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Just a Titans fan, talking about the team we love!

Just a Titans fan, talking about the team we love!


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Just a Titans fan, talking about the team we love!








Mariota Braceless and Are the Preds to Thank raw

In today's show, I talk about Cameron Wolfe's article (click here) in regards to Marcus Mariota being out of his brace and how he looks and what it's doing for the mood of the Titans! Also, Corey Francis, of PredLines.com states WHY the Titans should be thanking the Preds for winning the 2019 NFL Draft (article here). Hear what I have to say about THAT! If you like what you're hearing, SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss an episode! Also, message me over on Twitter, I'm @npriquette! Would love...


I'm An Idiot, 2019 Draft, OTA Storylines Raw

It's another Tennessee Titans Thursday! Back at it with episode 9. I'm talking why I'm such an idiot, what I missed out on last week. Also three questions I've got about Nashville getting the NFL Draft for 2019. And some OTA storylines from the experts Jim Wyatt (article here) and Justin Graver (article here) follow them @jwyattsports and @titansfilmroom If you aren't already subscribed, do that! Also, I wanna hear from you, I'm @npriquette on Twitter and on Instagram, you can at me at...


Sports Betting, Titans for Sale?, NFL's Top 100 Players

Today's episode is a short one! I owe you an apology, I wasn't able to do the research on the Undrafted Free Agents. So this week I'm bringing you some news and a couple other interesting articles about the Titans! First up, Sports Gambling is legal . . . sort of! The DeadSpin article by Ugarles is here! Next, are the Titans for sale? Darren Rovell thinks so! Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles and Corey Curtis of WKRN both disagree! See Jimmy's article here! Corey's article...


Scott's Interview and UDFAs

In THIS episode, I'm bringing on my good buddy Scott Freeman and asking him about his Titans fandom! He also gives me a prediction for this year! Let me know what you think over on my Twitter page @npriquette! I delve into two articles about the undrafted free agents that the Titans have signed! Giving you 3 specific guys to watch for based on Brian's article! Brian Rauf with ChatSports.com (here) Ben Pfeifer with FullPressCoverage.com (here) If you aren't already subscribed, you're...


2018 Draft Picks: Children of Titan

Episode 6, going over the Titans 2018 Draft Picks! Talking about the things I saw, Strengths and Weaknesses from Lance Zierlin and some other analysts! Rashaan Evans LB from Alabama, Round 1 Pick 22 Honor (Harold) Landry (thanks Vince) EDGE from Boston College, Round 2 Pick 41 Dane "The Crook" Cruikshank S from Arizona, Round 5 Pick 152 Luke Falk QB from Washington State, Round 6 Pick 199 "The Tom Brady pick". Mike Mayock's article here Lance Zierlin's article 1, 2, 3, 4 Kyle Madson...


Titans News, 2018 Schedule, and Draft Preview

NEWLY RE-BRANDED: Tennessee Titans Fancast I, your humble host, Nick Priquette will be taking you through recent Titans News, the 2018 Schedule, and a Draft Preview! News: Mariota's Contract, Voluntary Minicamp, OTAs in May, Minicamp in June! 2018 Schedule: I breakdown and agree or disagree with Cameron Wolfe's article (click here) and his predictions! Follow Cameron @cameronwolfe - Twitter @camjustdoit15. Also go follow the guys @atozsports (Austin and Zach)! Draft Preview: I look at...


Nick's Picks Tennessee Titans Thursday Episode 004

This is my Lazy Day podcast . . . well, Lazy Week. I didn't get to studying the Free Agents as planned, so I discussed a little more about the Titan's Uniforms (2:38). Then I talked about the future of THIS podcast. (8:03) That I was going to continue focusing on the Titans!(8:16) Since this pod and I are in Chattanooga, TN, there will be more elements about Chattanooga, fans, businesses, and the great city itself.(8:32) Getting my website up soon!(9:08) Dabbling in some other areas on this...


Tennessee Titans Thursday - Episode 003

In this episode, my co-host is back! And with a vengeance! Especially against the uniforms! We're arguing. He believes the new Titans Uniforms look like gar-baage. And I believe they're something that I can warm up to. We both think the collection of older uniforms is better, but I'm hopefully optimistic about the new look! Want to argue/discuss with us? Follow Stephen @stephenjameswalker on Instagram and @stephenwalker0 on Twitter. Follow me @npriquette on Instagram, Twitter, and...


Nick's Picks Tennessee Titans Thursday Episode 002

Today, I'm solo. Han Solo. Nah, I'm all by myself and I'm talking about some of the latest news about the Titans. (3:50) Talking about Ndamukong Suh signing with the LA Rams. I discuss why it would have been great to have him, but what we could really use the money for. (6:36) Talking about Tom Fornelli's article about the top 5 biggest QB busts in the BCS era and arguing why Vince Young doesn't deserve to be #1, but, if anyone from that particular time, it should be Matt Leinart. Plus,...


Nick's Picks Tennessee Titans Thursday Episode 001

Stephen Walker and I go through the new coaching staff of the Tennessee Titans. I get Stephen's initial reaction to Mike Vrabel's hiring ("meh" for those keeping notes at him), then discuss his current views and why they changed. We discuss why Matt Lafleur is the perfect OC (Offensive Coordinator) for Marcus Mariota and the offense our team has. We talk about Dean Pees and why (in my humbler opinion) he is going to be a better DC (Defensive Coordinator) than Dick Labeau (still love and...


Nick's Picks First Ever EDITED EPISODE

Welcome in! This is my first EVER edited episode. I took the time to listen, test some stuff out, edited some bloopers out (no worries I have them for later) and now you get to listen. That being said. I give you a basic introduction to this podcast. Who I am. What I'm trying to do with this podcast. What YOU can expect from me and this podcast. What I want you to do! Subscribe wherever you listen. Rate and review, let me know how I'm doing, if you're lucky, I'll read your review! Follow me...


Nick’s Picks China Episode

Literally just a recording while I was sitting in Shanghai. Testing the ability of this app here. See if I could still record and such. It seems to work. Let me know what you think on Twitter @npriquette. Also, u can follow me on IG and Snapchat @npriquette too! As always, I appreciate your ear. Would love to connect with you on Twitter, IG or Snapchat.


Nick’s Picks SB 52 Insta-Recap

Instant reaction to the game on Super Bowl Sunday between the Patriots and Eagles. Great game. Fun to watch.


Nick’s Movie Picks Episode 001

I delve into 4 different movies. Talk about the stories, characters and morals from each! The Greatest Showman, 12 Strong, The Death Cure, and Darkest Hour. There are spoilers in these movies if you haven’t seen them already! Especially Death Cure. But let me know what you think of THESE movies, if you’ve seen them. If you haven’t, maybe I can give you reasons to. Converse with me on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. @npriquette is my handle for all! Thank you again for listening. And welcome...


15 Min. Championship Edition!

Hey y’all! It’s just me this time. I break down the Patriots win over the Jaguars in the AFC Championship and some things I saw. I also talk about the Eagles domination of the Vikings for the NFC Championship. This was fun to talk about. Not quite the fire I needed to have. But I wanted to be the first to get it out. Send me your comments about these breakdowns on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, @npriquette for all 3! As always, thank you for your ears!


Titans New HC, Mike Vrabel

Stephen James Walker and I discuss the hiring of Mike Vrabel as the 19th Titans Head Coach. I wasn’t quite on my game in the sense of argument. But we give our initial feelings about the hiring. Stephen is very apprehensive and I am very optimistic. We argue both sides. Why it can be good. Why it can be bad. Ultimately awaiting the coaching hires that Coach Vrabel will make. Follow Stephen on Twitter @stephenwalker0 and on Instagram @stephenjameswalker. Also, listen to his podcast “Homefield...


Titans Job Search

Join Stephen James Walker and I as we peruse the reasons for Mularkey’s firing. The happiness yet sympathy we have for it. And where we see the tram going. Also, we have some technical problems in the midst of one of my tirades. And then we discuss who the candidates for the Head Coaching job are. And who’s e would like to see. And who we believe will be there. Follow stephen @stephenwalker0 on Twitter. And @stephenjameswalker on the Insta. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat...


2017 Divisional Titans Talk

Divisional Round 2017 Titans Lose. Jags Win. Mularkey Says Nothing To Change! • Divisional Round 2017 Titans Lose. Jags Win. Mularkey Says Nothing To Change! • Divisional Round 2017 Titans Lose. Jags Win. Mularkey Says Nothing To Change! • Divisional Round 2017 Titans Lose. Jags Win. Mularkey Says Nothing To Change! • Divisional Round 2017 Titans Lose. Jags Win. Mularkey Says Nothing To Change! • Divisional Round 2017 Titans Lose. Jags Win. Mularkey Says Nothing To Change! • Divisional Round...


Titans Talk Jan. 7, 2017

Stephen James Walker and I bring you our takes on the Titans Wildcard Victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Talking about going forward. Who we’ll play (at the time, Jacksonville was still playing against Buffalo). Is there a possibility of moving on? And what happens to the coaching staff next year? Leave a comment. Subscribe. Share. And as always we appreciate your attention. Follow Stephen @stephenwalker0 on Twitter and @stephenjameswalker on IG. Follow me @npriquette on Twitter, IG, and...


2017 Week 17 Titans Recap

Stephen J Walker and I breakdown the Titans victory against the Jaguars. The victory propels the Titans into the 2017 playoffs. So what happens now? If they win, will the winning end? If they lose, who loses their job (if anyone)? And possible future endeavors and coaches the Titans may seek next year (if necessary)! Join us in our discussion. Also, at us on social media! Follow Stephen @stephenwalker0 on Twitter and @stephenjameswalker on Instagram. Follow me @npriquette on Twitter,...