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Know What You Believe - African American Voting Shift

The Democratric Party keeps getting bad news in the polls concerning Donald Trumps popularity among Black Voters. This is a reality check, We must realize with the numbers Donald Trump is getting it will mean wide sweeping victories for the Republican races and will eventually force Democrats to come more towards the center on many issues.


Bombs , Bewitching and Booker

Letter bombing before an election is a desperate attempt by the democrats to sway public opinion towards the democrats which are the ones that contrived this outrageous scheme. Cory Booker has now all he can handle when it comes to sexual improprieties. He is being accused of sexual assault by a male.


Revelations And Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory was primarilly known in my day as a comedian but I have discovered recently of his indepth knowledge of health and covert goverment activity.


The Black Vote And Donald Trump

There is a tremor in the force. Donald trump is monthly gaining favor among Black Voters and ths would spell disaster to the Democratic Party. The increasing leftest agenda which is in great contrast to the constitution is creating a wide divide between the parties. African Americans once the conscience of the country very well may be turning back to their faith-based roots and conservative thinking which would end the Democratic Party as we know it.


Know What You Believe

There has never been a confirmation hearing like we are witnessing right now over Judge Kabanaugh. Whats it about? ABORTION!


Know What You Believe

The worst display of the American Government process is clearly seen in the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. This is unimaginable and its so dad to see.


Know What You Believe

The Rev jasper Williams was asked to euologise Aretha Franklin but did more than that. Rev jasper Williams seized the moment to give a strong prophetical message to Black America.


Body Parts For sale ? Thats Nothing New!

Are you kidding me? Did you actually believe that the leading providers of abortion in America, founded by one of the most racist individuals that has ever been born, Margaret Sangar, would not be involved in a practice that has thriving for years? I have to check and see If I still have the price list for the diferent parts of the baby most harvested by this insidious market. Yes in the land of the free and the home of the brave we destroy human beings in the womb indiscriminately and...


What Is The prophetical Word Now For America

Well with the multiple event that have transpired in these past month is America now prime for the judgment of God or the shaking of a nation such as we have never witnessed before or is this just the end. We can all take special thanks in knowing that our Heavenly Father is not surprised by these events and has not requested that we rewrite the Bible prophecies that are uttered in the scriptures. How close are we? We will hear a prophetic word and comment and take your calls on the Urban...


Can We Find America Again Or Is It Lost Forever

Say hello to the new America. I am sure once you really meet and understand the new America you will have nothing to do with the new USA. Last week the new America made its introduction and sent a clear message across the land that life for you has changed and please don't bother me with your faith and this judeo-Christian ethic. Oh yes for those of you that call themselves Christian, you are the problem, you are the enemy. I must say that I don't get the chance to listen to the number one...


Justice Roberts Again Saves Obamacare For Obama

The George W. Bush appointee, Chief Justice Roberts certainly has become the thorn in the side of the Republican Party. Some may go as far to say the knife in the back as opposed to the thorn in the side. Once again Chief Justice Roberts clearly steps across the boundaries of Judicial decorum and fixes legislation for this administration and then sanctions it as law. We are not living in America any longer and the constitution can no longer protect its citizens with such blatant...


The Charleston Murders And Race relations

The timing and the Charleston massacre was uniquely animus. With civil unrest still at a high over the recent encounters police have had with Black men it would have been perfect timing prior to Junteeth celebrations for the African American community to be invoked to protest or even riot nationally. Is their a sinister plot to cause chaos throughout America which then would invoke marshal law. In order to effectively have marshal law you would also would have to have absolute control of...


The verdict Still Is Not In On Marriage But What To Expect?

The verdict has not come as of yet but the climate certainly appears to be pointing in the direction of Same Sex Marriage being affirmed by the court but to what degree? The voices of the conservatives are crying out against any such decision by the court would mean an end to society as we know it today. The foundational stone that we have been trying to get back to would be removed all together. The first institution implemented by God would be maligned forever.


The Time Has Come! What Will The Supreme Court Say About Marriage

We could have reached the darkest hour in Americas history. Due to flawed sexual orientation America is about to alter and redefine the fundamental building block of society and pollute the sanctity of marriage. What will happen now in your commu ity and educational system across America. How will this effect your childrens education? Or, will the Supreme court justices say, marriage is between one man and one women or will it be left to the states to decid individually which is what the...


School Corruption And Choas In Public Schools

We are now in the days of Ellijah but we are also in the days of Noah. Noah let us to know there was total apathy toward the principles of Gods values and ways along with the rise of violence. It appears that apathy and violence is a day to day occurance and has made too many public schools in the urban communties war zones. can we as citizens continue to allow less when we should be demanding more. Its time to hold our elected officials accountable and no longer accept lip service and...


Madness At Paterson Schools Israel Tietelbaum Interview

The “Civil Rights Battle of the 21st Century” differs from the “Civil Rights Battle of the 20th Century” in several ways. One: The first was for those of a different color or ethnicity. This one is for those of us compelled to serve the Ruling Class.Two: The first was for liberty for a minority of us. This is for liberty for a majority of us.Three: The first required mass rallies across America. This can now be won by wisely using our fingers to influence our fellow citizens and public...


More on the Paterson School Choas And What To Do About It

We are listening to the testimony of Lee McNulty ex Paterson school teacher on the horrendous condition of the Paterson schools and the corrupt Administration.There are no Republicans running Paterson nor managing the Paterson school District. Now a days when you talk about the Feds you are referring to an administration under the Barack Obama flag of the Democrats. So the failing schools can be squarely put upon the shoulders of the Democrats. Yet even after the horrific conditions of...


Local High School Chaos At Paterson High School

There are no Republicans running Paterson nor managing the Paterson school District. Now a days when you talk about the Feds you are referring to an administration un der the Barack Obama flag of the Democrats. So the failing schools can be squarely put upon the sholders of the Democrats. Yet even after the horrific conditions of failing schools such as Paterson High School parents will elect the same party pimps and wonder why the condition of depleted schools never changes.


Know What You Believe With Chris Pascal and The Urban Prophet

June will prove to be the month of destiny fro America. The Supreme Court soon will be redering their decision on Gay marriage. Chief Justice Ginsburg has all ready revealed her position and vote on the issues by performing a marriage between two gay couples during the time she should have been deliberating. Will the bible believing church as Hillary cliunton has suggested have to change its ways and teachings on gay marriage. When teachers are taking classes to stores that sell sex toys to...


Know What You Believe With Chris Pascal And The Urban Prophet

Bill Oriely has been a stern critic of issues in the Black community and has taken a lot of criticism from Afro-American leaders on his narrow scope of solution and failure to recognize the role racism plays in the failure in the urban communities. We can all take a look at the issues without labeling problems and people with slur words and derogatory descriptions. The worse thing to happen is now to see that hipocrisy can play a major role in commentary and when that happens it detracts...