Being an independent mortgage broker can feel like you’re facing big retail banks all alone. Why not learn from industry experts who have already forged the path? Join JP Hussey, Broker/Owner of the Hussey Team, as he goes in-depth about the business with industry experts and AIME members every Tuesday. Sit back, relax, and benefit from the insights you’ll need to further your breakthrough in the broker channel!

Being an independent mortgage broker can feel like you’re facing big retail banks all alone. Why not learn from industry experts who have already forged the path? Join JP Hussey, Broker/Owner of the Hussey Team, as he goes in-depth about the business with industry experts and AIME members every Tuesday. Sit back, relax, and benefit from the insights you’ll need to further your breakthrough in the broker channel!


Philadelphia, PA


Being an independent mortgage broker can feel like you’re facing big retail banks all alone. Why not learn from industry experts who have already forged the path? Join JP Hussey, Broker/Owner of the Hussey Team, as he goes in-depth about the business with industry experts and AIME members every Tuesday. Sit back, relax, and benefit from the insights you’ll need to further your breakthrough in the broker channel!






How to Create an Unforgettable Client Experience (with Brendan McKay) – Episode 24

According to Brendan McKay from McKay Mortgage, the client experience should be as seamless as possible. As a newer Broker/Owner, Brendan focuses on utilizing his background in operations and underwriting to gather any information needed from the borrower in advance to be able to structure their deal and take as much pressure off of them as possible. It’s important to Brendan to always stay in front of any potential problems in order to proactively solve them quickly for each client. Tune in...


Generating Leads Using Data-Driven Strategies (with Ramon Walker) – Episode 23

From starting in I.T. to becoming a Broker/Owner, Ramon Walker of Mount Diablo Lending has utilized his analytical background to take his business directly to the top. As one of the top-producing loan originators in the country, Ramon combines his knowledge of data analytics and technology to help generate leads for his loan officers and turn more leads into clients. According to Ramon, it’s all about taking that extra step and continuously educating yourself about the industry in order to...


Live from AIME Activate (with JP Hussey & Jason Frazier) – Episode 22

What steps are you taking to better your marketing efforts? Sit down with our host JP Hussey, featuring Jason Frazier from CF Wholesale, as they chat with some of the most passionate mortgage professionals in the business live from the AIME Activate event. You’ll gather insights regarding what it takes to strengthen relationships with clients and real estate partners, learn effective marketing techniques and benefit from their personal success stories from within the wholesale mortgage...


How to Build Relationships with Real Estate Agents (with Josh Lewis) – Episode 21

As a mortgage industry veteran, Josh Lewis from BuyWise Mortgage has been in the business for a long time. He’s accumulated over 20 years of knowledge and utilizes his experience to inform borrowers to help them find the best deals possible and ease their homebuying experiences. As Josh mentions in the podcast episode, what makes your business successful is focusing on the client and working hard every day to give them top-notch service. Tune in to hear about the importance of establishing...


Establishing Trust to Increase Client Retention (with Lisa Lund & Matt Oliver) – Episode 20

Lisa Lund and Matt Oliver, the dynamic duo behind Lund Mortgage, are reinventing the industry one loan at a time. On top of raising a family, living together and keeping up with a high volume business, they strive to build a brand that directly aligns with their personal beliefs and creates a memorable experience for clients. According to Matt and Lisa, it’s important to focus not on the amount of money you’re making from each transaction, but the level of service you’re providing to every...


Defining Your Personal Brand as a Loan Officer (with Matt Gougé) – Episode 19

What are you doing to build a positive reputation? As stated by Matt Gougé, Loan Officer at Answer Home Loans, it’s all about creating a memorable name for yourself within the mortgage industry and establishing relationships that will lead to referrals from your clients and real estate partners. In this episode, Matt discusses how working as an independent mortgage broker revolves around serving the client at the highest level. Whether you’re acting as a mortgage advisor or originating a...


Understanding the Benefits of Social Media (with Ben Lavender) – Episode 18

How are you utilizing social media to help grow your mortgage broker business? The British Mortgage Broker, Ben Lavender from Affordable Financial Services, sat down with our host, J.P. Hussey, to discuss his successes toward generating thousands of leads per month, and his process for always staying in front of his consumers. According to Ben, connecting and engaging with consumers is the most effective way to build your business within the broker world. In this episode, you’ll learn that...


Utilizing Debt to Create Wealth For Consumers (with Chris Griffith) – Episode 17

From the Marine Corps to Broker/Owner, Chris Griffith of Debt Does Deals shares with our host, JP Hussey, his passion to become an advocate for veterans in the mortgage industry, and educate consumers about the benefits of purchasing a home to create wealth for their families. He strives to focus on providing each client with the highest and best service possible, and implementing his core values into his work to do right by each person he serves. According to Chris, consumers will remember...


The Road to Becoming a Mortgage Marketing Expert (with Ryan Ehler) – Episode 16

How are you playing your strengths to help grow the success of your business? Marketing aficionado, Ryan Ehler from Ehler Lending Team, stopped by to chat with our host, JP Hussey, about how he takes his passion for content creation and social media to forge a reputable brand within his community. Whether it’s creating one-of-a-kind t-shirts or branding himself as the bow-tie guy, the Ehler team focuses on staying top of mind with their consumers by delivering the content they want to see....


How Communicating Your Value Leads to Success (with Stacy Catmull & David Monson) – Episode 15

As stated by David Monson and Stacy Catmull from Altius Mortgage, the key to success is providing your database with a marketable reason to entice customers to connect with your company. Whether you’re recruiting new talent for your team, bringing in business with referrals or communicating with realtor partners, it’s essential to fully develop the value proposition being presented by your company. Our host, JP Hussey, takes a dive not only into the importance of business development but...


How to Successfully Produce Loans as a One-Man Shop (with Todd Bitter) – Episode 14

After 25 years of successfully navigating the mortgage industry, Todd Bitter from JKS Mortgage sat down with our host, JP Hussey, to share his insights on originating loans from beginning to end as a one-man shop. Todd instills his motto with us reminding brokers that you don’t have to be everything for everyone, but you do need to find a system that works for you and stick to it religiously. It’s up to you to pass on loans that might not fit into the business model you’ve established, but...


The Key to Creating More Efficient Processes (with Chris Pell) – Episode 13

How quickly are your loans closing? According to Chris Pell, CEO of Garden State Home Loans, breaking down the process and figuring out better tactics is the key to becoming a more efficient business. As the wholesale mortgage broker channel rapidly advances, it’s important to remain educated on the latest technologies and establish trust with our employees in order to continually provide a reputable service for consumers. Put yourself in their shoes by thinking about how to create an ideal...


Building Long-Lasting Client Relationships (with Skylar Welch & Tori Doucette) – Episode 12

What value are you providing your clients? Skylar Welch and Tori Doucette from Acadia Lending Group discuss the importance of nurturing your business relationships and acting as a never-ending resource in a client’s life with our host, JP Hussey. It’s all about providing a seamless experience for every party involved in the transaction to gain trust and form quality personal connections between yourself, the borrower, and realtor partners. Your mindset as an independent mortgage broker needs...


Preparing for Success in 2020 by Building a Scalable Business (with Anthony Casa) – Episode 11

In a continuously evolving industry, it’s essential to create a mindset that focuses on investing in the future and recruiting a high quality team. AIME Chairman, Anthony Casa, explores in-depth the challenges of building two successful companies within the last decade and stabilizing volume by creating scalable processes to avoid burning out with our host, JP Hussey. Anthony shares his insights for how brokers working in any market can goal set for 2020 and grow their businesses more...


Utilizing Your Resources To Build A Successful Business (with Isabel Williams) – Episode 10

How invested are you prepared to be in your business? Isabel Williams of We Save Loans discusses the level of responsibility and dedication that is required in order to build a successful company from the ground up with AIME Chairman, Anthony Casa. In this special edition episode, we’ll learn the importance of setting realistic expectations and finding the right people to help you excel as a new independent mortgage broker. Becoming a brokerage owner is similar to caring for a baby, and we...


The Benefits of Leading With An Entrepreneurial Mindset (with Jason Sharon) – Episode 9

From the beginning, Jason Sharon of Home Loans Inc. has exemplified his ability to be a natural-born leader in all aspects of his career. Throughout his journey, he’s owned other businesses and served many years in the US Navy, but nothing could prepare him for the challenges of diving headfirst into the mortgage broker channel. Even though Jason is still new to the industry, he discusses his unique business strategies, marketing like crazy, and understanding that our employees are the...


Building a Solid Foundation for a Successful Business (with Scott Schang) – Episode 8

Description: As a mortgage industry veteran, Scott Schang co-owner of BuyWise Mortgage has seen the highs and lows of the broker business since the beginning. Throughout his career, he’s remained extremely proactive staying versed on all industry trends helping him launch a personal website providing insightful knowledge about everything from mortgages to student loans which generate thousands of views per month. Scott reminds us that it’s important to consistently evolve with consumers, and...


Solidifying Your Core Values Within The Mortgage Industry (with Jim Black) -Episode 7

All About Jim (2:28) Work Life Balance (9:52) Mortgage Business Timeline (15:46) Building His Team (29:16) Marketing/Branding (31:56) Producing & Struggles (38:31) Future Of The Industry (49:00) Advice To Brokers (52:38)


Achieving the Perfect Balance Between Work and Play (with Shelby Elias) – Episode 6

Introducing Shelby Elias (2:10) Support Staff & Scaling Your Business (14:51) Looking at Numbers in Terms of Paying Employees (17:19) Company Break Down (20:40) Work-Life Balance (25:02) Referral Partner Relationships (32:16) Change in The Industry (37:00) Future for Independent Mortgage Brokers (47:39) Shelby’s Advice (47:39)


The Grind of an Independent Mortgage Broker Never Stops (with Brett Weiss) – Episode 5

w hard did the industry crash in 2008 hit your mortgage brokerage? It’s imperative to continuously try new things, and figure out ways to be different as an independent mortgage broker.