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This is the smart, funny, and insightful podcast brothers have been waiting for.

This is the smart, funny, and insightful podcast brothers have been waiting for.
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This is the smart, funny, and insightful podcast brothers have been waiting for.






Ep. 6: Civil Rights Icon, Ambassador Andrew Young w/ Guest Chaka Zulu (Part 2 of 2)

In part two of our enlightening conversation with Andrew Young, we meet up with the legendary Co-Founder of Disturbing tha Peace Records, Chaka Zulu. The Civil Rights movement and Atlanta Hip Hop history collide as the men get personal and discuss self-care, self-applied stress, and facing death without fear.


Ep. 5: Civil Rights Icon, Ambassador Andrew Young (Part 1 of 2)

This week we’re in Atlanta with Civil Rights icon, former Atlanta Mayor, and wing man to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Andrew Young getting real...I mean REAL real as he talks about how black folks need to get out of their feelings when it comes to racism, why should focus on economics, economics, economics! And, his views on sports as a powerful platform for bringing the country together (Spoiler Alert: His views on Colin Kaepernick’s protest might surprise you). You’ve never heard Andrew...


Ep. 4: Social Entrepreneur, Aaron Walker

We create viral moments, social movements, innovative technology, and generational wealth. We are the culture. What if we all had the connections, capital, and power to bring our ideas to life? - To own and profit from our own creativity? Enter Aaron Walker, Founder, and CEO of Camelback Ventures. A social entrepreneur in the truest sense, Aaron creates capital connections for underrepresented entrepreneurs. In this episode, Aaron joins Shawn H. Wilson in the Men of Courage Barbershop to...


Ep. 3: Rapper, Big Sean

Big Sean talks to Shawn H. Wilson about “burn out” and the pressures of success, protecting your energy, turning losses into lessons, and why, for him, giving back is life. The millennial, multi-platinum selling artist is a global force to be reckoned with but back in his home city of Detroit, he is known as a homeboy, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.


Ep. 2: NBA Legend, Dave Bing

You better ask about him! NBA Hall of Famer, successful entrepreneur of a $300 million business, and former Detroit Mayor, Dave Bing is the ultimate triple threat. Check his stats. Bing drops gems on Shawn H. Wilson on the harsh realities of black entrepreneurship, the long-term value of a good moral character, and the key to good health and longevity (spoiler alert: good wine).


Ep. 1: New York Times Bestselling Author, Shaka Senghor

Convicted murderer turned New York Times Bestselling Author turned one of Oprah’s top five interviews of all time, Shaka Senghor is no joke. This brother has layers! Listen as Shaka sits down with Shawn H. Wilson for a transparent conversation on NOT allowing yourself to be defined by your worst moment, overcoming trauma while black, and the life-changing power of visualization. Pull up, this is a good one.


Ep. 0: Introducing the Men of Courage Podcast

The Men of Courage Podcast features an all-star group of black men spanning multiple generations, backgrounds, and life experiences sharing stories of triumph, struggle, and lessons learned. Recorded live from the Men of Courage Barbershop - rapper Big Sean, NBA Legend, Dave Bing, Bestselling Author, Shaka Senghor, and Civil Rights Icon, Andrew Young are among the starting lineup of brothers serving up the blueprint for success for black men in America.