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How our senior US military commanders and senior ambassadors partner to advance US global interests and protect America. A project of the Una Chapman Cox Foundation in partnership with the American Academy of Diplomacy.

How our senior US military commanders and senior ambassadors partner to advance US global interests and protect America. A project of the Una Chapman Cox Foundation in partnership with the American Academy of Diplomacy.
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How our senior US military commanders and senior ambassadors partner to advance US global interests and protect America. A project of the Una Chapman Cox Foundation in partnership with the American Academy of Diplomacy.




Libya and The Responsibility to Protect: General Ham and Ambassador Cretz on US actions to protect the Libyan population from Quedaffi.

Former AFRICOM Commander General Ham and former Ambassador to Libya Cretz on the 2011 revolt in Libya, the decision to use US military force to protect civilians, the coalition and key partnerships.


Making 30,000 look like 300,000: EASTERN EUROPE. General Ben Hodges, Ambassador Steve Mull discuss expanding the U.S. military presence, Poland, negotiations, missile defense, burden sharing.

Former US Army Europe Commander Gen. Ben Hodges and Former US Ambassador to Poland, Amb. Steve Mull discuss their partnership to increase the US military presence in Poland & Eastern Europe after Russia invaded Ukraine. Diplomatic negotiations/ Public Affairs strategies/logistics/Russia/Kaliningrad/missile defense & burden sharing.


US Military, Diplomatic engagement with South Korea. General Skip Sharp and Ambassador Kathy Stephens on US force posture, North Korean 2010 attacks, sanctions, current negotiations.

General Skip Sharp, former commander of UN, US-ROK & US Forces South Korea and former Ambassador Kathy Stephens on their partnership during the period of high tension after the 2010 North Korean attacks; current US military posture and burden sharing; the effectiveness of sanctions; US military sales and current prospects for negotiations with North Korea.


Tending the Garden: US Interests in the Mediterranean. Admiral Michelle Howard and Ambassador David Pearce on Greece/Turkey, the 2015 Migrant Crisis, US Naval Operations and the Challenge of Russia

Admiral Michelle Howard, former US Naval Forces Europe & Africa, and former Ambassador to Greece David Pearce, discuss the European migrant crisis of 2015, US military and diplomatic engagement with Greece, Turkey and North Africa, NATO and the challenge of Russia.


Capacity and Capability: US Diplomatic and Military Operations in the Horn of Africa with Joint Task Force Djibouti Commander General Sonntag and Ambassador Thomas Kelly. Terrorism, Mission Protection, Evacuations, Refugees and the Challenge of China.

Former CJTF Commander General Sonntag and US Ambassador to Djibouti Thomas Kelly talk about their partnership to advance US interests in the Horn of Africa region through military operations and diplomatic engagement including: fighting terrorists, extremists and pirates, protecting and evacuating US embassies and US citizens (Yemen, Sudan), assisting refugees, working with our other allies and the challenge of the first Chinese base in Africa.


Tough times in Moscow: Former Ambassador to Russia John Tefft & former Defense Attache General McClintock on Embassy operations/access/Russian military modernization/Crimea/Ukraine/NATO & Syria.

Ambassador John Tefft and US Embassy Military Attache Bruce McClintock provide an unique view of U.S engagement inside Russia and the operational climate for the U.S.Embassy and Consulates. They discuss Russian military doctrine/objectives/perceptions of NATO/Crimea/Ukraine/Syria and how the “man on the street” view Americans.


Africa and Africom: How US Military & US Diplomats Work Together. General Kip Ward & Ambassador Mary Yates. 4/10/2018

The hard work of setting up the new US Military Command for AFRICA: General Kip Ward and Ambassador Mary Yates discuss how they got the phones to work, built a culturally sensitive multitalented team, dealt with skeptics, traveled the continent and expanded America’s military presence to boost US security.


SiriusXM POTUS interview with Eric Ham on Academy podcast series “The General and the Ambassador: A Conversation”

Ambassador Deborah McCarthy discusses the purpose and content of the General and Ambassador series with Eric Ham on SiriusXM POTUS show.


Haiti 2010 Earthquake: 40 Seconds that Changed Haiti Forever. Ambassador Merten and Lt. General Keen on Leading the U.S. Relief Effort and US Interests Today

Haiti: How senior US diplomatic and military leaders responded to the 2010 earthquake which killed over 200,000 people: The value of coordination, communication and relationships.


Iraq: Sharing Meals and Joint Leadership. Gen. Austin & Amb. Jeffrey on Managing the US Military Drawdown 2010-2011

Former Ambassador to Iraq Jeffrey & General Austin, former Commander US Forces Iraq, talk about their partnership in the field, the role of Iran, US Civ-Mil teams & lessons learned.


What are effective public affairs strategies and tactics for our military and our diplomats? A conversation with former senior spokespersons Rear Admiral John Kirby and Ambassador Michael Hammer

Former White House/Defense/State Department spokespersons Rear Admiral John Kirby & Ambassador Michael Hammer on media relations, being in the story and forming the narrative & ethics and credibility.


NATO: How US Military & US Diplomats Partnered on Russia/Ukraine & Disinformation. General Philip Breedlove & Ambassador Victoria Nuland. 2/24/18

General Philip Breedlove and Ambassador Victoria Nuland: Former SACEUR and EUCOM Commander Breedlove and former Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland talk about the strong bonds they forged working together on US actions to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s deception campaign, the benefits to the US of being in NATO, working on a Soviet fishing trawler, being a fighter pilot and much more.


Europe: The European Command & the Bang for the Buck of US Military Training in Europe. General Jack Gardner & Ambassador Kate Canavan. 2/16/18

General Jack Gardner and Ambassador Kate Canavan on US military and diplomatic work at the US European Command in Germany: why do we have troops in Europe? What does the US get out of training with other countries? Georgia/Russia/refugees/evacuations…. and lessons from living next door to chef Julia Child in Boston!


Latin America: How US Military & US Diplomats Partner. Drug Trafficking/Columbia/Venezuela. Admiral Jim Stavridis & Ambassador Bill Brownfield. 2/7/18

Admiral Jim Stavridis & Ambassador Bill Brownfield discuss the role of US military and diplomats Protecting America: Drug flows to the US/ US hostages/Colombia/Venezuela: Admiral Jim Stavridis & Ambassador Bill Brownfield discuss stemming the flow of cocaine to the US, the rescue of US hostages from 5 years of captivity, the transformation of Colombia and the dire situation in Venezuela today.


US Military & Diplomatic Leadership in Iraq: General David Petreaus & Ambassador Ryan Crocker. 12/20/17

General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker discuss their partnership in Iraq 2007-2008 during the surge campaign – as running buddies and political/military strategists. They review their bad cop/good cop approach and warn about Iran.