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Plant Talk is a live, interactive, hour-long gardening show hosted by the Ohio Nurseryman, Fred Hower.

Plant Talk is a live, interactive, hour-long gardening show hosted by the Ohio Nurseryman, Fred Hower.
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Columbus, OH


Plant Talk is a live, interactive, hour-long gardening show hosted by the Ohio Nurseryman, Fred Hower.




Bang Radio Hour 340: Hold Your Water

Halle Audible, Bear hunting with Mike Z, Advice from Gilbert, Dion the salty Titan, Mike clears the pipes, Crying Eagles fans, Swearing off food, and more!


Millennials Choosing Podcasting Not Blogging

Why Millennials Are Choosing Podcasting Over Blogging To Build Their Personal Brands According to a recent Forbes online article, Has 'Millennial Travel' Gone Too Far?," Millennials are on the move far more than generations before them and their mobile devices are their lifelines. Millennials want to stay connected. Millennials want to make their mark. To do these, more and more millennials are developing a personal, as well as a professional brand, that they can expand into a growing...


Bang Radio Hour 339: On The Horn

Old Man Troy, Michael meltdown, Recognizing garbage, Nearly struck by lightning, All three phases of everything, The White Tiger, The Fisher King, and more!


Master Your Podcast Interviewing Skills

With me on this episode is Mark Nuce, a broadcast veteran of 30+ years. He is the news and public affairs director at North American Broadcasting, Incorporated in Columbus Ohio. We're going to talk about how to develop your podcast interviewing skills that will: 1) Make you a better podcast host. 2) Develop more insightful conversations with your guests. 3) Make your podcast stand out and get more shares and reviews and probably bring a ton of value to your listeners as well. The four key...


Bang Radio Hour 338: What Do I Know

Fun with eColi, Muppet math, Too many parades, The Lions Way, Twitter destroys the world, I aint the coach, Greguguh takes over and more!


November National Podcast Post Month

11 Years of National Podcast Post Month kicks off on November 1, 2018! In 2007, 50 podcasters participated in the first ever National Podcast Post Month aka NaPodPoMo. Created by Jennifer Navarrete as an answer for an audio version to other 30 day challenges happening in the month of November. NaPodPoMo is a month long event where you are challenged to podcast every day for 30 days from November 1st-30th. Use any platform you desire. From full production studio to iPhone app and just about...


Metta Psychology Group

In this episode we talk with Dr. Kelli Riedl from Metta Psychology Group. Metta Psychology Group offers a space where your voice will be heard in a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential environment. How Can Therapy Help? Therapy can: Help individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others Encourage growth through the identification of underlying thoughts, feelings, and motivations Develop or enhance problem-solving skills Improve life by removing roadblocks in...


2018 Chili Bowl and Parker Lee Foundation

It’s a Chili Bowl cook-off for a great cause in Central Ohio – and you’re invited! Join Steve, Jeff and Jared as they sit down with Kim Lee Niswander, the CEO and Co-founder of the Parker Lee Foundation, a non-profit organization in Columbus that promotes charitable groups and local causes which help improve the quality of life for disabled and disadvantaged children in the Central Ohio area. The guys talk about how Yavitch & Palmer began partnering with the Parker Lee Foundation and...


Bang Radio Hour 337: Asking Why

Skip Infraction explained, Mescaline Jerry, Fighting and playing on time, Heil Mary, Trog Aikman, Too Much Sugar Man, Harbawl get the last laugh and more!


How To Get Podcast Guests To Cross Promote

You're a podcaster that interviews guests. You're doing so because of the content, or the chance to interview people you've always wanted to interview. The podcast gives you that opportunity. You ask guests to your podcast because they bring value to you, to your audience, and you're hoping that your guest will promote the episode and help you build your audience as well. What can you do to get that guest engaged to help? So they will help promote you and your podcast? I present a pretty...


Bang Radio Hour 336: Asking Why

Jags get Giloolied, Five years of disgrace, Big Ben Burfict Poetry, Persecuting JuJu, Half Happy Hue, Rodger Rabbit, Five Fat Guys and more!


5 Tips For Podcasting Success

Tips for podcasting success are a dime a dozen. Each podcaster has their own success tips, and are specific to their podcast. But there are some very good tips that cover all categories of podcasts. And to bring in another aspect of the ones I have chosen, I chat with Marty Daniels, long-time friend and media veteran in his own right, owner of Podovox Professional Podcast Services. Our 5 tips we cover include: 1) Clarify and write down your "why" 2) Just get in there and do it 3) Energy...


Bang Radio Hour 335: Utter debauchery

Lecherous Redskins, Mars Attacks Charlotte, Hot Balls Saves America, The Refs Still Suck, Beautiful Eli, British Dolphins Breakdown and more!


6 Reasons To Add Podcasting To Your Content Marketing Strategy

You own a business, you have some competition. Maybe your service or product is superior to others in your market. Maybe not. And you don't want to enter into any pricing war with your competition. Instead, concentrate on making sure your target market knows that your company is the right one for them. Until they believe, they will never buy from you. How can you set yourself apart from the competition? Publishing content online is a great first step. It has to be high-quality material that...


Bang Radio Hour 334: Intentional Roughness

Hanson apologizes, Jump in the lake, Da Mannn Hawaiian Style, Free form Fisher, Pass on the Left, Ref drama, Seattle finger food and more!


How To Stop Sounding Like A Sales Rookie

Today’s business owners are savvier and competitors are more numerous. This means when finding sponsors for your Podcast, there’s little room for mistakes. Marc Wayshak, in a recent Entrepreneur article, points out nine “rookie” mistakes. Here are four to highlight from his list. Recorded in Studio C at the 511 Studios in the Brewery District, downtown Columbus, OH. Subscribe to my free weekly Open The Mic Newsletter at It's...