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Declan Marron presents the Sportscast featuring coverage of the Airtricity League Of Ireland Premier and First Division as well as other sporting events of interest. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store. The Sportscast is the podcast of the website

Declan Marron presents the Sportscast featuring coverage of the Airtricity League Of Ireland Premier and First Division as well as other sporting events of interest. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store. The Sportscast is the podcast of the website


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Declan Marron presents the Sportscast featuring coverage of the Airtricity League Of Ireland Premier and First Division as well as other sporting events of interest. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store. The Sportscast is the podcast of the website



Episodes Sportscast Season 8 Episode 34 - LOI European Draw, Linfield Get a Bye and Treaty Utd Kick-Off

Declan Marron, Macdara Ferris and Andrew Dempsey react to the Irish sides' Champions League & Europa League draws and debate the difficulties surrounding Linfield's bye in Europe because of Covid cases for their opponents FC Drita. (6.05) The lads also discuss Shamrock Rovers going further clear at the top as Kris Twardek blows Dundalk away early on, tips for Georgie Kelly to be top scorer, why Sligo now might not need their massive transfer coup and the injury crisis costing Cabinteely &...

Duration:00:45:45 Sportscast Season 8 Episode 33 - Restart Review and Waterford v Sligo Postponed

As the news breaks of Sligo v Waterford's postponed fixture tomorrow, Declan Marron speaks to Sligo's Ronan Coughlan on the teams reaction to this development, last week's resurgent win and whether Sligo fans should expect to see him on OnlyFans anytime soon. Dave Donnelly and Macdara Ferris are back to talk about the league restart, the success of WATCHLOI and reporting from empty grounds (06.57). With a round of fixtures finally in the bag, the lads discuss each of the Premier Division...

Duration:01:05:59 Sportscast Season 8 Episode 32 - The Return of the League of Ireland

Host Declan Marron welcomes back Macdara Ferris and Andrew Dempsey for a League of Ireland catch up before the season resumes. The lads discuss the new WATCHLOI platform as well as where each club ranks on the Premier Division subscribers table. There's also talk on how clubs handled the break and some of the major club recruitment including Sligo's coup picking up Junior Ogedi Ozekwe. Support the show (

Duration:00:39:27 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 24 - World Cup Final 1990 - West Germany v Argentina

It's the Italia 90 final and it's a beautiful disgrace of a game. Holders Argentina having looked down and out many times in this tournament arrive riddled by suspensions with West Germany hungry for revenge after the World Cup 86 final defeat. We're treated to some top class spoiling tactics, Motty going potty as the Argentinians assault the referee and the "Left Adventurer" Andy Brehme has his finest hour. And there's a full inquest into the conflicting teams of the tournament without a...

Duration:00:24:03 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 23 - Third Place Playoff - Italy v England

Is there any point in this game or this podcast? The panel debate the legitimacy of third place playoffs, whether these two teams were the 3rd & 4th best in the tournament and what legacy this tournament left for the hosts. Despite some changes to the line ups this game still means quite a lot particularly to Shillaci and Linekar still chasing the golden ball as well as to Peter Shilton, presumably just to torture the sub keepers. And for some bizarre reason there's a Toto - Smithwicks...

Duration:00:27:57 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 22 - Semi Final - England v West Germany

A fascinating semi final here with two sides as eager for revenge on Argentina and Maradona as they are to get to the final. A tactically shaky England face questions are needing to change the system to see off Cameroon while a nervous Franz Beckenbaur admits West Germany are relieved to see the familiar (predictable?) English instead of the African side. This semi has it all. Tears, big looping deflections and calls for "penalty competition" to be changed to the Puc fada. Plus back in...

Duration:00:26:42 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 21 - Semi Final - Argentina v Italy

We're into the semi finals! Diego Maradonna is playing mind games and calling on his Napoli brethren to turn their back on the homeland. This has minimal effect in terms of Italian defectors Wit does cause quite the stir. So too does Vicini reverting to type and dropping Baggio once again. Plus Big Jack's gone 'a' fishin, Bobby's too busy representing Europe in a UN relief game to tag along and why has Liam Brady's got a jaundiced view of Italians? Support the show...

Duration:00:23:09 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 20 - England v Cameroon & West Germany v Czechoslovakia

Today we find out who will join Argentina & Italy in the semi finals. Rudi Voller returns with a saliva-free perm for the Germans to take on a somewhat header-obsessed Czechoslovakia side. And in an all time Italia 90 classic, England with reckless abandon of their defensive game have binned Steve McMahon for Platty which should mean plenty of openings for a truly entertaining Cameroon side. There's more Milla skipping & wiggling, Oman-Biyaak's outrageous gymnastics and some top theatrics...

Duration:00:20:13 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 19 - Ireland v Italy & Argentina v Yugoslavia

It's the quarter finals of Italia 90! We kick off with Argentina v Yugoslavia in which is our first Ireland-less peno shoot out of the tournament but will we see Diego or Maradonna? Ireland buoyed by an audience with the Pope and some garish 90's tracksuits go to Rome to take on Italy. There's analysis of THAT Bonner save, the reason why Sheedy is actually to blame and whether a big man - bigger man combo could have done the trick. Support the show (

Duration:00:38:54 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 18 - England v Belgium & Spain v Yugoslavia

It's the final games in the round of the last sixteen! Spain captain Emilio Butragueno is being outshone by his nickname-less teammates as they come up against Yugoslvia who are looking to Dragan Stojkovic for inspiration in a game of phenomenal goals and contagious offside appeals. England march on without captain Bryan Robson and without many goals to their name. They come up against the free scoring Belgian side featuring Enzo Scifo who's being mooted for player of the tournament.It's...

Duration:00:32:14 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 17 - Ireland v Romania & Italy v Uruguay

Let's face it, it doesn't get more fun than day seventeen of Italia 90. Do we need to say anything more than "You are Alf, Bill"? In the sweltering heat in Genoa, Ireland's pressing game is well and truly tested against the "brainless" Hagi and Romania. There's Aldo's first World Cup meltdown, O'Leary's redemption and Big Jack has three days to organise an audience with the Pope. Italy meanwhile are starting to enjoy themselves now that Toto & Baggio are running the show. The hosts take on...

Duration:00:34:44 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 16 - Brazil v Argentina & West Germany v Netherlands

This may well be the most controversial day in World Cup history. Our panel wades through the drugging and the spitting in two massive knockout games on day sixteen of Italia 90. It's the Superclasicas De Las Americas on the World Cup stage. Argentina are just about surviving while filling Mardaonna with any injections to get him through games. Bludgeoning Brazil meanwhile are still looking for that extra something but probably should have checked the water. An extremely ill-tempered...

Duration:00:25:15 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 15 - Cameroon v Colombia & Costa Rica v Czechoslovakia

After sitting uneasy through the first rest day yesterday we're into the exciting knockout stages with two of the big underdogs of the tournament in action. Having stunned the world in the group stages, Cameroon are in uncharted waters. They've got to get past a Colombia who despite under-performing have picked up many admirers for the unorthodox style of their players. We may well get another excuse to play that Roger Milla Pepe Kalle track. Meanwhile the part timers of Costa Rica come up...

Duration:00:20:22 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 14 - Groups E & F Conclusion - Ireland v Netherlands, England v Egypt & Spain v Belgium, South Korea v Uruguay

Good Golly it's a bumper Italia 90 podcast today with four games wrapping up the last two groups. After the vulture and Luisito "thrashed things out" Spain are looking in much better nick, they face a Belgium side being forced into a few changes. Meanwhile Uruguay & South Korea are trying to salvage what's been a pretty disappointing tournament for them so far. Group F is still very much up for grabs as Jack Charlton makes some notable changes which might just do the trick for Ireland....

Duration:00:39:30 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 13 - Group C Conclusion: Brazil v Scotland & Costa Rica v Sweden

It's the day of reckoning for Scotland and Jim Leighton who are looking for a big result to keep them in the tournament. They take on Brazil who are essentially a sexier Ireland. And we finally get an answer on whether Muller or Mo Johnston are the world's number 1 striker... (it's neither). Meanwhile underdog's Costa Rica are up against a disappointing Sweden side in a game which inspires some Roy Keane-esc disgust in goalkeepers from one of our panel. There's further reactions to the...

Duration:00:15:58 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 12 - West Germany v Colombia, Italy v Czechoslovakia, USA v Austria & Yugoslavia v UAE

Groups D & A conclude today! Already qualified West Germany take the foot off the gas but come up against an uncharacteristically defensive Colombia in a very busy afternoon for a Northern Irish referee. Yugoslavia, suspiciously missing Srecko Katanec, face United Arab Emirates in front of virtually nobody in a game featuring the answer to many a quiz question. There's also boring Austria lacking trickery up against USA who may be still be figuring out the rules, featuring a footnote on...

Duration:00:23:23 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 11 - Argentina v Romania & Soviet Union v Cameroon

Group B comes to a head today with surprise package Cameroon sitting pretty on top of the group..The Soviets will be hoping that 28 year old Roger Milla and co will ease off the gas and results elsewhere go their way in what could be their last ever World Cup game. And it's a battle of the mercurial talents in Maradonna v Hagi as struggling Argentina take on Romania, with John Giles mooting a brain transplant for the latter in the RTÉ studio. Meanwhile the fallout of Ireland v Egypt...

Duration:00:21:20 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 10 - Ireland v Egypt, Spain v South Korea & Belgium v Uruguay

Day ten throws up the infamous Ireland v Egypt clash but is it as bad as everyone says? There's Egyptian sailors, an appalling Chris Morris tackle and the villainess origin story of Eamon Dunphy. Meanwhile "The Vulture" and his cohorts in the Spain squad have a chance to pick up their first win against South Korea, which leads to sublime hat tricks and tales of squeezed testicles. There's also the enigmatic Enzo Scifo leading Belgium on against Uruguay and blood rituals in...

Duration:00:29:17 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 9 - England v Netherlands, Brazil v Costa Rica & Scotland v Sweden

It's a busy day in Group C as an ugly but triumphing Brazil under fire from Pele take on Costa Rica. Under pressure Andy Roxburgh and Scotland make a few changes for a must win game against Sweden. With Gazza under fire from the media, Lineker still a little unwell (it was nothing to do with the crisps) and captain Bryan Robson now injured, England make some sweeping changes as they take on a lethargic looking Dutch side. Also the Ronnie Whelan tracker continues, the Irish media obsess...

Duration:00:27:12 Sportscast Italia 90 Day 8 - West Germany v United Arab Emirates & Czechoslovakia v Austria

Day eight features one of the dullest games of the Italia 90. Luckily there are plenty of tangents such as a Fifa apology over anthems and Linkin Park on stadium PA systems to distract us from Czechoslovakia v Austria. Meanwhile in the mismatch of the tournament, West Germany take on the UAE who are apparently not concerned or overawed at all so what are you worrying about? And elsewhere Big Jack explains why Stan's the man and Mick Jagger takes a swipe at Prince. Support the show...