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The podcast dedicated to all things milkweed related. Topics include Asclepias, Monarch butterflies, milkweed, gardening and pollinators.

The podcast dedicated to all things milkweed related. Topics include Asclepias, Monarch butterflies, milkweed, gardening and pollinators.
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The podcast dedicated to all things milkweed related. Topics include Asclepias, Monarch butterflies, milkweed, gardening and pollinators.




GMP 41: Florida milkweed rundown and some fun over asclepias in Nevada

What you will hear in this episode. Asclepias cryptoceras grows in a remote location on a shale slope in the Great Basin east of Reno NV. Three experts and me have an unplanned meeting in the mountains and talk milkweed over a rare milkweed. Cocoa Beach Florida has sun and fun but I take a time-out under an umbrella to talk about the diverse number of locally native milkweeds in central Florida. Guests: Anurag Agrawal, Elizabeth Pringle, Aramee Diethelm Host: Brad Grimm


Oh snap! Las Vegas has a lot of milkweed.

Monarch Population Status The Xerces Society Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count 1997-2018 The Western Monarch Thanksgiving & New Year’s Counts Second New Year’s Count Supports Monarchs Movement Between Sites This master gardener is luring monarchs to Las Vegas Host: Brad Grimm Guests: Anne Marie Lardeau, Glenda Bona, Nestor Robles, David Dewenter ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by BENSOUND


GMP 39: Milkweed butterflies of the Rio Grande Valley

Jet down to Oleander Acres to see if milkweed really is bigger in Texas.


GMP 38: Tahoe-Pyramid Trail Exploration

I still laugh about the first time I "found milkweed". It was actually dogbane. I revisit this location and walk along the Truckee river in Reno Nevada. Learn about the different kinds of leaf damage on milkweed leaves. Milkweed bugs make a living on the leaf and we meet both the small milkweed bug and red milkweed beetle. Support the show by clicking thru the E-Z Straw amazon affiliate link: E-Z Straw is the perfect mulch for busy professionals who have a large...


GMP 37: Milkweed clothing. Is it the next big thing or just a fad?

Fall monarch migration is beginning now. Monarch's keep warm in Mexico and California. If they were people we would call them snow-birds. Are you ready for winter? Check out these parkas insulated with the fibers of milkweed plants. Asclepias clothing is light, hypoallergenic and renewable. Plus it will keep you warm thru the winter! Mason bees and summer leaf cutter bees do 10x the pollination work that a honeybee does plus they don't have a hive to protect so they don't sting. This...


GMP 36: Water Germination of Milkweed Seeds

Water germination of milkweed seeds was introduced to me by Francisco Julich. I recommend following Francisco on Instagram at jardimdeborboletas he is based in Brazil. My understanding of water germination of milkweed seeds was expanded by Dr. Steven Broyles who is a professional on the subject of milkweed. I credit Francisco and Steven with being first to share the water germination method in my blog post Water Germination of Milkweed Seeds. Looking for a simple guide to help you grow...


GMP 35: Mazatlan's Milkweed and the Monarch's Extinction

San Juan milkweed Paco's Reserva de Flora y Fauna The monarch butterfly isn't the only butterfly that uses Asclepias plants as their host. Queen butterflies and Soldier butterflies are a common sight in tropical regions like Mexico and central America. The summer is the slow season for milkweed butterflies in Mexico. Due the the heat and it's drying effect on the milkweed in the area I did not see any milkweed butterflies during my visit. December and January are the rainy season...


GMP 33: April Showers bring May Milkweed 🤯

Three main topics discussed. One Gallon Greenhouse update including forward looking statement for the upcoming growing season. Water Germination of milkweed seeds. The easiest way to go from seed to plant in the fastest time possible. Recap of Milkweed Madness winners and a tease at whats to come in the 4th annual Milkweed Madness free seed giveaway. royalty free music by: Ben Sound at


GMP 32: Lynn Rosenblatt, author of MONARCH MAGIC and MONARCH BUDDIES dedicates 20 years to "POM-POM Paradise!"

Lynn Rosenblatt, author of MONARCH MAGIC and MONARCH BUDDIES dedicates 20 years to "POM-POM Paradise!" Complete Show Notes at GROWMILKWEEDPLANTS.COM/32 Connecticut teacher and author LYNN ROSENBLATT devoted twenty-five years to teaching energetic and spontaneous first and second grade children. She empowered students through a global teaching approach and welcomed student creativity and spontaneity. Her websites LynnRosenblattBooks and MonarchButterflyUSA continue that work. Lynn’s...


GMP 31: Milkweed Madness

Register now for Milkweed Madness. Listen to The Garden Path Podcast with Misti Little. I was a guest on her show. Look for Ep. 3-18: Grow Milkweed Plants | Brad Grimm Host: Brad Grimm Intro Music: sunny - Outro Music: acusticbreeze -


GMP 30: Conversation with Anurag Agrawal author of Monarchs and Milkweed

Anurag Agrawal author of Monarchs and Milkweed speaks to us on the topics that are most interesting to us. Book title - Monarchs and Milkweed: A Migrating Butterfly, a Poisonous Plant, and Their Remarkable Story of Coevolution Grow Milkweed Plants podcast - Season 3 Episode 3 Read the recent blog posts by todays guest. Click on the titles which are links to monarchs and milkweed in Oxaca Mexico and the surrounding area. Monarchs & Milkweed in Mexico – Pt 1 Posted on January 16, 2018 by...


GMP 29: Winter sown. Garden grown.

Winter sown. Garden grown. Use milk jugs to grow milkweed plants starting in the winter. Grow Milkweed Plants podcast - Season 3 Episode 2 Step two of winter sowing milkweed seeds in a one gallon greenhouse. My YouTube video link: How many monarch butterflies in the western population? See for yourself at Numbers should be released very soon. The 2017 Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count runs November 11th - December 3rd...


GMP 28: Grow Milkweed Plants is a verb. Lets get started!

Sorry for the long delay between episodes. I'm back and this episode is full of awesome content that will get you thinking about and growing milkweed plants. Episode timeline... 2:15 NRCS.USDA.GOV link to Regional Pollinator Efforts - Monarch Butterfly NRCS encourages farmers to plant pollinator strips to help the monarch butterfly. Seeds recommended included eight species of native milkweed which would directly make a positive contribution to monarch butterfly habitat. 7:00 Featured...


GMP 027: Asclepias cryptoceras, jewel of the foothills.

Jewel milkweed. Join me as we go explore the plant in-person. Host: Brad Grimm


GMP 026: Milkweed sap; my heart loves you - but my eyes are blinded by you

Vocabulary word: Phenology Cautionary tale of blindness. Milkweed sap poses a serious health risk to humans. Learn about the risks and how to safely work with milkweed. Milkweed Madness 2017 winners have received their prizes. I'll tell you what the prizes were, who donated some of the prizes and what you can do to make Milkweed Madness even greater in 2018. Monarch butterflies have advanced north and are passing thru southern Maine and have reached Canada, spread out around the great...


GMP 025: Play Milkweed Madness 2017

Vocabulary word: DIAPAUSE Milkweed plant donation by Cat R of Green Thumb Gardnes, on Instagran @hbgtg or REGISTER NOW FOR MILKWEED MADNESS 2017 (press and hold here for link) or Visit game registration closes on March 12 at midnight. host: Brad G.


GMP 024: Arizona Milkweed & the Queen Butterfly

Arizona Milkweed & the Queen Butterfly Arizona has about thirty native milkweed species that are host to both the monarch butterfly and the queen butterfly. On episode 24 I take you to Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area where I see my first Queen butterfly. Locations visited: Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area Desert Botanical Garden Discover butterflies in the desert near Tucson by following Sergio Avila on twitter @savila2015 Host: Brad Grimm


GMP 023: Australia Wanderer Butterfly

In Australia the Wanderer Butterfly is found on the East coast from Brisbane thru Bundaberg. Host: Brad Grimm Music by Gary Thomas, Breath on the album Didgeridoo


GMP 022: Milkweed Jacket Keeps Canadians Warm

Congratulations to my brothers family on the birth of their new baby Rosemarie Sarah Grimm! Peaces - Handmade jewelry & adornments with a nature-theme, perfect for wearing your essential oils! How a Quebec company used a weed to create a one-of-a-kind winter coat Support monarchs and the show by ordering milkweeds from Grow Milkweed Plants View the complete Show Notes by pressing and holding here! Host: Brad Grimm