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How much better are Giants after NFL Draft? (Ep. 153)

The Giants drafted Daniel Jones, who will sit behind Eli Manning at the start of the season. Is a QB controversy coming? Which other rookies could make an immediate impact?


Eli Manning and the NFL Draft: What does 2019 look like for Giants? (Ep. 152)

The 2019 season officially is underway as the Giants reported for the start of their offseason program. Who will they draft? Is this the end for Eli Manning? What will the 2019 NFL schedule look like?


What is the Giants' future at quarterback? (Ep. 151)

Will the Giants take Dwayne Haskins in NFL Draft? Will they trade for Josh Rosen? Will they bring Eli Manning back in 2020 and kick the can down the road? What happened to Kyle Lauletta? We try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


If the Giants have an offseason plan, what the heck is it? (Ep. 150)

After saying goodbye to Odell Beckham Jr., Landon Collins and Olivier Vernon, can the Giants compete in 2019 or is it all about the future?


Are the Giants afraid to draft a quarterback? (Ep. 149)

Eli Manning and the Giants are at a crossroads. Will he back? If not, will GM Dave Gettleman make the moves necessary to land Dwayne Haskins? Special guest Steve Politi joins the show to discuss with Ryan Dunleavy.


Playoffs? Giants believe even if mathematicians wouldn’t (Ep. 148)

The Giants can get into the playoffs if they win out and get some help around the NFL, so Eli Manning’s future and NFL Draft talks are on hold for now.


Has Landon Collins played his last game with Giants? (Ep. 147)

The Giants have won 3 of the last 4 games and are favored against Redskins as football takes precedent over finding a QB of the future. But, what does Landon Collins' injury mean for his future with the team?


Are the Giants committing quarterback malpractice? (Ep. 146)

There’s finger-pointing in the locker room and questions about who the starting QB should be for the rest of the season. Should the Giants start Kyle Lauletta or Alex Tanney, and when should they make the change? We also give our predictions for this week’s matchup vs. the Bears.


Are the Giants really any better than they were 2 weeks ago? (Ep. 145)

The Giants finally won 2 games in a row after looking like a real football team against the Bucs and are now in the mix to win the NFC East with everything else going on in the division, but is this just a result of the teams they played? Matt Lombardo and Ryan Dunleavy try to figure out who the real Giants are and discuss the possibility of them making the playoffs. Would that even be a good thing? We also break down the matchup vs. the Eagles in Week 12.


How NFC East could shake out based on Giants’ remaining schedule (Ep. 144)

The NFC East is as bad as it’s ever been and the Giants are looking to put together 2 wins in a row with a matchup against a bad Bucs team. Matt Lombardo and Ryan Dunleavy look at the remainder of the Giants’ season and discuss how the NFC East could wind up by season’s end. Also, when is Kyle Lauletta going to get his shot at QB?


Eli Manning vs. Kyle Lauletta: How should Giants handle QB situation? (Ep. 143)

Given Eli Manning's struggles and the Giants' terrible record, Matt Lombardo and Ryan Dunleavy debate how the team should handle the quarterback situation moving forward. Does Eli deserve a sendoff in front of the home fans? Was Kyle Lauletta in line to start after the bye before he was arrested? Plus, grading the Giants at the halfway point of the season.


Tear it down! Giants trade Eli Apple and Snacks (Ep. 142)

After trading away Eli Apple and Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison, it’s clear that the Giants have given up on a complete failure of a season. Now, it’s time to tear the entire thing down and rebuild. Ryan Dunleavy and special guest Steve Politi discuss who’s next to be traded and where the Giants should go from here.


Preview and predictions: Giants vs. Falcons | John Mara’s embarrassment (Ep. 141)

John Mara has made it clear that he is embarrassed by the Giants’ play and Odell Beckham Jr.’s antics. Matt Lombardo and Ryan Dunleavy review his comments and discuss what it means for the organization going forward. They also break down how the Giants can exploit the Falcons subpar defense and get their second win of the season.


Week 6 recap: Eagles 34, Giants 13 (Ep. 140)

The Giants have dropped to 1-5 after an abysmal showing against the Eagles and have become a complete embarrassment. Matt Lombardo and Ryan Dunleavy analyze everything that wrong on Thursday, especially the play of Eli Manning, and discuss how the Giants should handle the rest of the season.


Dissecting OBJ’s comments & Lil Wayne-Eli beef, plus previewing the Eagles (Ep. 139)

Odell Beckham Jr. is back making headlines and not for good reason, which isn’t surprising, but who ever thought we'd see a beef between Eli Manning and Lil Wayne? Matt Lombardo and Ryan Dunleavy break down all the craziness from this week and make predictions for the Giants’ Thursday night matchup against the Eagles.


Preview and predictions: Giants vs. Panthers (Ep. 138)

The Giants travel to Carolina this weekend to take on the Panthers in a battle of Dave Gettleman-built teams. With the season hanging on by a thread, how can the Giants pull out a victory to keep things alive? Matt Lombardo and Ryan Dunleavy break down this week’s key matchups and make predictions.


Week 4 recap: Saints 33, Giants 18 (Ep. 137)

The Giants were back to looking like the team we’ve been used to over the last two seasons in their 33-18 loss to the Saints. The defense did a decent job of keeping Drew Brees and co. in check, but the offense continues to be inept when it comes to moving the ball. Matt Lombardo and Ryan Dunleavy discuss why the Giants can’t get anything to click on offense and question Pat Shurmur’s ability to turn things around.


Preview and predictions: Giants vs. Saints (Ep. 136)

The Giants defense has a tough test in Week 4 vs. the Saints high-powered offense. Will they be able to keep Drew Brees and company in check? Can the Giants offense continue the success we saw from them last week? Matt Lombardo and Steve Politi break down this week’s key matchups and make predictions.


Week 3 recap: Giants 27, Texans 22 (Ep. 135)

The Giants got a much-needed win over the Texans to keep the season from spiraling out of control. Pat Shurmur made some key adjustments and the offense finally looked pretty good. Steve Politi joins Matt Lombardo to break down those changes and discuss whether this can be the new norm or if it will be the outlier.


Week 2 recap: Cowboys 20, Giants 13 | Preview: Giants vs. Texans (Ep. 134)

After losing to the Cowboys, the Giants have raised a lot of questions around the offensive line and Eli Manning. Special guest Steve Politi joins Matt Lombardo to discuss how they can turn things around. We also look ahead to Week 3 against the Texans and figure out how the Giants can pull out a victory.