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Rock On, Rural America

In the 18th episode of the Holistic Housing Show, the NACCED team is joined by Housing Assistance Council (HAC) CEO David Lipsetz. A rural Midwesterner himself, David shares how HAC empowers some of America’s most impoverished rural communities to grow their capacity and thrive. Also discussed: how public policy incentivizes city living and urbanization, why rural and urban America need not be at odds, why USDA is in the housing business and why values like community and humility matter....


Contested City with Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani

In the 17th episode of the Holistic Housing Show, Charlie’s Angels are joined by Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani, author of the recently-released “Contested City: Art and Public History as Mediation at New York’s Seward Park Urban Renewal Center” (SPURA). Gabrielle shares how she and her students from the New School utilized art and dialogue to engage with residents, governments, nonprofits and other partners to re-envision NYC’s SPURA area after over 40 years of displacement, demolition and...


Expanding Housing for the Working and Middle Class

In this 16th episode of the Holistic Housing Show, your venerable hosts are joined by Randy Shaw, Founder and Executive Director of San Francisco’s Tenderloin Housing Clinic and author of the just-published “Generation Priced Out: Who Gets to Live in the New Urban America.” Randy, long an advocate for tenants’ rights, and whose personal, unofficial campaign slogan is “Legalize apartments!” offers a blueprint for what cities can, and should, do to make cities more livable for working...


A Call to ACTION

This lively fall episode of the Holistic Housing Podcast opens with a special guest appearance from the listener who won our “podcast bundle” at the NACCED conference, and a discussion of things like “Can a vegetarian, in good faith, eat ants on a log?” (thanks @AnimalHoPo for the suggestion). Next, Laura, Heather and Sarah are joined by Peter Lawrence, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations at Novogradac & Company, LLC. Peter discusses his career in housing, starting with his...


Public Housing and America’s Values

In this episode of #housingpodcast we speak with Ben Austen, author of the bestselling “High Risers: Cabrini-Green and the Fate of American Public Housing.” For Ben, the Cabrini-Green story is not just a piece of sensational American history, but the story of America’s values and a microcosm of the existential identity issues facing today’s cities: who can afford to live there? How do we build equity into communities that are constantly changing? Plus, we kick off the show with lots of...


Doug Ryan Explains It All

In this 13th episode, Charlie’s Angels are joined by Doug Ryan. Doug, the Senior Director of Affordable Homeownership for Prosperity Now, also serves as an adjunct instructor at American University’s Department of Justice, Law & Criminology. In this wide ranging conversation, Doug discusses his experience working in local government, why homeownership still makes sense for a lot of Americans and how bringing new players into the economy benefits everyone. Plus, who is Fudgie the (ice cream)...


Building Community While You’re Building a Community

In this episode of #housingpodcast we talk to Rachel Reilly, Director of Impact Investing for Enterprise Community Partners, about a very important economic development topic: Opportunity Zones! This new community investment incentive connects private capital with low-income communities across America. It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s got a lotta potential, and it’s coming to a census tract near you. Plus, Rachel shares what it was like serving in elected office in DC (sometimes people in the...


Jack of all Trades: Manuel Ochoa

In this summery edition of the #housingpodcast, Laura, Heather and Sarah are joined by Manuel Ochoa, the Director of Federal Affairs for the National Association of Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB). In a career that has taken him from the DC government to HUD to the nonprofit sector, Manuel shares his experience on disaster relief, what community asset building means (wealth and business creation!) and why it’s important to be a jack of all trades in the affordable housing policy...


The One Where They Talk About South Dakota

In this tenth (!!) episode of the Holistic Housing Podcast, the NACCED crew is joined by Bob Simpson, VP of Multifamily and Green Finance for Fannie Mae. Bob shares his perspective on the positive multi-generational effects of healthy and affordable housing, how Fannie Mae is investing in people and not just properties, why Fox was totally wrong to cancel “Firefly,” and why watching Star Trek is a better investment than business school (you’ll learn the same stuff). Plus, Charlie’s Angels...


Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

On this episode of the #housingpodcast, the NACCED crew are joined by Diane Yentel, the oft-quoted and influential CEO & President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. This conversation touches on everything from benefits cuts to getting out the vote, and why it’s critical to build the political will to solve issues like homelessness. We also learn that not only is Diane a pro at coalition building (and maintaining a highly relevant Twitter feed), but she’s also very good at coming...


A Tribute to Community Development

Recorded during NACCED’s Community Development month, this multi-perspective episode features the voices of community development professionals from across the country. In-studio, Charlie’s Angels are joined by Jennifer Daniels, Planning & Community Development Manager for Arlington, County, VA. Then, we hear from members in Salt Lake, Essex, Allegheny, Los Angeles, and Henrico Counties. Themes emerge related to the people-centered focus of community development work, the diversity of this...


Putting the Granny Back in “Granny Flat”

In this extra-lively episode of the Holistic Housing Show, the NACCED team is joined by Jon Coppage, Senior Fellow at the R St. Institute in Washington, DC. Jon’s work as a researcher and speaker takes him across the country to study what makes for healthy communities, whether that’s in the availability of accessory dwelling units, a neighborhood’s walkability, or multi-generational living. Plus, learn why Jon’s hometown, Winston-Salem, really isn’t trying to kill you with its two main...


“Debate Kids: All Grown Up (and Making Housing Policy)”

In this episode, the illustrious Director of Public Policy for Enterprise Community Partners, Emily Cadik, joined the NACCED crew to talk tax reform, the value of mentoring and how to form coalitions. Also on deck: Emily’s experience with the famed Corn Palace of South Dakota, Laura’s experience talking about hot dogs with people in Trump Hotel, the revelation that all debate kids turn into policy wonks, and how tying housing to infrastructure is like “trying to make fetch happen


A Conversation with Derek Hyra

In this episode of the Holistic Housing Show, the NACCED team are joined by American University Professor Derek Hyra to discuss his work on gentrification and equitable urban development in DC’s famous U Street/Shaw neighborhood. Derek discusses his book, “Race, Class and Politics in the Cappuccino City,” and the how true social integration in a newly gentrified area will lead to a prosperous neighborhood. Plus, learn what it means to “live ‘The Wire;’” what it was like to run for Congress...


R-O-C-K In the USA

On the 4th episode of the Holistic Housing Show, Charlie's Angels are joined by Charlie himself: Chuck Robbins, the Director of Housing and Community Development for Clackamas County, Oregon. Chuck shares his love of not just great Oregon beer, but also public service, and how his involvement with NACCED connected him with incredible housing experts across the country. Plus, we discuss the eternal question: when is it just too soon to listen to Christmas music?


The Ja’Ron Smith Guide to Self-Actualization

On this episode, Sarah and Laura are joined by Ja’Ron Smith, the Director of Urban Affairs and Revitalization at the Executive Office of the President. Ja’Ron shares how his experience growing up amidst poverty in Cleveland shaped his determination to make a difference in Washington, where he now works in the White House on domestic policy issues ranging from infrastructure to prison reform. Learn about the administration’s goal to bring all voices to the table when it comes to developing...


Katy Perry, Meditation, and Tax Reform

On this episode of the Holistic Housing Show, the NACCED team is joined by Eric Enderlin and Elizabeth Strojan from the New York City Housing Development Corporation. Eric, NYCHDC's President, and Elizabeth, NYHCD's Director of Government Affairs, share what led them to work in affordable housing, why access to fair housing matters for all people, and what's so great about the LIHTC program. Plus, find out what their theme song is! And why does Elizabeth like jazzercise so much?


Cliff Taffet Kicks it Off

The Holistic Housing Podcast Connecting community. Sharing ideas. Finding solutions. In the Holistic Housing Podcast’s inaugural episode, Laura, Heather and Sarah are joined by Cliff Taffet, who recently retired after 26 years at HUD, where he served as General Deputy Assistant Secretary. We asked what led him to HUD (spoiler alert: avocado farming), what he’d do with a magic wand and his advice for a younger generation. You don’t want to miss it! The Holistic Housing Podcast brings...