45:00) Sean McVay doesn't seem concerned Aaron Donald isn't at Rams OTA's


Bill Belichick mum on coordinators roles

(00:00) Who's job is it anyway? Bill Belichick refuses to answer which coordinators are in charge of what positions (13:00) Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: where do Marcus Mariota and Mitchell Trubisky rank? (30:30) Nathaniel Hackett looking forward to building offense around Russell Wilson (42:00) Washington Commanders buy land in Virginia but does it mean a new stadium is coming? (48:00) PFT Live Draft: Best non-QBs in AFC West


George Kittle weighs in on Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance

(00:00) George Kittle says it's a 'toss up' between Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo (21:30) More comments from George Kittle in defense of Garoppolo (42:30) What are the after effects of all this 49ers uncertainty?


Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: Tua Tagovailoa and Jared Goff

(00:00) Congratulations to PFT's Charean Williams for being inducted into the Texas Sports Hall Of Fame (21:00) Chris Simms breaks down Tua and Jared Goff's positions in his Top 40 QB Countdown (31:00) Assessing the fallout from the Jimbo Fisher, Nick Saban fued (41:00) Reports suggest NFL owners are 'counting votes' towards possible ousting of Dan Snyder (48:00) PFT Live Draft: Best non-QB's in NFC West


The new Hatfield-McCoy: Jimbo Fisher vs Nick Saban

(00:00) The new Hatfield-McCoy: Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher trade accusatory jabs through press conferences (24:00) More on Saban attacking NIL agreements, his 'apology' and Deion Sanders reaction to being called out


Daniel Jones on his future with Giants

(00:00) Giants decline Daniel Jones 5th year option so what's next for Danny Dimes? (25:00) Josh Allen and his teammates hold a charity benefit for victims of Buffalo shooting (31:00) Peter King expounds on his conversation with Jerry Jones (43:00) PFT Live Draft: Best NFL coaching feuds


Florio's Flu Game + Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown

(00:00) James Bradberry gets deal with Giants + Chris O'Connell talks about being a first time head coach (23:00) Bobby Wagner speaks on adjustments since joining the Rams (47:00) Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: breaking down Sam Darnold and Trey Lance


Boom roasted: Tom Brady gets deal for Netflix roast

(00:00) Postscript on the 'best names in NFL' draft + Tom Brady claims to 'block out the noise' (15:00) More on Tom Brady's roast special: will the GOAT be a good sport?


Joe Burrow has his swagger back

(00:00) Joe Burrow speaks on shedding his knee brace and outlook for the season (22:00) Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: where do Tyler Huntley and Geno Smith rank? (36:00) Sean McVay would like Odell Beckham Jr back but is it feasible for the Rams? (49:00) Update on Deshaun Watson case (54:00) PFT Live Draft: NFL figures you'd like to roast


NFL Officials to meet with Deshaun Watson this week

(00:00) NFL officals to meet with Deshaun Watson this week but when will a decision on punishment be handed down? (45:15) Dennis Allen thinks Drew Brees comments were in jest + who is coaching what for the Patriots? Coordinators mum on their roles with the team


Packers extend Jaire Alexander + Jessie Bates holdout

(00:00) Chris Simms quarterback rankings: #37-35 (13:45) Packers extend Jaire Alexander + Bengals safety Jessie Bates has no plans to sign franchise tag (26:00) Nick Saban warns about 'loss of parity' in CFB with NIL deals (34:00) PFT Live Draft: best football names inspired by Oklahoma transfer General Booty


Drew Brees back in the Bayou? If not, then who?

(00:00) Drew Brees opens door for return to football but would he return to the Saints or wait to see where his former head coach Sean Payton ends up? (31:00) Matt Rhule speaks on the Sean Payton, Carolina Panthers rumors (44:00) Dan Campbell happy to not have any primetime games meanwhile the Broncos have 7 stand-alone games


Chris Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: first 3 names revealed

(00:00) New report suggests the Raiders are plagued by 'financial disorder' (14:00) Chris Simms reveals #40-37 of his Top 40 Quarterback Countdown (30:00) Malik Willis says everything is cool between him and Ryan Tannehill after mentor comments (38:00) Tyreek Hill defends Tua after people criticize practice video


NFL Schedule Release: teams poised to win or lose early + toughest schedules and more

(00:00) Looking at the 2022 NFL schedule release and assessing which teams could be in for a rough September (24:15) Previewing marquee matchups and big expectations for last years divisional favorites in Rams, Bills and Bucs