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PGA Golf Podcast that's "Sending people off the rails." An uncommon combo of PGA Tour comedy and storytelling. A podcast that is truly "Sending people off the rails". Hop on the Par Train Golf Podcast, crack open a beer and get ready to laugh at the loudest takes on tour. If you don't learn something or laugh, your money back -- guaranteed.

PGA Golf Podcast that's "Sending people off the rails." An uncommon combo of PGA Tour comedy and storytelling. A podcast that is truly "Sending people off the rails". Hop on the Par Train Golf Podcast, crack open a beer and get ready to laugh at the loudest takes on tour. If you don't learn something or laugh, your money back -- guaranteed.
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PGA Golf Podcast that's "Sending people off the rails." An uncommon combo of PGA Tour comedy and storytelling. A podcast that is truly "Sending people off the rails". Hop on the Par Train Golf Podcast, crack open a beer and get ready to laugh at the loudest takes on tour. If you don't learn something or laugh, your money back -- guaranteed.






#41: Tiger's Journey to Becoming a Ryder Cup Hero

Few of us realize the magnitude of what we saw during the 2018 Tour Championship. Tiger Woods' did it. He won again in vintage Tiger fashion. The Par Train crew recounts Tiger's entire journey of struggle and pain to get back on top and lead Team USA to win the first Ryder Cup in Europe since 1993. Highlights: -Is 2018 the greatest golf season ever? -Why Tiger Woods is the greatest thing in sports -More outrageous: Tiger walking into the Tour Championship with his golf shirt on a hanger or...


#40: 2018 Ryder Cup Selection Show

Ryder Cup Captain Jim Furyk is under a lot of pressure to pick the best 2018 Ryder Cup Team roster for the US. Luckily, the Par Train crew came together to walk Jim through the pros and cons of every possible captain's pick. They even assembled some of the best sports psychologists in the world to get team USA ready to defeat Europe on their soil. You don't want to miss this one. Highlights: -Insider source close to Jim Furyk gives the Par Train a peak into his captain's picks -Why Tiger...


#23: 9 Bold PGA Tour Predictions with World’s #1 Fortune Teller and His Crystal Ball.

It's easy to predict the 2018 PGA Tour season when you're lucky enough to have the world's #1 fortune teller (And his crystal ball) join the Par Train. Grab a glass, because your year's about to start off with a bang. Show Highlights: -9 bold PGA Tour predictions for 2018 season -3 things we WANT to see in 2018 -2017 stats you would've never guessed -New Year reflections -Why DJ is as intimidating as Tiger in his prime -Why golf is the most high maintenance game ever -Master Bachelor...


#22: 5 Reasons Why Tiger is the New Bitcoin

Ev and Stratt take a deep dive into Tiger's career and recent return to help you decide if he's really back. Spoiler alert --> he's back. Listen in for 5 reasons why Tiger is basically the new bitcoin. Show Highlights: -5 reasons why Tiger is back -The stats you wish you knew about Tiger Woods -Soundbite from our Kevin Chappell interview giving a behind the scenes look on what Tiger was doing with the golf ball 3 weeks before the Hero Challenge -Sabermetrics deep dive into his driving...


#21: Kevin Chappell

Kevin Chappell, top PGA Tour pro, hops on the train for an unforgettable hour interview. Chapp shares a never before told story about the first time Tiger hit full shots in public when he and Tiger co hosted a clinic for the TW foundation a few weeks ago. He also takes us behind the scenes from the President's Cup, shares his craziest story from his early professional days and even talks conspiracy theories. Chapp has one of the best personalities on tour and this hour long interview is...


#20: The Trainy Awards - 2017 PGA Tour Award Show

What could possibly go wrong when 3 guys drink lots of booze and host their own PGA Tour Award Show celebrating the 2017 season? Award Categories: -Mr. Extra Curriculurs -Silent Killer -Mr. Par Train -First Lady of Golf -Gerber Baby Presents Baby Back Bitch Award -Golf Coach of the year -Instagolfer of the year -Best moment -Golfer of the year Segments: -New Years Resolutions (Best PGA Tour achievements from 2017 and new goal for 2018) -True or False (Fun facts from 2017 PGA Tour Season that...


#19: Cup Talk - Why Phil is the World's Biggest Butt Slap Locker Room Guy (PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

The boys are back to talk FedEx Cup and President's Cup. It's Cup Talk. Show Highlights: -Hear why “Phil Mickelson is the biggest butt slap locker room guy the world’s ever seen.” -Phil Mickelson also joins us to pump up the President’s Cup rookies -Why we’re still not sold on Justin Thomas (There's a pretty heated argument about this) -Unbelievable Pat Perez press conference quotes -Stratt’s tip to anyone who wins $10 million -The famous Matt Cermak putting tip -Picks to win FedEx Cup...


#18: Michael Fabiano - NFL Network Fantasy Analyst, Jim Nantz, Golfer (PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

Michael Fabiano, NFL Network's fantasy football guru, hops on the Par Train to talk golf AND get you ready for your fantasy football drafts. Show Highlights: -Fabiano or Matthew Berry - Who's the bigger nerd? -One thing to remember before your fantasy draft -If Brady = Spieth. Rodgers = Rory. What NFL player is Rickie? -Fabiano's friendship with Jim Nantz. Something we wish we knew about Jim. -Behind the scenes at a CBS Golf production. How it differs from NFL Network -A golf scramble mock...


#17: Meet Mike Johnson - Being on Tour with Your Boys (PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

Ev and Stratt sat down with Mike Johnson on the Tour and boy are you in for a treat. Check the highlights below: Show Highlights: -How Tour Pro’s pick up girls (Using their caddies) -Jason Dufner is one of the biggest shit talkers of all time. Duf stories. -How did Justin Thomas manage to lift the Wanamaker Trophy at 140 pounds? -Smylie’s Natty Keggerator -Dufner’s pre round secret -Top 5 guys you'd want on your private jet after winning the Masters -"Where most of the golfers just...


#16: A PGA Championship Preview Unlike Any Other {PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

Ev, Matt and Stratt are back to preview the 2017 PGA Championship a bit differently than other golf pods. Considering this is glory's last shot, the boys had a bit of fun with a LOT of ridiculous segments, role plays, hypotheticals and of course - their picks. Show Highlights: *Hideki Matsuyama joins us without his translator. His first ever English interview. Hear what Matt says to offend him. *Sports Psychologist segment is back for the following players (Jords, Rickie, Patrick Reed, YE...


#15: Jason Sobel - ESPN Senior Golf Writer (PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

Buckle up golfers. This interview is a gem. Jason Sobel, the Senior Golf Writer for hops on the Par Train with some unforgettable takes and tour stories. Highlights: -Why does Spieth need a pep talk? Jason puts on the Sports Psychologist jacket. -Jason picks the one moment in golf history to be a fly on the wall -Why Jordan jumped Rory as most important golfer in our generation -Two golfers that are just like Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady -Player on tour who is the toughest mentally...


#14: Your British Open Champ Will Be... (PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

Ev, Matt and Stratt are back to preview the 2017 British Open. Show Highlights: -Why to be worried about DJ -Previous winners at Royal Birkdale -Is Bones really happy about his new job? -Pro pep talks (Patrick Reed, Henrik Stenson, Rory Mcilroy, Rickie Fowler) -Is Rory Mcilroy the new David Duval? -Analogy time. Phil without Bones is like… -Phil absurdities -GO FOR IT or LAY IT UP: Which storylines to believe -Odds @OfficialBakes wins his $2.5M golf bet -British Picks (And who not to pick...


#13: The 2017 US Open Winner Is... (PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

Ev, Matt and Stratt get another round of drinks from the cart girl before jumping into a preview of the 2017 US Open at Erin Hills. Highlights: *Why not to pick DJ *Oh Sure segment *The Sports Psychologist gives Patrick Reed, Matt Kuchar and Rickie Fowler pep talks (The last guy to get a Par Train Sports Psychologist pep talk? Sergio Garcia before the Masters...) *Lava pits in bunkers *5 Picks *Sleepers *Why Beef is so comfortable *Hear who Stratt says is "... a baby back ......"


#12 : How to Play Augusta National

Ev, Cerm and Stratt sat down with Stu Redsun, CMO of Columbia Sportswear on Monday of Masters week. Stu is one of the lucky few invited to play the illustrious Augusta National and he shares some of his favorite stories, tips on how to play, and of course - Carl the Caddie. Show highlights: * How you can play Augusta * Trashcan sandwiches * Making the ball your b*&ch * Magnolia Lane at hyperspeed * Proper Southern BBQ * Oh Sure segment


#11: Masters Bets and Banter

Ev and Stratt grab some drinks and get together to talk Masters Bets. Show highlights: -Stratt finds out a secret that could change their lives forever -Sad Violin segment: Romo and Tiger's dream -New Delete Your Twitter segment: Brandel Chamblee -Fun prop bets you should bet on -Masters pool chatter: Pick 5 -DJ vs. Spieth -Rory vs. Jason -Phil vs. Hideki -And much much more Take a seat, grab a glass and punch your ticket to the Train.


#10: How ESPN Covers the Masters

The Par Train welcomes Kenny Legan, social and video guru at the Worldwide Leader in Sports - ESPN. Show highlights: -Get an inside look of what ESPN is like during Masters week -Secret story about Scott Van Pelt and Tiger Woods after Tiger won the 2002 Masters (Find out what they do together before going on air) -Coach Talk segment (Ev gives Jason Day a pep talk, Kenny pumps up Sergio Garcia) -A few Masters stats no one is talking about that you've got to know for your pool -How to choose...


#9: Sam Bettinardi

The Par Train Crew becomes a trio with the addition of Stratton as a new co-host. We welcome Sam Bettinardi, EVP of Bettinardi Golf - known for their precision milled putters that rival Scotty Cameron. Show highlights: -Drink orders with our favorite Cart Girl -Two new hilarious segments: "Blowin' Smoke" and "Oh sures" and the return of "Sad Violin" *Sam's incredible interview* -Masters favorites and sleepers -Why you should try Kuchar's new putting style if you struggle inside 10 feet and a...


#8: The Voice of TaylorMade

The Voice of TaylorMade, Jay Nelson, tells us what it's like to have one of the best jobs in the world. Show highlights: -Inside the ropes stories about the best PGA Tour Pros in the world -Sad violin pick -Jay reads an epic movie trailer script (That the Par Train Crew wrote) previewing the classic golf trip weekend. Enter inception trailer music... -How Jay got the best job in the world -TaylorMade vs. Callaway vs. Titleist (in one word) -Ev and Matt compare the Oscars to Little Giants and...


#7: Old Tom Morris's 2017 Picks

It's a miracle. Old Tom Morris is BACK. Yep - this is the bearded pioneer from Scotland who has FOUR Open Championships. Old Tom joined us to make his 2017 PGA Tour predictions. Some highlights: -The Cart Girl offers Matt and Evan new top shelf drink options -Tiger will win again if he just downloads one app -Vegas odds on Trump's impeachment -Old Tom's top 10 PGA Tour player picks vs. Evan -Bachelor vs. Dawson's Creek -Jason vs. Tiger vs. Rory -And much much more


#6: The Most Interesting Caddie in the World - Oliver Horovitz

Oliver Horovitz, a New York Times Best Selling Author of the book American Caddie at St. Andrews, joins The Par Train crew to talk about his latest adventures. Some highlights: -Ollie and crew talk about the day he caddied for Larry David -Got stopped by Bill Clinton's secret service detail -Secrets about planning the best Scotland golf trip -Golf in Iceland, Saudi Arabia and more. -His journey to Nepal where he met and caddied for the #1 female player in Nepal Pratima Sherpa.