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Episode 004 - "We welcome a MAJOR DEV...elopment!" - Special Guest: JF Major, Tribute Games

Join Soul and Cyrix as they welcome Tribute Games Developer, JF Major to the podcast to discuss his company and career in game development. There is also plenty of talk about Labo, E3, the previously discussed bricking issue and more. As an additional treat, George Perkins from Super Rare Games stops by to talk about upcoming news, give updates, and shoot the breeze about merch and teases. All of this and more, on this month's episode of On the Shelf! Find us at: Website:...


Episode 003 - "BACK IN THE LABO AGAIN!" - Special Guest: Limited Run

In this episode, we're joined by Josh and Douglas from Limited Run Games for an interview, we discuss news topics such as the Nindies Showcase, Unlicensed Dock Systems, and Billy Mitchell, as well as current and new release, including a special guest from the community, FrictionPin, who joined us to talk about scarcity and collector editions. We go over all this, answer fan questions, announce the winner of the contest from episode 2, and MORE on this episode of...On the Shelf. Timestamps:...


Episode 002 - "New Challenger Approaches!"

Episode 002 - "New Challenger Approaching!" An interview with George Perkins of the new short supply publisher Super Rare Games, a simply massive Nintendo Direct, two NIS data breaches, ESRB logo drama, and more are packed into this massive second episode. We had to go increase the size of our SoundCloud account just to put this out on the street, and we did it just for you, the listener, as we returned for our second episode of...On the Shelf! Find us at: iTunes:...