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The Voice of American Law Enforcement, Lieutenant Randy Sutton is recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in America.

The Voice of American Law Enforcement, Lieutenant Randy Sutton is recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in America.
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The Voice of American Law Enforcement, Lieutenant Randy Sutton is recognized as one of the most highly decorated officers in America.




🎧 How To Kill 14 People Without Saying A Word

“How To Kill 14 People Without Saying A Word” is the name of the new film by Director Nick Stumphauzer. His experience witnessing the violence of Antifa attacks at Berkeley motivated him to take on the polarizing subjects of violence, terrorism and political correctness. Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton goes in depth with the young filmmaker about his views and his passion for America. And in his View From The Blue, Randy calls out the election of new Attorney General Of Minnesota Keith...


🎧 Politics, Crime and Justice

POLITICS, CRIME AND JUSTICE - How will the midterm election affect Law Enforcement in America. The elections are over and now the political landscape will change. But will it affect America's Law Enforcement Officers and the people they serve. In this Special Report Lt. Randy Sutton, (Ret), Host of BLUE LIVES RADIO, THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT will break it down.


🎧 Police Wife Works to Unite Cops Wives to Support Law Enforcement

Police Wife Works to Unite Cops Wives to Support Law Enforcement in Time Of Need - Deborah Costello is the wife of a Las Vegas Metro Officer. The tragic killings of Police Officers is something she takes very personally. She started locally but now has reached out to form Police Wives Of America. Costello has been a police wife since 2006. Mother of 4 blessings, 1 girl 3 boys, a Midwestern girl who loves to craft, bake and travel. Her life is lived in service to God and family, both blood...


🎧 Private Eye Devotes Life to Recovering Missing Children

Logan Clarke is a Private Eye with a passion for rescuing kidnapped and missing children. His storied career spans decades from his inadvertent recruitment into Military Intelligence to traveling the globe in search of missing and kidnapped kids; his life reads like a movie. You can’t miss his interview with Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton. In his “View From The Blue” Randy attacks Black Lives Matter and other “Social Justice” groups for their silence when three Black Law Enforcement...


🎧 Undercover Agent Battles Addiction

Famed Undercover Officer relates to how the dangers of the job coupled with being abandoned by his Agency almost destroyed his life. Post Traumatic Stress caused Agent Jay Dobyns to reach out for help after facing debilitating addiction and how treatment changed First Responders' lives like CYCLES of CHANGE. In his View From The Blue, Show Host Randy Sutton attacks Violence Against Law Enforcement Spiraling Out Of Control. Big cities, rural counties, villages and towns all are becoming...


🎧 American Cops on the Front Line in Iraq and Afghanistan

David Shearman and James ‘JT” Taman spent decades as Law Enforcement Officers, but when the Military faced criminal insurgents in Iraq, they called upon American cops like them for assistance on the front lines. Show Host Randy Sutton shares the amazing story of their new book "Outside The Wire In Blue". BOOK: Outside the Wire in Blue “Persecution and Prosecution, Political Prosecutors wage War On Cops” from Tulsa to Alabama to California, Law Enforcement Officers involved in shootings are...


🎧 The Betty Shelby Story

Persecution, Prosecution and Politics; The Betty Shelby Story. The arrest and prosecution of Tulsa Police Officer for a Line Of Duty shooting was yet another example of a politically motivated prosecution of an American Law Enforcement Officer. Hear her incredible story and how she is now training other cops how to survive high profile Critical Incidents in her interview with Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton. In his View From The Blue, Randy attacks political correctness and the War on...


🎧 Homes For Heroes Helping Cops

Since 2009, Homes for Heroes, Inc., has helped over 23,000 heroes save over $37 million on their real estate transactions, sold over $4 billion in real estate to heroes and donated over $500,000 to heroes in need through the Homes for Heroes Foundation. Joining Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton is Steve Blackwell, the National Outreach Coordinator who tells about the history and amazing organization that is helping Law Enforcement Officers all over the country. In his "View From The Blue"...


🎧 The Love-Hate Relationship with Cops and Lawyers

Cops and lawyers often have a love/hate relationships while facing each other in the courtroom. But Laura Scarry is one Lawyer that all cops want on their side. Because Laura Scarry WAS a cop and now devotes herself to representing cops. It’s not always a popular choice to fight against “City Hall” especially in Chicago but Laura remembers what it was like to wear that badge and defends those who still do. Here her insight in The Interview Room with Show Host Randy Sutton. In his View From...


🎧 Bleeding Blue, with Kevin Jackson

The creator of the new film “Bleeding Blue”, Kevin Jackson appears this week in “The Interview Room” of Blue Lives Radio. Kevin who is a best selling author, talk show host and Fox News Contributor has created this film to show the realities of Officer Involved Shootings and their aftermath. His personal story is enlightening and impactful. BOOK: Race Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism In his “View From The Blue” Show Host Randy Sutton blasts Nike for their decision to...


🎧 One Cop’s Daughter on a Search for Justice

Lori Cooper was 9 when her Dad, an Ohio Police Officer was shot in a gunfight with a career criminal. As a result, he lost the use of his arm and faced a life of pain. His assailant escaped before trial and never faced justice. Her story of tracking this dangerous criminal for years and finally forcing the Justice System to act is a testament to a daughter's love. One Cop's Daughter on a search for justice... Show Host Randy Sutton reveals the emotional story in The Interview Room Of Blue...


🎧 When 911 Needs 911

“When 911 Needs 911” Law Enforcement and First Responders are the front line of “Protectors”. But the toll taken on these brave men and women can be devastating. Rob Michaels is the Founder of “Serve and Protect”. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer he knows all to well the emotional dangers “the front line” faces and his amazing organization is getting our First Responders the psychological help they need during these turbulent times. In his “View From The Blue” Show Host Randy Sutton...


🎧 Save A Warrior

Jake Clark spent decades serving his country both in the military and as a Federal Special Agent. But that service took a terrible toll and Post Traumatic Stress almost destroyed his life. But being a true “Warrior”, he found his way back from the brink and has created an incredibly successful organization helping veterans and Law Enforcement Officers to fight PTSD. “Save A Warrior” has helped hundreds to discover their own success in battling this debilitating issue. Hear his amazing...


🎧 Surviving The Streets

“Surviving The Streets” Going home at the end of the shift is every cops right and every cops duty. But with the Law Enforcement Murder rate climbing and shootings an almost every day occurrence, the question is how? Officer Survival Training expert Dave Smith aka “Buck Savage” and Show Host Randy Sutton take on the issue. In his “View From The Blue” Randy doesn’t hold back on the hottest issues in Law Enforcement today.


🎧 The State of Policing

In this special edition of Blue Lives Radio, The Voice Of America Law Enforcement, Show Host Randy Sutton does an expanded “View From The Blue” in which he discusses the state of Policing in America. From toxic leadership to “Officer Survival Training” Randy tells it like it is.


🎧 Drew Aversa Shattered His Pelvis; He Is Now Shattering PTSD

Drew Aversa had dreamed of being a Firefighter as a child. He achieved his dream but found it shattered when his pelvis was crushed by 'The Jaws of Life' during training. He lost everything to PTSD as a result of his disabling injury but now uses that experience to make a difference. He is on a mission to help others suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. He tells Blue Lives Radio Show Host Randy Sutton about his journey. Also an explosive, View From The Blue, as Randy unleashes on the...


🎧 Pain and Addiction is Killing Cops, but There is Help!

PAIN AND ADDICTION IN LAW ENFORCEMENT IS KILLING COPS BUT THERE IS HELP. It is Law Enforcement's dirty little secret and has cost thousands of careers and even lives. It is addiction and in THE INTERVIEW ROOM with BLUE LIVES RADIO Host Randy Sutton, Dr Alex Cahana, a renowned expert in pain control and addiction and Advisor to shares his experience and advise on how to combat this terrible problem. In his 'VIEW FROM THE BLUE" Randy honors some heroic cops and calls out the...


🎧 Seattle Citizens in Danger as Cops Quit in Droves

Liberal politics is putting Seattle citizens in danger as cops are quitting in droves. Show Host Randy Sutton and Seattle Police Officers Union VP reveal how the City Council and a liberal environment in Seattle is “De-policing” the city causing more and more dangerous conditions for those who work and live there. In his View From The Blue, Randy tackles the toughest topics in Law Enforcement...


🎧 Cop and Con Form Bonds of Friendship

Cop and Con form bonds of friendship, trust and forgiveness after years of conflict. Officer Wendel Metzler is a cop in a small community. He jailed Ryan Forbes many times and even sent him to prison. Bitter enemies for years, Forbes decided to change his life and sought out Wendel to ask forgiveness. The relationship that was forged in the following years is chronicled in their book, “Unchained”. It’s an amazing story and Wendel shares it with Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton, and all of...


🎧 Cop Falsely Accused of Murder Speaks Up

SPECIAL REPORT: St. Louis Cop falsely accused of murder speaks up. Officer Jason Stockley a St Louis Police Officer shot an armed narcotics suspect in 2011. Years after being cleared by his department and the U. S. Department of Justice he was arrested and charged with MURDER. Hear his incredible story of politically motivated persecution in his interview with Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton.