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A show about the people behind environmental protection in China. In-depth interviews on urgent topics, new ideas, and innovative solutions from professionals in the environmental field in China. Produced in collaboration with the Beijing Energy Network.

A show about the people behind environmental protection in China. In-depth interviews on urgent topics, new ideas, and innovative solutions from professionals in the environmental field in China. Produced in collaboration with the Beijing Energy Network.
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A show about the people behind environmental protection in China. In-depth interviews on urgent topics, new ideas, and innovative solutions from professionals in the environmental field in China. Produced in collaboration with the Beijing Energy Network.




God Made the Country, and Man Made the Town

We sit down to talk about the recent history and far future of urban planning and design in China and worldwide with Sebastian Ibold, Project Director for the project Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport, GIZ. Sebastian has a rich past life as a consultant on urban planning issues and consulting in Asia, and his current work relates to rethinking urban mobility, shaping the city around an integration of the needs of users, technology, and sustainability. At the end of the...


Plant-Forward and Backward in China

As the way China eats transforms, food activism and education are rising to address these changes. This week’s episode of Environment China collaborates with Erwin Li of Chewing the Fat, a podcast from Yale’s sustainable food program, to interview Zhou Wanqing about her research and grassroots organizing in China. Starting with an overview of the country’s food system, we then discuss the ways Chinese people have historically eaten, and what this means for a trend like a plant-forward diet....


Will China Save the Planet?

With the U.S. announcing its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and China now embracing the concept of global climate governance, it’s easy to forget that 20 years ago, discussion of climate change in China was almost nonexistent. One person particularly well-placed to reflect on China’s transformation into a purported environmental hero is Barbara Finamore, founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s China Program and author of the book Will China Save the Planet?....


Live from the Bookworm! The biggest environmental stories of 2018

Environment China is back from hibernation with a series of new interviews! First up, today’s episode was recorded live at the Beijing Bookworm International Literary Festival. It was an honor to be invited back for the second year in a row to host a panel about the biggest stories coming out of China’s energy and environmental field over the past year. Our producer and host Lili Pike moderates a panel with three expert guests: Ma Tianjie, Managing Editor of chinadialogue Beijing; Alvin Lin,...


Summer Break 2018!

You may be wondering, "Hey! Why has my Environment China feed been so quiet recently!?". Well, we are taking an end-of-summer break. We'll be back in one to two months with new episodes, and some exciting news about future developments with our podcast. In the meantime, enjoy past episodes from our library, check out other China-focused podcasts online, or... consider joining our all-volunteer Environment China podcast team. Email us at environmentchina@outlook.com if you are in Beijing and...



马天杰,中外对话北京运营副主编。加入中外对话之前,他担任绿色和平中国大陆项目总监。他于2009年取得美利坚大学国际环境政策硕士学位。他的英文博客Panda Paw, Dragon Claw (中文名:萌猛哒) 致力于从主流媒体以外的视角去记录和分析中国海外投资的足迹。 如果您有兴趣关注中外对话,请登录中外对话官网 https://www.chinadialogue.net/ 如果您有兴趣阅读Panda Paw, Dragon Claw 博客, 请点击 https://pandapawdragonclaw.blog/ Ma Tianjie is Beijing Managing Editor of chinadialogue. Before joining chinadialogue, he was Greenpeace's Program Director for Mainland China. He holds a master’s degree in environmental policy from American University, Washington...


LIVE Episode! "Podcasting in the 'Jing"

This week, we have a special episode that was recorded LIVE in Beijing at an event on July 5th. Environment China hosted an evening panel discussion on the growing trend of podcasting and podcasters in Beijing. We were joined by hosts and producers from four relatively new Beijing-produced podcasts, including: Zhang Ya Jun from the Wo Men podcast, John Artman from the China Tech Talk podcast, Brendan Davis from the Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom podcast, and our own Noah Lerner from...



“十三五”煤控目标如何实现,“一带一路”建设如何促进绿色发展,是目前中国能源环境问题的两个重要焦点。华北电力大学袁家海教授作为电力经济和电力低碳转型的专家,从电力发展的角度就以上问题开展了深度研究。在这期节目中,袁教授将通过实地调研案例,与我们分享他在 “十三五”电力行业控煤政策研究以及“一带一路”绿色电力合作研究中的发现。如果希望进一步阅读相关研究成果,可以在网络上搜索《持续推进电力改革 提高可再生能源消纳》,下载这份报告。 Our guest this episode is Professor Yuan Jiahai from North China Electric Power University, an expert in electric power development and its low carbon transition. During the past few years, Prof. Yuan has done extensive research on how China's electric power development is...


Can Blockchain be Green?

In today’s episode, we check the millennial box and take a look at blockchain -- and its energy implications. Alarming headlines came out earlier this year charting the rising energy consumption of Bitcoin and tracing the majority of its mining operations back to China. We are joined by Sophie Lu, head of China Research at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, who has written a report on the topic. She describes why Bitcoin mining consumes so much electricity, why it is taking place in China, and...


左手科研 右手实践——中国生态保护的草根创变者

在国际NGO“野生动植物保护国际”负责具体的研究项目几年之后,木兰科植物研究者赵兴峰和灵长类动物研究者宋晴川认为对动植物的保护比起研究更加紧迫。随着中国生态文明建设的不断深入,兴峰和晴川与几个志同道合的朋友共同创立了社会企业“大戟自然”,希望利用自己的科研背景、国际NGO的工作经验以及商业化的模式,为中国大大小小的自然保护地提供管理运营的解决方案。如果希望进一步了解大戟自然,可以关注“大戟自然”的微信公众号。 Our guests for this episode are Song Qingchuan and Zhao Xingfeng, who are both researcher-turned-social entrepreneurs in ecological protection. After working in international NGOs on special research projects for a few years, Song and Zhao decided to make the change and be the change...


Turning Smog into Diamonds: Environmental Art in China

What if we could turn smog into diamonds? This seemingly far-fetched idea is actually not so far from reality: a Dutch designer recently installed a tower in one of Beijing's most well-known art districts which does exactly that. While the installation is more art than long-term pollution solution, what if the growing movement of pollution-focused art in China could influence policy and the way that environmental issues are regulated, thus posing scalable impacts? We sit down with Dr....



在良好的环境中工作、生活,是我们每个人都应当享有的权利。当环境污染侵害到了我们正常工作和生活的权益,我们可以通过法律途径要求污染者停止污染,向他们获取赔偿,维护自己的权益。然而,不具备环境法律权益知识的污染受害弱势群体,是否会被剥夺通过法律维护自身权益的权利?今天做客环境中国播客的嘉宾,中国政法大学王灿发教授,几十年来除了在环境法领域不断深耕,也致力于用自己的知识服务于社会大众,提高公众的环境维权意识,维护污染受害者的环境权益。他于1998年创立了全国第一家免费向污染受害者提供法律帮助的民间环保组织,并于1999年开通了污染受害者法律帮助热线,目前已经帮助700多起污染案件受害者向法院提起诉讼。希望了解更多污染受害者法律帮助中心,可以微信搜索“环境法律帮助”,关注他们的公众号。 We all have a right to work and live in a healthy environment. When pollution impedes this right, legal measures can be taken on behalf of victims....


How to be Zero Waste in China

Meet Joe and Carrie, the couple spreading the zero waste gospel in China. The dynamic duo opened the first zero waste store, “The Bulk House”, in China this year, selling products to help others live the zero waste lifestyle they adhere to. In today’s episode, they walk us through a day in the life of a zero waster - guiding us through everything from how to eat without waste to the world of eco-friendly toothbrushes and toilet paper. They also reflect on their choice to start a business...



过去几年来越来越多的人讨论或参与生态旅行,但什么才是真正的负责任旅行呢?罗鹏是倡导负责任旅行企业生地行的创始人。过去五年来,她坚持自然教育,认为保护自然在于行动和育人。她为在城市生活的小朋友提供亲近自然、深入动植物保护地的机会,同时还为偏远保护区的少数民族文化保护与传承、农村经济发展等提供了良性循环、多方受益的解决方案。如果想了解更多有关生地行的故事,可以关注微信公众号ecoaction。 Our guest for this episode is LUO Peng, founder of EcoAction, a responsible travel advocate. Peng has shared with us many of her stories of bring young Chinese urban dwellers to protected areas in rural and remote China, not only exposing them to nature and animals, but more importantly planting...


Legal Weapons in China’s War on Pollution

In 2016, eight companies that had dumped untreated waste in the Tengger Desert were sued by NGOs. China’s Supreme People’s Court ruled that a lower court in Ningxia was liable to accept the case, and the decision eventually resulted in an environmental restoration bill worth about 91 million USD. Cases like this illustrate how courts are becoming a key battlefield in China’s so-called 'war on pollution' — but when and how did this shift take place? And beyond courtrooms, what other legal...



水质问题尤其是农村地区的水质问题一直都是大家关注的焦点,然而这些问题到底是什么,是什么引起的,带来了什么影响,如何去解决是千村千面,各不相同的。任晓媛和她创立的MyH2O水信息平台希望倡导公民科学意识,通过在地大学生、环保社团、返乡青年和当地居民等进行实地调研,了解问题,搭建水质信息平台,为农村对接饮水安全资源,至今已集结各地团队走入近千村庄收集水安全信息。如果希望进一步了解晓媛的水信息平台,可以关注微信公众号MyH2O。 Our guest for this episode is Xiaoyuan “Charlene” Ren, founder of MyH2O - Water Information Network, a platform that collects information on drinking water status in rural areas across China. Charlene believes that citizen science is the way to go, so her team, together with...


Conserving Water Along China's Old Silk Road

Over 600 million Chinese people live in water-stressed regions. And perhaps nowhere are China's water challenges more acute than in the dusty farm-town regions of Xinjiang, along China's old Silk Road. This episode follows a 2000-year journey to hear the water conservation story of one town, Turpan, from an ancient underground canal system ("karez"), to a paradoxical modern irrigation effort that only exacerbated water table depletion, to a complete rethink of how communities can conserve...


Healthy Diet, Healthy Planet

Solar panels and wind turbines are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of solutions to climate change. A less prominent but equally critical solution is adopting a plant-based diet. Studies show that the meat industry contributes 15% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Our guest today, Peggy Liu, is the founder of the Joint U.S.-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (JUCCCE), a Shanghai-based environmental non-profit. She also serves on the board of Project Drawdown, a...



在中国,野生动物保护和生物多样性保护越来越引起人们的重视。然而在开展动物保护的同时,我们更需要做的是保护动物的栖息地,只有保护动物赖以生存的生态环境系统不被破坏,野生动物才能得以持续繁衍和生存。这意味着野生动物保护和生物多样性保护的工作需要各个环节的参与,包括专家学者、当地政府、志愿者团体以及当地社区,甚至还有远在城市的我们。今天做客环境中国播客的嘉宾是中国科学院动物研究所的解焱副研究员。她是中国生物多样性保护领域的知名专家,于2013年提出保护地友好的概念,并创立保护地友好体系,致力于探索一种将自然保护地、当地社区、各类组织机构和公众紧密联系起来的自然保护和经济发展相结合的模式,希望能在全国推广对保护地友好的生活、生产方式,有效保护自然资源和生物多样性,并在保证生态效益的前提下,使得经济、社会效益最大化。听众朋友可以关注www.baohudi.org,或者微信公众号baohudi了解更多相关信息。 Our guest for this episode is Xie Yan, associate research professor in the Institute of...


Treating Healthcare's Environmental Side Effects

Doctors abide by a millennia-old Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.” This oath usually refers to patient care, but today’s guest thinks the motto should extend to the environmental standards of the healthcare industry as well. Zhao Ang is the co-founder of Rock Energy and Environment Institute (REEI), a Chinese think tank that researches environment and climate issues. In the episode, he walks us through the impacts of healthcare on the environment from disposing the mercury thermometers...