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The region’s only radio show tackling policy and politics, this program delivers an entertaining, thought-provoking and hard-hitting look into Orange County’s political and policy world.

The region’s only radio show tackling policy and politics, this program delivers an entertaining, thought-provoking and hard-hitting look into Orange County’s political and policy world.
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The region’s only radio show tackling policy and politics, this program delivers an entertaining, thought-provoking and hard-hitting look into Orange County’s political and policy world.




The California Water Fix - Part Two

Since it looks like the California Water Fix - or two tunnels - will be built in two phases, it makes sense that we present our podcast on the California Water Fix in two parts. In the second part of our two-parter you'll hear from MET Director Larry Dick, MWDOC Director Megan Yoo Schneider, Huntington Beach Councilwoman Barbara Delgleize and IRWD Director and Association of California Water Agencies Vice President Steve LaMar. Is the California Water Fix worth $4 or $5 per month on your...


The California Water Fix - Part One

The Association of California Cities Orange County hosted a breakfast with water leaders from throughout the county and throughout the region and The City Square was there. What is the California Water Fix? Will it really provide more water reliability? What other water solutions are Orange County water leaders looking at? We answer those questions and more in Part One of our two-parter on water as we recorded live from Newport Beach at the ACC-OC California Water Fix Summit.


The Pension Tsunami off of OC's Coast

Take cover! The pension tsunami is looming right off of Orange County's coast! But it's not enough to go inland - every California city is at risk. If we aren't careful, we'll soon be paying more for those who have retired from public agencies than we're paying for those working at public agencies. Cities find their hands tied by the politics of Sacramento, but there are still options on the table for local leaders. Tune in this week as we speak to Diane Dixon, City Councilwoman from Newport...


Great Scott Tree Services

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today! In our first podcast of 2018 we interview Scott Griffiths of Great Scott Tree Services about how important trees are to the health and beauty of our communities. The challenges of keeping trees pruned and healthy. When to trim. How to trim. The impact of a nasty little bug called the shot-hole borer. The affect of drought and of too much rain. And Scott talks about how his business has gone from one chainsaw and a...


A look back at 2017 / A look ahead to 2018

In our last podcast of the year we hear from ACC-OC's President and Garden Grove Mayor Steve Jones along with ACC-OC CEO Heather Stratman on the important issues the Association tackled in 2017 and the challenges that lie ahead in 2018. Plus a rousing rendition of "Orange You Glad We Asked?" where we find out that Steve Jones may not be the most famous Steve to come from Garden Grove. Who is? You'll have to tune in this week to find out. From all of us at The City Square, have a wonderful...


OC Food Banks Help the Needy All Year Long

Both Nicole Suydam of the Second Harvest Food Bank and Mark Lowry of the Community Action Partnership are there all year long to help those in need. You might be surprised to hear that one out of six children in Orange County have food insecurities. And these non-profit organizations help families in every zip code in the County - even wealthier areas like Newport Beach, Villa Park and San Clemente. What are some of their biggest challenges? And how can you...


Are automated vehicles in our future?

What does the future of transportation look like? The way technology is advancing, it will likely include automated vehicles. So does that mean you can catch up on some shuteye while your car zips you around to work or back home? Probably not in the near future, but then again who would've thought we'd have a computer we can make phone calls with in our pocket 25 years ago? The tech moves fast, but the City Square moves faster. Today we talk to two leading experts in the field about the...


The challenges behind regulating Sober Living Homes

Sober Living Homes are springing up in residential communities throughout Orange County. Yet our local elected leaders have legal limitations to regulate these businesses due to federal laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act. Laguna Niguel Councilwoman and ACC-OC Sober Living Homes chairwoman Laurie Davies and Malibu Councilman Lou LaMotte come into the City Square to discuss not only challenges, but potential solutions.


Catching Up with ACC-OC's Committee Chairs

Today we take a peek behind the curtain at ACC-OC and see all the work the various committees doing in terms of research, analysis and collaboration to help develop the policies that improve Orange County's quality of life. Today we speak with Tustin Councilman Al Murray who heads ACC-OC's Infrastructure and Technology Committee as well as La Habra Mayor Pro Tem Tim Shaw who leads the Legislative and Regulatory Committee. What are some of the state laws we need to be aware of? What is the...


Cybersecurity - Public Safety in the Cloud

Public safety is always a top priority for Orange County voters, but they may not realize they're more vulnerable on their computer or smart phone in public than they are from a mugger on the street. Criminals are lazy and if they can convince you to give them your personal information, they will take advantage. Today we talk to The County of Orange's IT cybersecurity expert Jacob Margolis and former Mission Viejo Mayor and technology expert Frank Ury about cybersecurity. How can we protect...


ACC-OC Goes To Washington

The Association of California Cities just got back from Washington DC and was able to meet with several Congressional Representatives and senior staff members of Senate offices and of the President's administration. Our local elected offiicals were able to discuss important community issues inluding transportation, homelessness, affordable housing and Community Development Block Grants. Also discussed was the federal roles in targeted areas like cannibas, sober living homes and drone...


Back to School with Inside the Outdoors

The bell has rung and everyone is back in school. But sometimes the best educational experiences occur outside the classroom. Today we talk about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with the leaders in outdoor education, Inside the Outdoors. A terrific public-private partnership, Inside the Outdoors receives donation funding and grant funding from private Orange County companies to get kids out of the classrooms and into places like Modjeska Canyon and the Bolsa Chica Wetlands....


Stay Connected with Small Cell Sites

Whether you're listening to this podcast on your commute to work, or on your treadmill, or while you're doing chores, there is probably a small cell site out there that helped you download it to your personal mobile device. Mobilitie helps make that happen, but it is a team effort to get it done. Ever look up and wonder what that "suitcase" is doing on a light pole or traffic signal? It's probably a small cell site that is becoming more and more important as we transmit more and more data...


Disaster Preparedness with the Red Cross and Ready OC

Would you know what to do if an earthquake or wildfire hit NOW? Do you have an escape plan? An emergency kit? Do you know where all your important papers are? Do you have a little cash on hand and - more importantly - some extra water and food? This week we speak with Red Cross CEO of the Western Region Linda Voss and the Director of Emergency Management at the County of Orange, Donna Boston. It may take many hours or even days for emergency responders to arrive in a mega-disaster so we need...


On the Road at the Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace

The United States' only California native President was from Orange County. This week we visit the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace and talk about the amazing renovations and revitalization that has gone on in Yorba Linda over the past few years. Our 37th President founded the EPA, created Title IX to give women athletes an opportunity at scholarships and navigated our nation through one of our most turbulent times in the late 60's and early 70's. Brian Lochrie interviews...


Senator Josh Newman and Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva

Hello, Newman! Today we welcome Senator Josh Newman and Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva into the City Square. We discuss their mutual passion for ensuring opportunities for our military veterans and the Orange County veteran cemetary being planned at the Great Park in Irvine. We also dive into SB1 - a.k.a. the Gas Tax - and talk to Senator Newman why he voted yes for this tax increase and we discuss the recall that is underway against Senator Newman and the reasons behind this effort.


La Habra Civic Center Grand Opening

It was a celebratory atmosphere in La Habra with the La Habra Highlanders Marching band playing as the City Council cut a red ribbon to officially open the city's new Civic Center! The City Square recorded live from the event and we spoke with the Mayor and several councilmembers about how this beautiful facility was made possible thanks to a public-private partnership land swap that saved significant City taxpayer dollars. Celebrate with us as we take the City Square on the road to La Habra!


Celebrating Independence Day Safely with TNT Fireworks

Whether it was writing your name in the air with a sparkler or watching your dad light the grand finale Big Bang fireworks display in your cul-de-sac, TNT Fireworks are as much a part of Independence Day as hot dogs and American flags. Now that the 4th of July is behind us, John Kelly of TNT Fireworks can finally relax, right? Well, not quite. Tune in to the City Square this week to learn about all TNT does to work with non-profits in our communities and the premium they put on safety.


Farm Fresh Fun at the OC Fair

OC Fair and Event Center CEO Kathy Kramer joins Brian on the City Square to talk about the upcoming annual Orange County Fair, which runs from July 14 to August 13. But did you know there are events at the Fairgrounds year-round? Heroes Hall, Centennial Farm, the Pacific Ampitheatre and so much more. And did you know the Fairgrounds used to be a military air base? Tune in to this week's show to learn more about Farm Fresh Fun at their year's fair.


Legal Issues Affecting Orange County Cities - Rutan & Tucker

Patrick Munoz, a partner at Rutan & Tucker, the oldest law firm in Orange County, joins the City Square to discuss various legal issues affecting Orange County today. We touch on homelessness, sober living homes, short-term rentals and the new public smoking ban in Laguna Beach. And how will one of the top attorneys in Orange County fare with our "Is It A Law" segment? Tune in to find out!