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Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 09-24-18

Pure fiya! Rhemi | Shake Your Body Down |Original Mix| David Harness | Something About Da Muziq |Original Mix| Sir Piers f. Monique Bingham | Fools Got Nothin' (Part 1) |Sir Piers Curious Main| Loretta Holloway | Can’t Let You Go |Louie Vega Truth Dub 2|/|Louie Vega & Josh Milan Truth Dub 1| Fanatix f. Sara Devine & Sterling Ensemble | Call On Me |DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins & Thomas Davis Vocal Remix| Sean McCabe Pres. Dannis Winston | Rocket Love |Sean McCabe Dub| Rebecca Scales | Can't...


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 09-09-2018

Greetings, friends. This week I did a four-hour mix that has a little bit of everything for everyone. I did four hours because there will be no show next week as a result of the Vocal Booth Weekender in Spain, from which Pressure Radio will be broadcasting live. For this mix, I included some gems most of you should know, ranging from Nicole's "Runnin' Away" from the mid-90s to Margaret Grace and Quentin Harris's collaboration "My Joy" and Jon Cutler's remix of "Breakthru" from Eskalation. I...


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 09-03-18

Hello, Soulful-Selections family. Hope you are well. This week's mix is another nod to Africa, with some tips of the hat to Latin America thrown in. The next two hours features a number of new tracks released in the past few weeks, as well as some beauties we all know and I thought would work well with the latest crop of newbies. I was going for a fairly chill vibe, what with it being the end of summer and all. Here's hoping the fall season brings with it good fortune and good tunes -- I...


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 08-19-18

Much respect, Soulful-Selections family! For this show, I pay tribute to African and Latin sounds. I have been picking up a several tracks from this genre in recent weeks and wanted to play some of them. I was initially going to dedicate the first half of my show to the Latin and African vibe, but soon found myself going down the rabbit hole, so to speak. Of course, what is life without a little variety, so where appropriate I injected some gems from years past, including Quentin Harris'...


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 08-12-18

Happy Sunday, family. This week's mix has a definite African and Latin vibe, with a nice selection of new tracks for you to enjoy, as well as a few trips down memory lane. Definitely pay attention to Gianni Junio's remix of O'Man Blues' "Rise" as well as 95 North's new one "El Ritmo Esta Calienta" and Jephte Guillaume & Diephius' dub to their new release, "Baba M'fa Njika." This mix had my foot tapping the whole time I was putting it together. I hope the same happens to you as you listen. As...


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 08-05-18

Greetings, Soulful-Selections family. This week I did a four-hour show (a combination of filling in for the DJ who follows me on Sunday and to make up for not posting last week's show online). I thought trying to fill up four hours would be difficult, but it actually came pretty naturally. I start out with some older tracks that we should all know, and slowly incorporated some newbies I picked up this week. I start out with a housey vibe before giving love to the sounds of Africa and then...


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 07-22-18

Hi! The theme of this week's mix is Africa, with most the songs carrying an African vibe of one sort or another. The mix includes a number of new tracks from the likes of Moon Rocket, DJ Vivona and Afro Drum, as well as favorites from Black Coffee. I then take things a little in the techy direction, with oldies from Henrik Schwarz and Armando, and then finish off with the latest remixes from DJ Spinna and Todd Terry. I hope you enjoy. As always, thanks so much for the support and please...


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 07-15-18

Hello there. This week's mix was a little different in a few ways. First, I upped the BPM a little, and started the mix with a little 4x4, in a nod to the glory days of UK garage, before dusting off a couple soulful house tunes from the 1990s and early aughts. Then we get into some gospel house before moving into some African vibes. None of it was planned, and beyond the first two tracks, I honestly had no idea what I would play. It truly was just a blank canvas waiting to be painted....


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 07-08-18

Hinge is back in action after a quick breather. This week, I have a little bit of everything for everything, mixing the new and the old, the bumpy with the deep, the soulful with a heavy dose of Africa. I had a lot of fun putting this mix together, and I hope you enjoy it too. As always, thanks for the support and keep it soulful! All the best, Hinge 070818 Louie Vega, Patrick Adams and Cloud Two f. Anane | Rebel Nation |Extended Version| Yass | Tell Me |DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins...


Soulful-Selections Mix 06-24-18

Greetings! This week, I again with the bumpy route, starting with some gems you should all know before launching into what I think is the hottest track of the week, Louie Vega’s remix of BeBe Winans’ “He Promised Me,” which is pure bliss and is definitely in line for track of the summer in my view. A little bit later in the mix I give a nod to Africa with a few afro house tracks that I am feeling right now. So sit back, relax and enjoy. As always, thank you for your support and keep it...


Soulful-Selections Soulever Mix for 06-19-18

Hi there. Here is Part 2 of Sunday’s mix, which has a decidedly more African vibe. As always, thank you for your support and keep it soulful! All the best, Hinge 061918 Andy Reid & James Bradshaw f. Simone Denny | That Sound |Mr. V Main Mix| Santiago | Agua |Oscar P Dykeman St Mix| Delicious Inc. | Eau de Chante (For Men) Nelson Jimenez | Pa Casa De |Main Corrija| Roland Clark | From Atl To Africa DJ Merlon & Enoo Napa | Super Africans Hyenah | The Wish |Manoo Likes Apfelschorle...


Soulful-Selections Elegant Session for 06-17-18

Hi there. It has been a little bit since the last mix, so I decided to give you two mixes this week. This is the first, which is bumpy, trotting out some classic houses tracks along with some newbies. The second…, well, you’ll have to wait a couple days for that. For now, please enjoy the latest Sean McCabe & Nathan Adams effort, remixed by Louie Vega, as well as the new one from DJ Dove, which for us old heads will take us back to the 90s, which then inspired to remind us all how good...


Soulful-Selections Elegant Session for 05-27-18

Howdy, Soulful-Selections family. This week has me giving a nod to Afro house, and features a number of new and recent tracks with an African flavor, as well as some tracks from the recent past that fit nicely with this vibe. Pay particular attention to new ones from Mijangos and Harry Soto, as well as Prefix One’s new one, “Heavenly Suggestions.” This mix was a lot of fun to make, and I hope that comes through as you listen. If you agree, I encourage you to click the like/heart and...


Soulful-Selections Elegant Session for 05-20-18

Greetings. This week, I got a bit bumpier than usual, and it kind of took over the entire mix. There are a number of new tracks on this mix, including ones from Mark Di Meo & Jocelyn Mathieu and Jestofunk & Jocelyn Brown, as well as some older tunes. I also tossed in a couple of tracks from the Subliminal label, including the first track, which will always have special meaning to me because it reminds me of when i was driving in the New Mexico desert, windows open, blasting this track down...


Soulful-Selections Elegant Mix for 05-13-18

Hi! Hope you’re all doing well. This week, we go back in a time a little for what I hope you’ll agree is a rather uplifting mix. We start out with Frankie Feliciano’s remix of Name and Monda Michiru’s “There She Stands” before we sample Louie Vega’s latest effort “V.R. Tribute,” a tribute to late NYC dancer and nightclub icon Voodoo Ray and then end with one of my favorite Kim English tracks, “Simply Grateful.” I hope you enjoy this mix. If so, definitely hit the heart to like and follow...


Soulful-Selections Elegant Session for 05-07-16

Hello! Another week, another mix. This starts out with some lovely African vibes before we get a bit housey at then. Please enjoy, like this mix and follow this podcast for updates and the latest mixes. Also, as always, thank you for your support and keep it soulful! All the best, Hinge 050718 Soul Fusion f. See | I Got Rhythm |Broken Mix| Blaze & James Toney Jr. | Lovely Ones |Timmy Regisford Shelter Deep Vocal Mix| Black Coffee | Trip To Lyon |Original| Lady Alma | It’s House...


Soulful-Selections Elegant Session for 04-23-18

Hello! I was unable to do my regular show on Sunday, but was inspired to throw together a mix late Sunday night, and this the result. Here we have a combination of the new, old and funky. Please enjoy and as always, thank you for your support and keep it soulful! All the best, Hinge 042318 Stephanie Mills | Free |Louie Vega Mix|/|Louie Vega Dub| Steve Otto | Forever In Love |Nelo’s Expression| David Morales f. Toshi | Hela |Club Mix| Miranda Nicole | Dance Like You’ve Been Here |DJ...