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PGA Golf Podcast that's "Sending people off the rails." An uncommon combo of PGA Tour comedy and storytelling. A podcast that is truly "Sending people off the rails". Hop on the Par Train Golf Podcast, crack open a beer and get ready to laugh at the loudest takes on tour. If you don't learn something or laugh, your money back -- guaranteed.

PGA Golf Podcast that's "Sending people off the rails." An uncommon combo of PGA Tour comedy and storytelling. A podcast that is truly "Sending people off the rails". Hop on the Par Train Golf Podcast, crack open a beer and get ready to laugh at the loudest takes on tour. If you don't learn something or laugh, your money back -- guaranteed.
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PGA Golf Podcast that's "Sending people off the rails." An uncommon combo of PGA Tour comedy and storytelling. A podcast that is truly "Sending people off the rails". Hop on the Par Train Golf Podcast, crack open a beer and get ready to laugh at the loudest takes on tour. If you don't learn something or laugh, your money back -- guaranteed.






#39: Making the PGA Championship the Major We All Deserve

Ever wonder why the PGA Championship lacks excitement compared to the other 3 majors? Rest assured -- after listening to this podcast you'll never wonder that again. Feel free to thank us later. We're @TheParTrain on twitter and the instas. So -- ya, thank us there. Highlights: -Hear what 3 things you’d have to change this season and you’d have the greatest season in PGA Tour history -Groundbreaking sponsored promo with “PGA of America” to get you pumped up for “Glory’s last shot” -Why the...


#38: Colt Knost - Mayor of the PGA Tour

Colt Knost, PGA Tour Pro veteran and former #1 amateur in the world, joins the Par Train crew for what may be our favorite interview to date. Colt reminds us how awesome it really is to play on the PGA Tour. You're in for a treat -- enjoy. Highlights: -A Tuesday gambling story with Phil that lasted all night -Trash talking on Tour -What it’s like being Michael Jordan’s partner on the golf course -Who’s in his crew on Tour -Why amateurs can learn more about how to play better golf from...


#37: A Claret Jug Extravaganza

Arguably the best major of the year deserves a kind of preview the world has ever seen. From a Claret Jug secret to player trends, Open history, and melting hot takes -- this won't disappoint. Highlights: -Pep talks for Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth -Why the Open is better than the Masters -Funnier alternatives to “Champion Golfer of the Year” -The 4 latest trends in the game of golf right now -Why Carnoustie is like Wimbledon -2 irons, hard fairways, brown greens and unicorns -The...


#36: The Real Big Cat

Crowned "The funniest caddie on Tour" by some of the world's best, Aaron Flener aka the Real Big Cat joins us for some fun banter and takes us inside the ropes from the caddie perspective. Highlights: -We ask Aaron to talk us off the ledge like he would to a player inside the ropes -What it was like being in Steph Curry’s group on the Web -Why Michael Greller is the perfect caddie for Jordan Spieth -Why he’s the “Real big cat” -A tell all about gambling games on Tour -How to trick a PGA...


#35: The Family Behind Bandon Dunes and Golf Heavens Everywhere

Chris Keiser, son of Mike Keiser, (the man behind Bandon Dunes) and VP of MLK Consulting takes us behind the scenes of building some of the best golf destinations in the world. Warning -- do not listen to this unless you're ready to ditch your job or class to go play golf. You'll probably want to book a trip to a Keiser property immediately as well. This is a gem -- enjoy! Highlights: -Did the family think their dad was crazy when he wanted to build a golf resort in the middle of nowhere...


#34: Shane Bacon talks Shinnecock Hills

Fox Sports Golf Analyst Shane Bacon hops on the Train to talk the 2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills. Highlights: -Why Tiger is more likely to win the U.S. Open than Phil -Why the U.S. Open is the one major Tiger has the best chance the rest of his career -Shane takes us behind the scenes at the U.S. Open -PGA Tour players who could win at Shinnecock -New tricks to expect from Fox Sports -Is it harder than it looks to call golf? -What everyone should know about Shinnecock Hills before...


#33: Becoming a Nation’s First Professional Female Golfer

Oliver Horovitz, New York Times Best Selling Author, filmmaker, and producer hops on the Train for his second time to share the story of Pratima Sherpa. The star of the Emmy Award Winning ESPN Documentary "A Mountain to Climb", Pratima tries to make history by becoming the first female to turn pro in Nepal. Highlights: -Ollie talks about Pratima's humble beginnings and unprecedented rise to success -How Ollie met Pratima -Behind the scenes stories on how the ESPN documentary got made...


#32: Jason Sobel's "Not the 5th Major" Preview and Early 2018 Review

Senior Golf Writer, Jason Sobel, hops on the train for his third time to preview the Players Championship, discuss why the Players Championship is not "The 5th Major" and do an early review on the 2018 PGA Tour season thus far. Highlights: -Biggest surprise of the 2018 PGA Tour season -Heated debate about why Players Championship shouldn’t be known as the “5th major” -We grade the 2018 PGA Tour season -How to take walk up music to the next level -The challenge of breaking stories like the...


#31: Erik Anders Lang - Most Interesting Man in Golf?

Erik Anders Lang is the host of Adventures in Golf, the Erik Lang Show Podcast and overall a very lucky dude to win the chance to play Augusta National. Erik joins the Par Train crew for an insightful, hilarious and probably one of our favorite conversations overall. Highlights: -Every detail about Pro Shop heaven on Monday after the Masters -The top 3 must have golf gear items when you go to a big tournament or famous course -Would the prestige flip if Augusta National was public and...


#30: Brandel Chamblee - The Greatest Masters of All Time is Here

Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel), the man that can put the golf world in a tizzy with a single tweet, hops on the Par Train and doesn’t hold back. Highlights -Why this Masters will be the GOAT -Tiger is not his favorite to win (And it’s not Phil, Rory, DJ or Spieth either) -What it would take to throw David Duval into Rae’s Creek -Darkhorse picks -Hole by hole tips he learned from Jack Nicklaus on how to play and win at Augusta -We gave Brandel a final chance to come...


#29: Why the Tour Needs Walk Up Music – PGA Tour Pro Keith Mitchell

PGA Tour Pro Keith Mitchell is not only hilarious, he’s an innovator. This episode is almost a full hour because the stories are that good. Buckle up. Bear down. And listen to the end. Who knows, by the end, we may get a signed contract by the PGA Tour to institute walk-up music at every event. Highlights -Keith gives us brand new golf lingo to replace “bababooey” and “mashed potatoes” -The private jet “horror story” with JT, Zach Johnson and others where they almost left Patton Kizzire’s...


#28: PGA Player Deep Dives - Phil "Figjam" Mickelson

The Par Train crew gives you the first of a brand new episode series called "PGA Player Deep Dives" where you learn new things about your favorite PGA Tour players. This episode was focused on the man, the myth, the "Figjam" legend - Phil Mickelson. Highlights: -Phil joins us for the first 5 minutes and gets angry... -Phil vs. Tiger stats -Did Phil play better or worse when Tiger was in the same tournament? -#WhatWouldPhilDo Everyday situations where we compare what the average Joe would...


#25: ESPN’s Jason Sobel - Tiger Locker Room Talk

Jason Sobel, Senior Golf Writer for ESPN, joins us again live from the West Orange Country Club locker room after winning our golf match earlier in the day. We pick the 4 major winners for 2018 and Sobel calls out one thing he needs to see from Tiger to confirm that he's BACK. More Highlights: -Jason's thoughts on our media passes being denied by the PGA Tour. #badboys -Why 2018 could be the greatest golf season of all time and entering a "Golden Age" -The one thing Jason wants to see from...


#24: The PGA Tour Course You Have to Play Before You Die

Meet Stephen Arendt - head golf pro at Kapalua Golf Plantation Course (The home of the Sentry Tournament of Champions). Stephen gave us some gems on a few PGA Tour players, why they don't change the course for the pros, travel tips and may even transform your game with these two simple instructional nuggets. More Highlights: -The biggest misconceptions about Kapalua -What you don’t know from watching on TV -Why Kapalua is one of the hardest courses out there for amateurs and one of the...


#23: 9 Bold PGA Tour Predictions with World’s #1 Fortune Teller and His Crystal Ball.

It's easy to predict the 2018 PGA Tour season when you're lucky enough to have the world's #1 fortune teller (And his crystal ball) join the Par Train. Grab a glass, because your year's about to start off with a bang. Show Highlights: -9 bold PGA Tour predictions for 2018 season -3 things we WANT to see in 2018 -2017 stats you would've never guessed -New Year reflections -Why DJ is as intimidating as Tiger in his prime -Why golf is the most high maintenance game ever -Master Bachelor...


#22: 5 Reasons Why Tiger is the New Bitcoin

Ev and Stratt take a deep dive into Tiger's career and recent return to help you decide if he's really back. Spoiler alert --> he's back. Listen in for 5 reasons why Tiger is basically the new bitcoin. Show Highlights: -5 reasons why Tiger is back -The stats you wish you knew about Tiger Woods -Soundbite from our Kevin Chappell interview giving a behind the scenes look on what Tiger was doing with the golf ball 3 weeks before the Hero Challenge -Sabermetrics deep dive into his driving...


#21: Kevin Chappell

Kevin Chappell, top PGA Tour pro, hops on the train for an unforgettable hour interview. Chapp shares a never before told story about the first time Tiger hit full shots in public when he and Tiger co hosted a clinic for the TW foundation a few weeks ago. He also takes us behind the scenes from the President's Cup, shares his craziest story from his early professional days and even talks conspiracy theories. Chapp has one of the best personalities on tour and this hour long interview is...


#20: The Trainy Awards - 2017 PGA Tour Award Show

What could possibly go wrong when 3 guys drink lots of booze and host their own PGA Tour Award Show celebrating the 2017 season? Award Categories: -Mr. Extra Curriculurs -Silent Killer -Mr. Par Train -First Lady of Golf -Gerber Baby Presents Baby Back Bitch Award -Golf Coach of the year -Instagolfer of the year -Best moment -Golfer of the year Segments: -New Years Resolutions (Best PGA Tour achievements from 2017 and new goal for 2018) -True or False (Fun facts from 2017 PGA Tour Season...


#19: Cup Talk - Why Phil is the World's Biggest Butt Slap Locker Room Guy (PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

The boys are back to talk FedEx Cup and President's Cup. It's Cup Talk. Show Highlights: -Hear why “Phil Mickelson is the biggest butt slap locker room guy the world’s ever seen.” -Phil Mickelson also joins us to pump up the President’s Cup rookies -Why we’re still not sold on Justin Thomas (There's a pretty heated argument about this) -Unbelievable Pat Perez press conference quotes -Stratt’s tip to anyone who wins $10 million -The famous Matt Cermak putting tip -Picks to win FedEx Cup...


#18: Michael Fabiano - NFL Network Fantasy Analyst, Jim Nantz, Golfer (PGA Tour Golf Podcast)

Michael Fabiano, NFL Network's fantasy football guru, hops on the Par Train to talk golf AND get you ready for your fantasy football drafts. Show Highlights: -Fabiano or Matthew Berry - Who's the bigger nerd? -One thing to remember before your fantasy draft -If Brady = Spieth. Rodgers = Rory. What NFL player is Rickie? -Fabiano's friendship with Jim Nantz. Something we wish we knew about Jim. -Behind the scenes at a CBS Golf production. How it differs from NFL Network -A golf scramble mock...