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Melanie Walker, Grounded, Another Solid Gold Podcast

Melanie Walker, Grounded, Another Solid Gold Podcast
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Melanie Walker, Grounded, Another Solid Gold Podcast






Are We Just What We Eat? | Linda Galvad (Sought After Seedlings)

Known across South Africa as one of the most popular proponents of organic vegetable gardening, Linda Galvad of Sought After Seedlings gets to grips with why the Gut is often in the grips of crippling pain. Can eating healthy make you healthier? Are we just what we eat? Growing your own often leads to being owning your own being. To share in Mel's adventures, visit


Design on the Cutting Edge | Craig de Necker (The Friendly Plant)

Creating green and gorgeous places is what Grounded is all about - and why leave the largest space of your home as a green desert, when you could, for less than the amount involved in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, enjoy an outdoor dining/cooking/relaxation area the whole family can enjoy year round. Whatever the space you have! To share in Mel's adventures, visit


Green for Good | Anthea Campbell

In this episode of Grounded, green doesn't just pertain to gardening. Anthea Campbell, publisher of a new eco-friendly publication about to hit the shelves - and Internet - tells us what let her to exhorting all humans to become more gentle with the way they treat the earth. To share in Mel's adventures, visit


Get up outta that lazy bed! | Peter Goodwin, Bedding Plant Association and Head Honcho at Colourful Group and Peebles Plants

Every month we find more and more beautiful bedding plants hitting the shelves in our garden centres. If you're a fan of annual colour in the garden, or just need to spice things up in your backyard for the festive season, or hankering for your own handkerchief potager filled with herbs and seasonal veg, then Peter Goodwin has all the hints and tips you need to create a veritable paradisical feast this summer. And one of the stalwarts of the veggie and colour patch, the humble (but oh so...


Don't get Bugged - Get even! | Jonathan Haw, big kahuna at EcoSolutions Urban Ecology

One of the most asked questions people in the Green Industry face (other than how to look after a lemon tree!) is how do you get rid of pests in the garden without getting rid of everything else too? Jonathan Haw of EcoSolutions Urban Ecology specialises in integrated pest management, focused on all areas of non-toxic, effective and sustainable pest control. From rats in your kitchen to bats in your belfry, they have measures that will ensure you don't poison your environment or all the...


Get Your Life out into the Garden | Cary Goodwin

Life is a Garden is the publicity arm of the South African Nurseryman's Association, and is responsible for giving the SA gardening public great ideas, and necessary information on how to get your backyard in shape in every season. Cary Goodwin gives us great ideas on how to keep your kids entertained and busy in the garden during the summer festive holidays, and a quick rundown on how to get your garden looking entertainment worthy. Especially for those who can handle the heat outside of...


Saving SA's Eco Heritage | Andrew Hankey

The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden is not only one of our country's top SANBI sites, but also a hotbed of one-hit wonders! Exactly 100 years after its first discovery, the Brachychorythis conica subspecies transvaalensis - which only has a handful of breeding sites left and has been placed on the Red List of critically endangered species - was officially named the Albertina Sisulu Orchid earlier this year. First discovered in Pretoria in 1918, the same year the world discovered a...


You Think Good Design is Expensive? | Michael Rickhoff

If you've ever thought that getting a Garden Designer in is expensive, consider the cost of bad design. Gardens work in four dimensions, and Garden Designers, Garden Architects and Landscapers are the people perfectly placed to understand this design concept. Mel and Mike discuss the pros (and cons) of finding someone you can work with, and why the first money you should spend before buying plants is on a good concept plan. For more podcasts, visit


All the Deliciousness that is Jane! | Jane Griffiths

The well-known veggie garden girl has branched out into a range of fantastic skincare products, specifically created with the avid gardener in mind. Sore back from bending over your floral beauties? There's a muscle rub for that. Fingers and hands grubby and chafed from planting? There's a balm to soothe your frustrated fingers. Tired of getting bitten by the garden bugs - not the good variety? She's created a bug-off spray for that too! The perfect way to keep your body in the same great...


Come on down and see (for) yourself | Heather Mac and Tim Parr

Come on down and see (for) yourself | Melanie Walker with Heather Mac and Tim Parr For more podcasts, visit


Annual Flower Growing made easy | Peter Goodwin

Melanie Walker and Michael Rickhoff | Following on the disastrous decimation of Impatiens walleriana crops worldwide a couple of years ago, there's good news for the 'busy lizzie' fans - they're back and in good shape. We also discuss the differences between those and New Guinea Impatiens, and the SunPatiens. Anything you need to know on where to plant them, how to plant them and how to care for them is on the menu! For more podcasts, visit


What we put plants through before putting them in the garden! | Kathy Varney

Melanie Walker and Michael Rickhoff | Who doesn’t love to walk through a retail garden center and ogle all of the new plants that have made it to market each year? Ever ask how and why certain varieties make it to market and others don’t. The process of trialing is how. Plant trialing is not only an integral part of the green industry but it’s important for the consumer. Testing plants in varying parts of the country allows the breeders to make better decisions about what will look good...


Life Is A Garden - The November Files | Cary Goodwin

Melanie Walker & Michael Rickhoff | The main aim of Life is a Garden is to bring relevant, industry-endorsed information to interested gardeners across Southern Africa. November is a busy time in the garden, and we take a look at some of the plants and activities we should be taking in hand. The star of the veggie garden is beetroot, the trend is still to grow vertically, containers are coming back into vogue with smaller spaces being utilised, and brachyscome, yucca, plumbago and Inca...


Are You What You Eat? | Linda Galvad

Continuing with the theme, You are what You Eat, Linda Galvad explores the subject of heirloom seeds, what GMO foods mean for the person and the environment, and how to Grow Your Own to the best of your ability. Sought After Seedlings is South Africa's home of organic seeds and stockist of high quality authentic Italian Franchi Sementi seeds. For more podcasts, visit


Making Organic a Lifestyle, not a Duty | Jenny Slabber and Maureen Madiseng

Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts - it starts with a shift in consciousness. And the first shift is making sure that what you put into your garden, your home grown veggies and yourself is as natural as can be. Talborne Organics offers healthy, safe and sustainable organic options that will perform to professional standards on all projects, whether for the Big Agri farmer, or the home gardener. For more podcasts, visit


The "Dagga" Debate | Quintin van Kerken

On this episode, Melanie and Mike Rickhoff (senior lecturer at Lifestyle college) chat to Quintin van Kerken, CEO of Clear Option on Cannabis, about what implications the recent rulings on Marijuana in SA have for people. For more podcasts, visit


Misha Teasdale

Melanie talks to Misha Teasdale, CEO and founder of GreenPop about the projects they're creating in Africa. Join the Treevolution! Get planting... Show notes are available at


Gavin Heron

Melanie and co-host Mike Rickhoff talk to Gavin Heron of Earth Probiotic about how bokashi works, why we should make our own compost and the state of topsoil on earth. Show notes are available at


Shirley Wallington

Melanie and co-host Mike Rickhoff talk to garden designer extraordinaire, Shirley Wallington, about her career and the upcoming Open Gardens Meander, brought to the city by the Johannesburg Garden Club. Show notes are available at