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Rock and rap radio show for radical teens and adults who like their music cranked up a bit.

Rock and rap radio show for radical teens and adults who like their music cranked up a bit.
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Havre, MT


Rock and rap radio show for radical teens and adults who like their music cranked up a bit.








Network Update 3-25-19

Today's Network Update falls under the heading of "VERY IMPORTANT." Roger Lonnquist and Carlene Prince discuss a special summit that Roger is attending TODAY - and we need lots and lots of prayer cover for this very important event, that Roger is a part of! Listen in, and if you know any friends that have a heart for prayer, please share this with them as today could potentially be a very historic day in YNOP's journey! We also need continued prayer cover for the extended future, so we...


Network Update 3-18-19

Roger and Carlene visited the morning show to give a recap of last week. Thanks to everyone who joined in during this year's FriendRaiser at YNOP! More than $285,000 was raised, to keep us on track, as we go forward with the debut of our new station at Salt Lake City in April, the expansion of the ministry of New Life Radio Tanzania, the new station in Jamestown, North Dakota, and more! You can still get involved by going to ynop.org.


John Summerville, Trans World Radio

Thank you for listening to the Day of Hope! John Summerville, of Trans World Radio, joined us to provide an update on TWR’s ministry to Cuba, Central America, and South America being done by the upgraded signal of their station on the island of Bonaire. During FriendRaiser 2015, YNOP listeners helped to pay the cost of upgrading the power of the station, so it could reach all of Cuba and beyond, and God is now using it to touch people's lives all across Cuba, the Caribbean, and the Americas!


Brad Mattes, Life Issues Institute

The Day of Hope continues with Brad Mattes, of Life Issues Institute, talking to Roger & Earl about recent issues in the news affecting the protection of newborn babies lives. He touched on why it should matter to every civilized nation, and related some of the very positive news that has come out of the pro-life front in America.


Mikey Howard, 7eventh Time Down

Our theme for this year is "God Is On The Move!" inspired by the great hit song from the band 7eventh Time Down. Carlene Prince sits down with Mikey Howard, lead singer of the band, to discuss their latest album, how they saw God move in amazing ways when on tour with this song specifically, and how his own faith was deeply tested by the song's message when he and his wife went through a great loss. Mikey has a great heart and shares very authentically. You'll be blessed by what he has to...


Bishop Eliudi Issangya, New Life Radio Tanzania

Join us as we talk with Bishop Eliudi Issangya for an encouraging update about the recent progress of New Life Radio Tanzania, and the plans to expand the reach of New Life Radio to more than 5,000,000 additional listeners! We’ll also be sharing some amazing testimonies from our Tanzanian listeners...don’t miss it!


Will Graham, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Welcome to the Day of Hope! YNOP’s Network General Manager, Roger Lonnquist, spent some time with evangelist Will Graham last week when he was in Montana. Will talked about the need each of us has for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and how to follow Him more fully once you have that relationship. He also shared his own story, and shared memories of his grandfather, Billy Graham.


Brad Mattes, Life Issues Institute

Earl visited with Brad Mattes, president of Life Issues Institute, on the morning show. Brad addressed the concerns of those who defeated the U.S. Senate's Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act 2019. Brad disarmed their defense, and presented the facts as to how the bill's passage would have benefited these babies.


Network Update 3-4-19

Roger Lonnquist stopped by the morning show, to give a Network Update for FriendRaiser 2019! We are in need of matching funds... if you are able to offer a match, would you pray about being part of FriendRaiser in that very important way? If you feel led to give in this way, give us a call at 800-442-9222 to make your match challenge. No matter what, please join us Monday, March 11th for this very important time of ministry here on YNOP!


Tricia Collins, Child Bridge Montana Regional Director

It's our monthly podcast conversation with the wonderful staff of Child Bridge! Today, Carlene Prince talks with Tricia Collins about her personal story of being taken up by love in an adopted family, and why she's passionate in helping the plight of children in our state as a result. You'll hear her heart for the Lord, and after hearing her story, may we all be moved to prayerfully get involved in helping more children in our state move from fear to love, from tragedy to triumph, and from...


Network Update 2-18-19

During this week's Network Update, Roger Lonnquist spills the beans about the latest, in a series of amazing open doors, that God has placed before us...the expansion of YNOP into what will now be five states by carrying the light of Christ into Salt Lake City, Utah! This is an opportunity to confront deception with the truth of Christ, and your prayer cover is certainly appreciated as we move forward. Listen, rejoice with us, and pray!


Network Update 2-11-19

We have exciting news! This week Roger Lonnquist, Network General Manager of YNOP, shares the incredible story of an open door to expand YNOP into Jamestown, North Dakota and the ways you can be praying for this opportunity to become reality in the very near future!


Brad Mattes, Life Issues Institute

On the Wednesday morning show, Earl visited with Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institute. They discussed the ramifications of the recently passed legislations in the states of New York and Vermont that allow for late-term abortions, even up to, and including, at the time of delivery.


Network Update 2-4-19

Join us for this week's Network Update as Roger Lonnquist and Carlene Prince discuss the expansion of New Life Radio Tanzania, as we move into our studio and office building there. What was an obstacle became a blessing - rejoice with us and listen for ways you can continue to pray for New Life Radio Tanzania.


Steve and Mary Bryan, Child Bridge

Today, Carlene Prince sat down and talked with the founders of Child Bridge, Steve & Mary Bryan. They talked about the miraculous way the Lord brought children in the foster system crisis to their attention, and how they continue to branch out into more Montana communities, and the resources they offer to assist with the specialized needs in this area of focus. You will clearly hear their hearts and the joy in their voices when they share a few of the stories of transformation they have...


Jerry Johnson, President of National Religious Broadcasters

Jerry Johnson, President of National Religious Broadcasters, sat down with our Network Manager, Roger Lonnquist, to discuss censorship of religious posts on social media. Listen to the full interview here, and find more information about this subject on www.internetfreedomwatch.org.


Network Update 1-28-19

Our Network General Manager of YNOP, Roger Lonnquist, stopped by to give us our weekly update. Today, we are asking for prayer as we have multiple FCC licenses That were backlogged because of the recent government shutdown. Please listen and pray as we seek God to move according to His perfect will and faithfulness.


Richard Lee, Director of Church Mobilization, INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month - and Carlene Prince sat down for a conversation today with Richard Lee, Director of Church Mobilization for International Justice Mission - a highly respected global organization with a plan to eliminate the slave trade everywhere. IJM's mission is an extensive plan to work with local law enforcement not only rescuring slaves - but going beyond is legal realms and other efforts to stop the slave trade in it's tracks. Learn about this important...


Network Update 1-21-19

General Manager of Your Network of Praise, Roger Lonnquist, stopped by the morning show to talk about how the government shutdown is affecting the expansion into Hardin, Harlowtown, & a new location, which will be announced in the near future. He is asking for prayer over the expansion, as we are hoping to air Your Network of Praise in these new locations as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more Network Updates, coming every Monday morning at 8:15am (mountain time.)


Jeff Laszloffy, President of Montana Family Foundation

YNOP General Manager Roger Lonnquist talked with Jeff Laszloffy, President of the Montana Family Foundation, about proposed bills at the Montana Legislature, which are important to Montana families, including legislation concerning life, school choice, and human trafficking in Montana. Jeff Laszloffy will also be at the School Choice Rally, on the steps of the Montana Capitol Building, from 12-1p on January 24th. This rally will be especially important for families with children in private...