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The FOARcast is the Official Podcast of FOAR - Fields of Anfield Road, the best Liverpool Football Club fansite in the World for News, Opinions, Discussions...and all things LFC.

The FOARcast is the Official Podcast of FOAR - Fields of Anfield Road, the best Liverpool Football Club fansite in the World for News, Opinions, Discussions...and all things LFC.
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The FOARcast is the Official Podcast of FOAR - Fields of Anfield Road, the best Liverpool Football Club fansite in the World for News, Opinions, Discussions...and all things LFC.






Kings of Europe - E02 - The Final Stops On The Road To Kiev.mp3

Critty Smith (@crittysmith) is joined by one half of the FC Schalke Podcast, Jack Mangan (@JMMangan) and Stan Whyte (@stanwhyte87) as they discuss in depth the UCL semifinals, Bayern’s dominance over the Bundesliga, the race for the Scudetto and Which four teams qualify for the Champions League from Serie A, and with Manchester City clinching the EPL title, do they have a claim as “best English side ever?”


Kings of Europe - E01 - Analysis of the UCL 2018 Semifinal Matchups

The first episode of Kings of Europe, the premier podcast examining the hottest topics in the top European Super Leagues! I am joined by Aidan Reagh as we: 1. Recap the UCL fixtures this week 2. Talk about what semifinal matchups we would like to see 3. Debate whether Mo Salah deserves Balon d’Or consideration 4. Discuss the top matches this weekend 5. Take a quick look at the Europa League


FOARaw - S02E57 - The Phoenix Landing - Liverpool into the UCL Semis!

OMG! The feelings, emotions and sheer exhilaration which can come only from being a Liverpool supporter came flooding back like a tidal wave as we made the UCL Semis for the first time in 10 years! We composed ourselves to discuss: 1. Pep's implosion and how he increased Emptihad's attendance by 10%! 2. What went wrong in that first half and how we brilliantly came back 3. They should just rename it the Guinness Book of RecordPool! 4. Your Semi-final choice?


FOARcast - S02E56 - Does the Derby After the City Blitz Matter?

As hoarse shouts of the now anthemic 'Allez Allez Allez' rang across Anfield and filtered right into Asia, the India based crew of FOAR discussed: 1. 3-0 in 30 mins: Easier done than actually said? 2. The tactical battles: TAA targeted on purpose, Milner-Hendo and the midfield masterclass, and Sterling's benching - weak mentality or strategy? 3. Game, Set, Semis?: Have we ended this tie or will city bounce back 4. The Parked bus (Not you Mourinho) and if UEFA is playing fair 5....


FOARcast - S02E54 - Crystal Palace vs Liverpool Preview - Mama Said Knock You Out

Holy Boredom Week Batman! After what seemed an eternity of an International break, Critty Smith, Alex Miller and Joe were just relieved to get back to business as usual with the Preview show! We covered: 1. Interesting bits and bobs over the week including: - Goals scored by Liverpool players - Captain armbands worn by Liverpool players - muscles pulled by Liverpool players! :( 2. Oh No Emre - does Emre deserve all the BS speculation over his future and what does it mean for his...


FOARaw - S02E52 - MUN 2 - 1 LIV - Pride Goes Before the Long Ball

Oh boy! That hurts doesn't it? Two goals scored by a young Mancunian in the face of a young Scouser. We sorted through the pieces of our shattered emotions as we discussed: 1. Bad day at the wrong office - deconstructing Doh! 2. Should Dejan Lovren be banned from interviews...or just banned? Permanently? 3. Dont cry for me Alex Arnold...but is there a way back in for Clyne? 4. Do we really expect subs like Lallana, Gini, Solanke to change a game? 5. How damaging is this loss to us...


FOARcast - S02E51 - United vs Liverpool Preview Part 2 - Screw the Form Book!

In Part 2 of the Manchester United vs Liverpool preview, the lads discussed: 1. The Porto Game: Lacking energy, amazing Porto fans but QF here we come 2. CL Quarterfinals: Who dareth face our attack and do Spurs need a good hammering 3. The Big match: Throw the form book out the window 4. United: A tale of buses, injuries and poor personnel for the job 5. Karius and the rise of a Phoenix 6. Predictions, Predictions, Predictions


FOARcast - S02E50 - United vs Liverpool - Shoot to Thrill?

Probably the biggest game of the season for both clubs as the titans of the Premier League (and World Football) aim to land the knockout punch to each others 2nd place finish aspirations. On this show, we analysed! 1. The importance of this game to the respective managers 2. Is this game more United vs Liverpool or Jose vs Jurgen? 3. Looking back at the record so far - head-to-head, team-vs-team, manager-vs-manager 4. Tactical POV - how we expect each side to set out stall 5. If...


FOARaw - S02E49 - LIV 2 - 0 NEW - Reds Ruin Rafa Return

On a not so triumphal return of Rafa to Anfield, Liverpool totally bossed the game as a certain Egyptian King continued his hot-streak! We discussed: 1. Rafa - right gameplan, right team, wrong time 2. The incredible machine known as Salah - how is he doing it? Mindset? new tactical role?? weed before games??? 3. Tactical breakdown of the game 4. Is Liverpool better off without Coutinho? 5. The last laugh of FSG 6. Is the newly announced Winter Break a good thing?


My Anfield Experience - E04 - Kristin Wilkinson from Canada

Kristin Wilkinson - the LFC Red who tattooted her way to Liverpool hearts! On this episode, I talk to Kristin from Canada who is best known for her stunning portraiture works of Liverpool players and managers which she showcases on Twitter and Facebook. Intent to find out more about her creative/artistic process, we discussed: 1. Her preferred canvas - skin or paper 2. How she perceives the world as a creative professional 3. How her passion and experience as an artist translated...


FOARaw - S02E48 - Stay Angry With the Rest of the World

In yet another blast off show, Team USA covered: 1. Their continued buzz following a scintillating 4-1 victory over West Ham 2. The deal behind Bobby's no look finish 3. Karius as #1 and his continued case for it 4. Who they award the POTY award if the season ended today 5. If Klopp's Liverpool is better than Klopp's BVB 6. The Dogfight for #2 place


FOAReads E01 - Enter The Dragão

Read the original article at:


The Ramble - S02E47: Is Keita a Beast or Bastard or Both?

Righto! Ploughing through the week with a boatload of topics to discuss. On this Ramble, we covered: 1. If Naby Keita aggressive or reckless? 2. Who will partner him midfield next season? 3. Barnes off his rocker or do Liverpool still need a CF? 4. Can Danny Ings be the Bobby alt? 5. What are the missing pieces in the Liverpool puzzle? and as always...loads loads more! Last pod did 2000+ listens...and this one is also a doozy!


My Anfield Experience - E03 - Man Laosathirawong from Thailand

Chatted down with diehard Liverpool supporter Man Laosathirawong (Manny) from Thailand as I asked him: 1. How long he's been a Red 2. Some of his favourite memories as an International LFC Supporter 3. His experience attending exciting games at Anfield in the 2013/2014 season 4. How he stood up to online xenophobes and bigots calling him a "tourist" telling him to "go support his local team"


FOARaw - S02E46 - 2017-18 Midseason Review

We decided to cure ourselves of Football withdrawal symptoms before our next game with this 2017/2018 Midseason Review show, where we discussed... 1. Royal Rumble: 11 for 11 at the bottom 2. The middle: soft and cushy 3. Arsenal : The new old Liverpool? 4. Battle of the 5 armies 5. Man City: Anything more to say?


The FOARcast - S02E44: Rockin' All Over Porto, and We Like It

After Liverpool utterly defeated Porto in the first leg of the 2017/18 Champions League round of 16, FOARcast crew, consisting of Eric (the host), Christian and Ves, are joined by special guest Stan from the American team, to discuss: - What went right this time? - Why Porto proved not to be a match for the Reds? - Goal by goal - Who's next? The music: Status Quo - Rockin' All Over the World (Rockin' All Over the World, 1977) Have a listen and enjoy.


FOARraw - S02E44 - SOU 0 - 2 LIV - Creepin Up

Oh when the Saints go marching in, they said their Hail Mary's as we discussed: 1. How being Sloppy but Sublime isn't always a bad thing! 2. Bobby's lifetime contract situation and his love for LFC 3. Form of Sadio Mane 4. Moreno vs Robbo 5. Creepin up on Manchester United surely but steadily for 2nd spot! 6. LFC X-Files - How VVD ended up in the wrong dressing room! and much much more!


The FOARcast - S02E43 - Three Little Birds Show - Spurs Saints Porto

On Bob Marley tribute week, our three US based guests got up and stood up (actually they sat down!) and chatted: 1. The Marca Salah interview - is loyalty dead or are fans just unrealistic? 2. If Isco is better than Coutinho? 3. The "selling club" argument 4. If Diving is gamesmanship or cheating? 5. The boiling frustration of Adam Lallana 6. Look ahead to both Saints and Porto games It's a lot...but it's a whole lot of alright!


The TransFOAR - Winter 2018 - E04: The One Where We Forgot About Chlesea

In the final show of the January tranfer window, the lads - Eric, Jason, Chris and Drewster - discuss the business Liverpool have done this winter and compare it to that of the other top-six clubs. The music: AC/DC - Hard as a Rock (Ballbreaker, 1995). Enjoy.


FOARaw - S02E41 - HUD 0 - 3 LIV - Boomerang FC

Boomeranging right back atcha! Our US guests spun back with their views on: 1. How this was a much needed result after two back-to-back defeats 2. The constant swapping of GK #1s 3. Klopp asking Wagner to roll-over and have his belly scratched 4. The difference between this game vs the most recent defeats 5. Squad depth if they were worried about 'thinness'


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