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District 8 Councilman Brandon Coan talks with elected officials and other community leaders about how government works for its citizens, and issues that affect the Highlands area of Louisville, Kentucky.

District 8 Councilman Brandon Coan talks with elected officials and other community leaders about how government works for its citizens, and issues that affect the Highlands area of Louisville, Kentucky.
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District 8 Councilman Brandon Coan talks with elected officials and other community leaders about how government works for its citizens, and issues that affect the Highlands area of Louisville, Kentucky.




Episode 24: Chris Burba

Councilman Coan and new Highland Middle School Principal Chris Burba discuss community schools, their Town-and-Gown Hall Meeting event and all that HMS has to offer.


Episode 23: Kelley Dearing Smith

Councilman Coan and Kelley Dearing-Smith of the Louisville Water Company discuss the best investment the city ever made!


Episode 22: Theresa Reno Weber

Councilman Coan and Theresa Reno-Weber (President & CEO of the Metro United Way) nerd out over social service providers, government efficiency and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.


Episode 21: Angela Leet

Councilman Brandon Coan sits down with Councilwoman Angela Leet to reflect on her four years working in Metro Council District 7.


Episode #20: Stephen George

Councilman Coan sits down with Stephen George, President of Louisville Public Media, to discuss local election results, and the importance of local journalism.


Episode 19: Aja Barber & Monica Leslie

Councilman Coan sits down with Aja Barber and Monica Leslie from The Center For Health Equity to discuss "Our Money Our Voice", the new participatory budgeting project for Districts 6 and 8 in Louisville, Kentucky.


Episode 18: Ryan Quarles

A discussion with Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles about agriculture in downtown Louisville.


Episode 17: Dan Mann

Brandon sits down with Dan Mann, the new Executive Director of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority, to discuss future plans for Louisville's airspace.


Episode 16: Mo McKnight Howe & Joe Herron

Councilman Coansits down to discuss future plans for two of Louisville's most iconic neighborhoods: The highlands and Butchertown.


Episode 15: Layla George - Olmsted Parks

Layla George, President and CEO of Olmsted Parks Conservancy, discusses updates, budgets, and future plans for Louisville's Olmsted Parks.


Episode 14 - Tina Ward Pugh: Advocating for Women in Louisville

Tina Ward Pugh is hard to miss. She's a brilliant presence, with her bright colored clothing and bracelets that jingle when she speaks. She's hard to miss, too, because she's been advocating for women in Louisville for decades now. A former social worker, District 9 Councilwoman, and Hillary Clinton campaigner, she now works for metro government's Office for Women. Councilman Coan talks with her about her new job, and how the Office will continue their mission of empowering women in our...


Episode 13 - Jeff Brown: Where All Roads Lead

That's the number Jeff Brown and his team at Public Works waits for. Every road in Louisville - all 4500 lane miles - is ranked from 0 to 100, in terms of quality and need for repair. Once a road reaches 55, it's in need of attention. Roads go through natural life cycles, so not all roads will be perfect at the time - but Jeff and his team strive to make sure all roads (and sidewalks, and bike lanes) are as close to cared for as possible. He and Councilman Coan talk through District 8 road...


Episode 12 - Food and Place: Lindsey McClave

Food writer. World traveler. Courier-Journal restaurant critic. Proud District 8 resident. That's how Louisville resident and life-long Kentuckian Lindsey McClave describes herself. In this episode of Eight More Miles, she joins Councilman Coan to talk about our city's food scene, her favorite restaurants in the Highlands, and how food has the power to both create - and connect people to - a sense of place. Read more about Lindsey and her food adventures here: http://www.lindseymcclave.com/


Episode 11 - Barbara Sexton Smith: A Tale of Two Louisvilles

After a successful corporate career, a period of loss, and raising millions of dollars for local nonprofits and arts organizations, Barbara Sexton Smith never expected to hold elected office. But now that she's Councilwoman for District 4, it's easy to see that her experiences outside of government make her the best person for the job. District 4 is home to both economically challenged neighborhoods and some of the most expensive development projects in the city. It's this dichotomy that...


Episode 10 - Tyler Allen & JC Stites: Louisville On The Go

This episode is all about how Louisvillians get around - and a little bit about how they don't. And who better to talk about transportation in our city than Tyler Allen, architect of 8664, and JC Stites, longtime transportation advocate and TARC board member? They join Councilman Coan to talk about the continued debate of the Louisville Light Rail, how transportation creates a sense of place, and how it affects the quality of life in our city - for both better and worse. For more information...


Episode 9 - Dr. Tom Owen: Louisville Past & Present

Dr. Tom Owen has been many things. An archivist at University of Louisville for 43 years, a husband for over 50, and most importantly - to this podcast, anyway - a civil servant for over 25. Dr. Owen is the former councilman for District 8, retiring just 2 years ago, when Councilman Coan took over. Many folks in District 8 miss Dr. Owen, but if you're one of them, never fear! You can listen to him talk here about his service throughout the years, his forthcoming book about of U of L's...


Episode 8 - Mike Rutherford: Sports As Community & Identity

Louisville sports is more than just a game; it's an identity, and one that's embedded into Louisville residents from a very young age. Councilman Coan sits down with sports journalist Mike Rutherford, a Louisville native and law school dropout who started Louisville sports blog Card Chronicle, now owned by SB Nation and Vox Media. Together, they talk about the potential of sports - and endeavors like the new Louisville FC stadium - to both build community within our city, as well elevate the...


Episode 7 - Dr. Chris Kolb & Jefferson County Public Schools

School policy is an oft-discussed topic, especially for a district that has over 170 schools, 101,000 students, and a multi-billion dollar budget. Dr. Chris Kolb, one of the newest members of the Jefferson County Public Schools board, talks with Councilman Coan about the unique challenges of an urban school district and how the district works with metro government.


Episode 6 - Major Aubrey Gregory, LMPD Fifth Division

Major Aubrey Gregory is the brand new commander of the Louisville Metro Police Department's Fifth Division, which includes the Highlands, Crescent Hill, and the Irish Hill neighborhoods, among many others. Though overall crime is down in the Fifth Division and across the city, Major Gregory says the opioid crisis continues to contribute to higher rates of burglaries, arrests, and medical emergencies in the Fifth Division - though he also says the LMPD can't arrest their way out of the...


Episode 5 - Phillip M. Bailey: Metro Council & The Media

The relationship between government and media is the bedrock of democracy. Here, Councilman Coan about that relationship with the Courier-Journal's Metro Government reporter, Philip Bailey. They also talk about how government can be more transparent with the media, what it really means to be "off the record," and what makes a story newsworthy.