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A podcast for Democrats and progressives. We aim to connect activists and their thoughts and hopes for our party with the insight of organizational leaders, staffers and operatives who help guide the party. We try to have guests on frequently to provide insight from across the country and from varying parts of the progressive movement.

A podcast for Democrats and progressives. We aim to connect activists and their thoughts and hopes for our party with the insight of organizational leaders, staffers and operatives who help guide the party. We try to have guests on frequently to provide insight from across the country and from varying parts of the progressive movement.
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A podcast for Democrats and progressives. We aim to connect activists and their thoughts and hopes for our party with the insight of organizational leaders, staffers and operatives who help guide the party. We try to have guests on frequently to provide insight from across the country and from varying parts of the progressive movement.




Episode 223- Dems need a battalion in the Senate

World Cup Fever hits the pod, as do various soccer ailments but it's ok because we're #InOurPrime. We talk US Senate landscape, NY-14 where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (yes Will, there's an i in her name...) shocks Joe Crowley and we cross talk about soccer and how it shows the need for liberal communitarian nationalism. If those words didn't make sense, it's ok. They soon will.


Episode 222 -- A budget passes, Stormy speaks, IL predicts.

Will's back on the podcast so we had to get weird. Here's what's up with today's show: 4:45 : IL-03 and what we can learn from Illinois 13:00 Stormy Daniels 21:10 New Budget Deal 25:00 Quick conversation around March for Our Lives and banning bump stocks. Don't forget to tweet us at to #WelcomeBackWill!


Episode 221 -- Dems flip a seat as a new generation steps up

We start by talking about Parkland between two South Florida natives, then move on talking about Donald Trump's administration and Betsy DeVos (11:05) then talk a little about PA-18 (17:45) and wrap up by making an endorsement (21:10).


Episode 220 -- DACA, Russia & the 2018 wave.

For those loyal folks out there: We're back! We talk about the shitdown (or shutdown, depending on your keyboard) and how Se. Schumer screwed things up, then we pivot to Russia like a desperate Republican campaign and we finish by talking about this years elections.


Episode 219 -- Victory! Jail, the NFL and Roger Rabbit.

We talk about the recent victories on health care and in Florida around an important State Senate election -- congrats to Annette Taddeo. We chat about movies, concerts, learning languages and we teach you how to avoid going to jail while recommending some folks go to jail. Lock them up! Plus a fun chat on whether Trump is a rationale actor in general. I think you can guess what we think after his taking on the NFL.


Episode 218 -- Charlottesville

The pod tries to make sense of a political situation where the President lacks a moral compass and where the Republican party comes to grip with the racist undertones they've fanned for decades. We also talk about how the Democratic Party should deal with candidates who are anti-choice and Netroots Nation 17.


Episode 217-- The Mooch is Peak Trump

We celebrate another [probably temporary] victory, this one more dramatic than the last thanks to Sens. Collins, Murkowski & McCain. Franco teaches Ryan how to say "Reince" while the Mooch is brought on to give America the worst visual we've seen in years. We discuss what a change in Chief of Staff could mean in the day to day of this White House.


Episode 216 -- Zombie! Zombie! (while NC and CA leave us scratching our heads)

Before playing this podcast, please give this Cranberries tune a whirl. Sunday night it seemed as though Trumpcare was dead. Then repeal seemed dead on Tuesday. By Wednesday, Senators were meeting around Trumpcare again. We finally recorded knowing that we know nothing a la Jon Snow. But we can't imagine a bill with 32 million uninsured is going to be more popular. We learn that Nevada is that friend that shows up to your 7 PM party at 11 PM and California is your friend who goes to the...


Episode 215 -- Dems and Republicans scramble over health care

We wrap up on the GA-06 race from last week. We beat down bad ideas around Nancy Pelosi and then move on to Trumpcare. It's a comprehensive pod!


Episode 214 -- A "special" special election with New Georgia Project

Let's talk about the sixth, baby. Georgia's sixth congressional district is a heavily Republican leaning district. Yet, it's now the most expensive race in the history of our country and being presented as a make or break for the Democratic Party in the aftermath of the Trumpocalypse. We talk with Nse Ufot, the wonderful Executive Director of the New Georgia Project who has been working day and night to turn key groups out and remake the electorate. She teaches us why this district is a...


Episode 213 -- The Spectre of Comey

As Comey prepares to testify and comes out of his quantum of solace. We discuss the potential damage and results from his testimony. Or will it be non-explosive a turn out to give Trump the opportunity to die another day.


Episode 212- Ups & downs in Activism and LaunchProgress

This pod goes deep into talking about activism with Kaili Lambe who recently helped lead the People's Climate March of Colorado and has been diligently working with Together We Will in Colorado. What has gone well? What are the challenges? How do we respond to diversity and social differences? We also spend (32:04) some time with the wonderful Arielle Swernoff, the Executive Director of LaunchProgress who's organization has undertaken the slow, grinding but crucial work of building a...


Episode 211- Venus Shrugged

We move away from all things Trump for an episode to talk with author Dan Ancona about his new book Venus Shrugged. Dan is a long time leader in the progressive movement, always imagining what a better country looks like and what technology and California can do to get us to that place. His new book meets the intersection of politics, race, sexuality and a vision for what the country could look like if progressives win. Now go get the book!


Episode 210 -- Trump Fires Comey

We knew that Trump believed being President was harder than anticipated, but it doesn't help when you take stupid actions. Trump's 2016 campaign homie, James Comey, the head of the FBI and the man investigating Trump and his ties to Russia has been fired by...Trump. And with every hour that goes by the story gets worse. It's all been said before but we're just going to repeat it because maybe if we say it three times, we'll wake up and things will be better. Plus there's a funny story...


Episode 209 -- 100 Daze of Trump

Yeah, it's 100 days. Not years. It just feels that way. We dig in on what has worked for our nations first Orange President so far as well as why he seems to be top of the mind at all times. It's also been 100 days of #Resistance. With no end in sight, we discuss what IS the resistance, what is it doing well and where can it still improve (hint:data). It's a fast paced pod that hopes the odds are ever in your favor.


Episode 208 -- Alabama Shakes

We introduce a new format for the pod with Beth Clayton breaking down Alabama politics. Alabama has been at the center of a political earthquake: All three branches of government have overseen a removal of their leadership in the 15 months. The Governor has resigned, the House Speaker was removed due to felony convictions and the Chief Justice for the Supreme Court was suspended. So what's next? How do you move forward in a state where there is single party rule and that party has been...


Pod 207 -- Art of The Deal leads to no repeal

Snatching defeat from the jaws of likely victory, the nightmarishly incompetent duo of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan didn't even put a bill up to vote and were humiliated. Yes, this victory for Democrats was unexpected and keeps millions of people insured. We talk about how the Greedy Old Party thankfully failed with their Frankenstein bill and what the implications of that failure are. We look ahead to the next items on the GOP agenda, an important race in Georgia and explore the Maryland and...


Episode 206 -- TrumpCare on life support, GOP being jerks

There's no medicine like no medicine according to the #GOP. We talk about the pre-existing conditions that Republicans have set for their legislation, what its impact will be and how to push back. We make a tough decision on GOPutz of the week and we look at the Strange ongoings in Alabama where single party rule is in full effect.


Pod Special: Tom Perez is the new DNC Chair

No envelopes needed and no bad last second Steve Harvey jokes required -- Thomas Perez is the first latino leader of the Democratic Party. We talk about what that means for the party, what we think his leadership will look like, why he won and why some groups on the left overvalued and overplayed the impact of this election. We also talk briefly about some important ongoings in California, Ohio and NY and enjoy Franco getting his Senators wrong in Indiana. P.S. Go watch 'Moonlight', it's...


Episode 205 -- Trump's inauspicious start vs. scrappy #Resistance

It's been 10 days since he was inaugurated and yet, we're already looking around and wondering what the heck else is next after he's managed to piss off a gender, long time allies and made airports into places of protest. We talk about the immediate successes of #Resistance, how to not burnout, and look in awe at hundreds of thousands of women and allies across the country saying hell no to his agenda. We cover his executive orders, which were about as well planned as a Wile E Coyote...