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It's all things lilac at Moore's Hill Farm near Potsdam

(May 25, 2018) One of the joys of spring is the appearance, and fragrance, of lilacs. Most old farmsteads and gardens have at least one lilac tree. A Potsdam couple has started a second career of bringing lilacs back to more yards. [full story]


Gardening conversation headline

(May 21, 2018) Gardening conversation intro [full story]


How to keep hanging flower baskets looking their best

(May 7, 2018) Sunday is Mothers' Day, and maybe you're thinking of one of those hanging flower baskets as a gift. Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulturist Amy Ivy has some tips for buying and maintaining the "wow" factor for hanging flower baskets.You could buy a ready-made planter of flowers, or create your own. Amy Ivy says see what varieties you like best together and use the combinations as a guide when choosing you own plants. Or, for a real short cut, buy a ready-made basket and...


How to plant a tree. And not.

(Apr 30, 2018) Right now is a perfect time to plant a tree, that is, before the leaves are out. Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy has tips on how to choose a tree for transplanting, whether you're looking in your own woods or at a local nursery. The rules for planting are the pretty much the same. Allow plenty of space for roots to grow out from the tree, not down. So a broad hole, not deep, and back-fill with the soil from the hole. Nothing fancy! [full story]


Time (almost) to plant peas

(Apr 23, 2018) Not just peas, but other cool-loving things like arugula, onions, lettuce, spinach - if the soil temperature a few inches down is 50F. That's according to Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy.She shares her favorite pea, also tips on using a microbial inoculant and why, and why and how to give your peas room to grow, up. [full story]


Pruning basics: fruit

(Apr 9, 2018) It seems like winter won't give up, with snow showers continuing and overnight lows in the 20s and below the last week. But the days are getting longer. There's birdsong in the early morning and buds are swelling. For gardeners, it's time to prune fruit trees, grapes and berries. Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy runs through the basic principles. [full story]


The good news-bad news: it's yardwork time

(Apr 2, 2018) Yup. If the snow is gone and the ground is fairly firm, we can get outside for some judicious yardwork now. Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy spent Saturday raking. Gently. [full story]


Time to sign on: CSAs are gearing up for the summer

(Mar 26, 2018) Now's the time to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm if you want to enjoy weeks of fresh vegetables and flowers...without necessarily growing them yourself. [full story]


Itching to start seeds indoors? It's time - for onions

(Mar 5, 2018) If you're planning for onions in your home garden this summer, you're looking at some deadlines. Right now is the time to start seeds indoors. That, and other points on the onion timeline from Amy Ivy. [full story]


"Food from the Farm" brings homegrown tastes to Plattsburgh

(Feb 26, 2018) Your pantry and root cellar might be running low on home grown, but there'll be plenty to see and taste Saturday in Plattsburgh, at the 9th annual Food from the Farm day.It's a great day to catch up with friends and foods from the greater Champlain Valley area.Amy Ivy should know. [full story]


To start seeeds indoors, you need the right stuff

(Feb 12, 2018) Tops on Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy's list are grow lights. You can assemble your own from common shop lights. Put them on a timer (16 hours of light a day), and be prepared to adjust the distance from the young seedlings.She tells how, and offers more tips on getting set to start seeds indoors. [full story]


Good information can up your gardening game

(Jan 22, 2018) Before the catalog orders, before the big tab at the nursery, now is a good time to invest in some good information.Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy suggests gardening workshops, websites to look for, and books to help make better plans for the coming seasons.Horticulturist Amy Ivy is a regular Monday guest on The Eight O'Clock Hour. [full story]


Did plants sleep through the 80-degree temperature swing? Maybe.

(Jan 15, 2018) Temperatures around minus 20 Thursday morning rose to 60 degrees above on Friday last week. That was a stunning swing. But just maybe it didn't hurt plants as much as we might think. By Friday night, the temperature was plunging again, and the snow was falling, re-insulating the ground, where the soil temperature is surprisingly moderate. [full story]


Trees, shrubs help wildlife get through the winter

(Jan 8, 2018) Deep cold and snow cover make life hard for wildlife. Birds cluster at the feeders. Deer come closer. Amy Ivy watched turkeys cruise her yard over the weekend. Martha Foley's cedar trees are full of chickadees, juncos, tree sparrows and more. Amy says now's the time to plan strategic plantings to provide food and shelter. [full story]


Extreme cold may be harder on your indoor plants than your garden

(Jan 1, 2018) Despite the extreme temperatures, December weather has had a fairly healthy pattern for the garden - steady cold to keep things dormant and a good snow cover for insulation. But your overworked heating system in sub-zero temperatures can take a toll on house plants. They can get too dry from forced air, or too warm from being near a heat vent, or too cold near a drafty window.Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy sorts out which plants are likely to have which problems...


Holiday gift tips for green thumbs

(Dec 18, 2017) Chances are you have at least one green thumb to shop for this holiday season. Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy has some ideas for gardening tools as gifts. [full story]


Holiday gift tips for brown thumbs

(Dec 11, 2017) This is the season for giving and getting holiday plants and indoor greenery. But what about recipients who don't have a "green thumb"?Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy has some can't-fail gift ideas for the holidays, including floral arrangements and natural centerpieces that won't require care later this winter. [full story]


Getting real: holiday decorating with fresh greenery

(Dec 4, 2017) A front door or porch decked out for the holidays speaks to the spirit of the season. Amy Ivy, horticulturist with Cornell Cooperative in Clinton and Essex counties, shares some tips for finding and arranging winter greenery, including wreaths, boughs and garlands. [full story]


Creating a meal from an Adirondack school yard - just in time for Thanksgiving!

(Nov 23, 2017) North Country School-Camp Treetops is one of the six founding members of the Edible Schoolyard Project, a national initiative of chef and food activist Alice Waters. The goal of program is to give students the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices for themselves, their community and the environment. [full story]


Garlic? Spring bulbs? It isn't TOO late

(Nov 20, 2017) Raise your hand if you didn't get your garlic/daffodils/tulips in the ground before the cold set in. Fear not. With some tolerance for working outdoors in chilly soil, you still have a chance. Cooperative Extension's Amy Ivy and NCPR's Martha Foley are in the same boat, and share tips, and consolation.Also, make that pumpkin pie a butternut squash pie this year. They explain why, and have some great ways to make processing the raw squash a snap. [full story]


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