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Legendary NYPD detective and private investigator Bo Dietl gives his unfiltered and uncensored take on true crime, issues of the day and New York City stories.

Legendary NYPD detective and private investigator Bo Dietl gives his unfiltered and uncensored take on true crime, issues of the day and New York City stories.
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Legendary NYPD detective and private investigator Bo Dietl gives his unfiltered and uncensored take on true crime, issues of the day and New York City stories.




Episode 55- The Spy Catcher - Eric O'Neill

Former FBI counterintelligence operative, security expert, speaker and author Eric O’Neill joins Bo and Carlo this week to discuss his new book "Gray Day" which details his work catching the notorious spy Robert Hanssen. He also speaks about current Cyber threats and what the US can do to prevent them. Support the show.


Episode 54- Bo the Influencer- Guest Chad Lopez

Chad Lopez, Vice President Market Manager of Cumulus New York joins Bo and Carlo this week to discuss the exciting new developments at WABC and the media landscape in general. Plus, Bo gives his take on current events and answers audience questions. As always, One Tough Podcast is the place to get the unvarnished truth! Support the show.


Episode 53- Back the Blue- Guest Patrick Toscano

Patrick Toscano, defense attorney and former prosecutor joins Bo and Carlo this week to discuss the high profile case of Newark Police Officer Jovanny Crespo. Officer Crespo has been indicted on manslaughter charges by the state of NJ for allegedly shooting and killing a man fleeing a traffic stop after a harrowing pursuit caught on his own body camera in January. Patrick and Bo discuss the real facts of what happened that night and why Officer Crespo's acts are not criminal and are instead...


Episode 52- Streets to Scholar- Louis Ferrante

Louis Ferrante, Author, Speaker and TV Host joins Bo and Carlo this week. Lou discusses growing up in Queens, and how he went down a wrong path, committing armed robberies as part of the Gambino crime family before being imprisoned. While in jail, Lou educated himself through reading and was able to appeal his case. Now free, he discusses how he became a bestselling author, motivational speaker and TV Host. Support the show.


Episode 51- The Real Deal

George Sorial, former EVP of The Trump Organization joins Bo and Carlo this week to discuss his new book, The Real Deal: My decade fighting wars and winning battles with Trump. He gives the audience a unique perspective on what it was like to work so closely with Donald Trump. Support the show.


Episode 50- The Boy from NYC- Guest Eytan Sugarman

Restaurant Entrepreneur Eytan Sugarman joins Bo and Carlo this week to discuss a lot of interesting topics. Eytan shares how he has known Bo since he was 14 years old, and how from a young age he was very entrepreneurial. He discusses how he got his start in the ultra competitive restaurant industry in New York City and what is takes to succeed. Eytan recently acquired the legendary White Horse Tavern and he tells some interesting stories regarding its history and his plans to continue its...


Episode 49 - Avery's Rules

In this episode Bo and Carlo are joined by NHL legend, actor and businessman Sean Avery. Sean discusses the current state of NYC, his memorable NHL career and his wide ranging, varied business interests such as fashion, NYC restaurants, films and publishing. Support the show.


Episode 48 - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Truth (John Stossel)

In this episode, Bo and Carlo are joined by legendary investigative reporter John Stossel. John discusses his career, how he got started in consumer reporting and how through his investigations his views on many issues have changed. Don’t miss this one. Support the show.


Episode 47 - ARCHIVES: Now Youse Can't Leave (Chazz Palminteri)

This Week on One Tough Podcast Bo and Carlo replay one of their favorite interviews with a true legend in the entertainment industry, Actor, Producer, Writer, and Director Chazz Palminteri. Chazz tells the guys about growing up in the bronx around wise guys and how he managed to stay out of trouble and on a path to success! you do not want to miss this episode! Support the show.


Episode 46- The Picture- Guest Ira Rosen

This week Bo and Carlo are joined by award winning journalist and producer of 60 Minutes, Ira Rosen. Ira talks about how he got into journalism and some very interesting stories that he's covered. Ira discusses some firsthand knowledge of conspiracy theories and some other wild tales he's accumulated over his long and fascinating career. Don't miss this episode! Support the show.


Episode 45- Living Like A Doctor- Joey Diaz

In this long anticipated episode, Bo and Carlo sit down with comedian, actor and podcaster Joey "Coco" Diaz. Bo and Joey discuss growing up in the NY area. Joey describes his early life struggles and how he overcame many problems to become a successful comedian through hard work and grit. You don't want to miss this one! Support the show.


Episode #44- Justice is Blind- Guest Joe Tacopina

This week Bo and Carlo are joined by highly sought after criminal defense attorney Joe Tacopina. Joe discusses how he got interested in law, his work as a prosecutor and some of his high profile cases. Joe and Bo discuss criminal justice reform, the Meek Mill case as well as some other legal dramas playing out in the media currently and Joe weighs in with his expert opinion. Support the show.


Episode #43- No Secret to Success- Guest Anthony Scaramucci

This week, Bo and Carlo are joined by Anthony Scaramucci. Anthony is an American entrepreneur, he is the founder and co-managing partner of SkyBridge Capital as well as founder of the Salt Conference. Anthony gives his expert opinion on the state of the economy, politics and media. Don’t miss this episode! Support the show.


Episode #42- A Slice Of Life- Guest Frank Pinello

This Week Bo and Carlo are joined by Frank Pinello, Frank is the owner and operator of the highly rated Best Pizza in Willliamsburg, Brooklyn as well as the host of Viceland's "The Pizza Show". Frank discusses how growing up in Brooklyn in an Italian family as well as his training at the Culinary Institute of America led him to success the world of pizza both in New York and abroad. Frank discusses his approach to ingredients, ovens and his travels all throughout the world in search of the...


Episode #41- Don't Worry,Call Murray- Guest Murray Richman

This week Bo sits down with legendary criminal defense attorney Murray Richman. Murray and Bo discuss the pros and cons of criminal justice reform and Murray educates the audience on the process of a criminal defense case. Murray also tells many colorful stories of his past work successfully defending alleged members of organized crime and rappers in high profile cases. Support the show.


Episode #40 - White Lines- Guest Rick Ross

This week Bo sits down with "Freeway" Rick Ross. Rick is an author, entrepreneur and activist who was formerly a drug kingpin in South Central LA in the 80s. At it's maximum, Rick's organization was making $3 million dollars a day. Rick chronicles his rise, fall and re-rise. He discusses how he went from an illiterate teenager, to a multimillionaire, to maximum security prison and his work now traveling across the country speaking to youth, standing up for criminal justice reform and...


Episode #39 - Guest Sean Hannity

This week Bo and Carlo speak with Sean Hannity in a rare interview. Sean discusses his blue collar upbringing and how he was able to use his hard work ethic to succeed and rise to the most watched host on cable news. Sean also brings new information to light on some issues that are not often reported in other news outlets. Later, Bo and Carlo discuss current events going on in NYC. Support the show.


Episode #38 - Flatlands

This week Bo and Carlo are joined by Joe and Timothy DiMarco. Joe and Tim are two attorneys who are developing a TV series called Flatlands. The show is about the notorious Roy DeMeo crew of the Gambino Family. The creators talk about both the challenging process of getting a TV show made as first time auteurs as well as the research they undertook and the real life stories of the characters depicted in the show. Support the show.


Episode #37 - Bo's Podium

In this episode, Bo and Carlo discuss some big news stories including Michael Cohen's testimony in front of Congress. Bo analyzes and discusses the big story and offers his firsthand experiences with Michael Cohen and Donald Trump giving a glimpse into this dynamic from over 10 years of personal knowledge. Also, Bo talks about some other major issues in the news around NY and the world. Follow the show on twitter at @onetoughpodcast and e-mail all questions and comments to...


Episode #36 - Guest Curtis Sliwa

In this episode, Bo and Carlo debut on their new platform the OG Podcast Network. The guest for this episode is Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels and media broadcaster. Curtis speaks about his history as an anti-crime activist and the origin story of the Guardian Angels. He also tells the pulse-pounding tale of his kidnapping and attempted murder by the Gambino crime family. Follow the show on twitter at @onetoughpodcast and e-mail all questions and comments to...