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The Race and Wealth Podcast is an effort by the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative of CFED to broaden the discussion about the challenges and solutions of bridging racial economic inequality. If interested to learn more about racial economic inequality and how the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative of CFED engages this issue, please visit our newsletter

The Race and Wealth Podcast is an effort by the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative of CFED to broaden the discussion about the challenges and solutions of bridging racial economic inequality. If interested to learn more about racial economic inequality and how the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative of CFED engages this issue, please visit our newsletter
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The Race and Wealth Podcast is an effort by the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative of CFED to broaden the discussion about the challenges and solutions of bridging racial economic inequality. If interested to learn more about racial economic inequality and how the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative of CFED engages this issue, please visit our newsletter




Children's Savings Acoount vs The Racial Wealth Divide Showdown with Guest Carl Rist

Undercard: Did Prince & fake his death to join 2pac's think tank on solving racial inequity? Grudge Match: Which "Based on a True Story" films are actually based in truth? Main Event: Can Children's Savings Accounts (CSA) help families grappling with the Racial Wealth Divide (RWD)? Dedrick & Dyalekt are on the call with guest Carl Rist, Senior Director, Children's Savings & Senior Advisor of Asset Building at Prosperity Now. They spar with new paper: Reinventing Children's Savings Accounts...


Myths & Misconceptions about Race and Wealth with Tone Talks' Antonio Moore

Dedrick & Dyalekt discuss (with less alliteration) recent articles from conservative outlets that share under-researched ideas and spread disinformation about the Racial Wealth Divide and specifically about the economic status of Black Americans. They are joined by Antonio Moore, Emmy nominated producer of the documentary 'Crack in the System' and host of the Youtube show ToneTalks, where they break down the specifics of how data can be misconstrued, and he brings us the really real. B/W...


Race, Wealth, and Higher Education (feat. Su Jin Jez)

During this Podcast, Dedrick Asante-Muhammad talks to Su Jin Jez, Ph.D ( to talk about how she got into studying wealth & race and discuss her more recent research on the relationship between race, ethnicity, wealth, & college access.


Race, Wealth and Brunch & Budget with MQVN

Continuing with our monthly series with Pam and Dyalekt from Brunch & Budget, they spend some time with Tuan Nguyen from MQVN CDC in New Orleans. MQVN CDC ( is another one of our organization from our Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color project. Tuan discusses the work they do in New Orleans and the diverse group of people that they work with.


Race, Wealth & Brunch & Budget with Sant La

Continuing our partnership with Brunch & Budget, our friends Pam and Dyalekt spend some time with Gepsie Matellus, Executive Director for Sant La, Haitian Nieghborhood Center ( in North Miami, FL. Sant La is in our Miami cohort for our Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color Project and Gepsie discusses the work she does at Sant La and how they are working to stabilize South Florida’s Haitian Community.


Race, Wealth, and The Undefeated(feat. Michael Fletcher)

This week we have Michael Fletcher, a Senior Writer at ESPN’s The Undefeated( and former economics reporter for the Washington Post. Michael and Dedrick have a more casual conversation this week about Michael’s work at the Undefeated, race & economics as it relates to current racial tensions in the United States and, of course, how it relates to current sport events


Race, Wealth & Brunch&Budget with Partners for Self-Employment

Continuing with our partnership with Brunch&Budget (, this week we highlight another one of our Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color, Partners for Self-Employment (PSE) in Miami, FL. Maria Coto, Executive Director for PSE, talks to us on the phone and discusses the work PSE does in Southern Florida and how they work promote financial well-being to low-to-moderate income individuals and families. Maria goes on to speak on micro lending, small business...


Race, Wealth, and Taxes with Listen Up!

Continuing with our series with Farajii Muhammad, Dedrick Asante-Muhammad joins WEAA’s Listen Up! ( to talk about taxes. Now that tax season is over, Dedrick reflects on the importance of taxes and utilizing tax returns for wealth development.


Race. Wealth, and youth entrepreneurship with Listen Up!

Continuing with our series with Farajii Muhammad, Dedrick joins WEAA’s Listen Up! ( to talk about youth entrepreneurship in Baltimore’s African American community. Take a listen to understand the hardships of being a young, male entrepreneur in Baltimore and hear a discussion on what can be done to strengthen entrepreneurship in the African American community.


Race, Wealth & and Spanish Coalition for Housing w/ Brunch and Budget

Through our continued partnership with Brunch and Budget, Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, Senior Fellow, Racial Wealth Divide Initiative, sits with our friends from Brunch and Budget ( and Spanish Coalition for Housing (SCH) in Chicago ( The gang talks to Gabriela Roman, Executive Director, and Joseph Lopez, Development Manager, of SCH. They discuss their impactful work around comprehensive counseling, education and housing resources necessary for Latinos...


Race, Wealth, and Minority Enterprise Development featuring Gary Cunningham and Brunch and Budget

In this episode with Brunch & Budget (,Dedrick, Pamela & Dyalekt sit down with the President & CEO of the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA), Gary Cunningham. Gary sits down and talks about the importance of minority entrepreneurship, the impact it has on the wealth gap, and discusses the amazing work MEDA is doing in Minneapolis. To learn more about MEDA and Gary’s work check out


Race, Wealth and the Baltimore Racial Wealth Divide Data Profile with Farraji Muhammad

During this podcast Dedrick again sits down with Farajii Muhammad of “Listen Up!” on WEAA. This time Dedrick sits down with Dedrick to discuss the Race and Wealth in Baltimore data profile. Dedrick goes in depth on the racial wealth divide in Baltimore and how having less wealth affects African Americans in Baltimore.


Race, Wealth, Baby Bonds, Universal Income, Federal Job Guarantee and Darrick Hamilton

In this episode of Race and Wealth we have one of the leading researchers on race and wealth, Darrick Hamilton. Darrick Hamilton is the director of the doctoral program in public and urban policy, and jointly appointed as an associate professor of economics and urban policy at The Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy and the Department of Economics, The New School for Social Research at The New School in New York. Dedrick and Darrick spend some time talking...


Race, Wealth, and Listen Up!

In this episode, the Race and Wealth podcast partner with Listen Up! With Farajii Muhammad. Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, Director of the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative at CFED, goes into the studio to discuss the Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color project and why programs like these are important for communities of color. Also on the show, we have Stephanie Amponsah, Executive Director of Urban Alliance in Baltimore, to discuss her work at Urban Alliance and her participation in the...


Race, Wealth with Brunch and Budget

In this episode, Dedrick Asante-Muhammad is featured on the Brunch and Budget ( podcast with Pamela Capalad and Dyalekt over Martin Luther King Jr Day weekend. Brunch and Budget is a podcast out of New York City that focuses on personal finances and issues around finance affecting people of color. In this podcast, Pamela and Dyalekt talk to Dedrick about how he got into racial economic inequality and Dedrick discusses the racial wealth divide itself. If you...


Race, Wealth and Community Solutions

In this episode we feature the webinar, “Programs, Policies, Partnerships: Coming Together to Heal the Racial Wealth Divide” from August 3, 2016. In this webinar you will meet three incredible people doing great work on the local level. First, you have Cecilia Gutierrez, Executive Director of Miami Children’s Initiative in Liberty City, FL. She discusses the work being done in her community and how programs have changed this community. Next we have Sheley Secrest, Economic Chair for NAACP...


Race, Ethnicity and Wage Inequality with Valerie Wilson

In this episode we talk to Valerie Wilson, director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Program on Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy (PREE). Valerie sits down with Dedrick to discuss her background in the economics field and her interest in race & economics. Valerie also discusses her latest report Black-white wage gaps expand with rising wage inequality which shows that inequality continues to increase and that the gap is widening faster for those with more education and discusses some...


Race, Wealth and Puentes in New Orleans

In this episode we talk with Lisa Reyes a native born New Orleanean Dominican. Lisa Reyes is the Small Business Development Coordinator for Puentes New Orleans. Puentes New Orleans is a Latino-Led and Latino-Serving nonprofit community development organization. Lisa talks to us about the economic development work coming out of Puentes and how the Latino community has grown in the New Orleans area and the economic challenges facing these communities. Puentes New Orleans is one of the ten...


"Born on Third Base" featuring Chuck Collins

Chuck Collins joins us this week as he releases his new book Born on Third Base: A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good. Collins, a descendant of the famous meat packer Oscar Mayer, talks about his early years in the Detroit-suburb of Bloomsfield, Michigan and his gradual understanding of privilege and inherited wealth. He also talks about the effects of the Estate Tax, his life "after inherited wealth" and the many...


Race, Wealth and Women with Dr. Mariko Chang

Dedrick Asante-Muhammad sits down with Dr. Mariko Chang (, author of Shortchanged: Why Women Have Less Wealth and What Can Be Done About It and a coauthor of the 2015 Color of Wealth-Boston report. Dr. Chang recounts her journey into finding her passion in improving economic inequality. From there, Dr. Chang explains the gender wealth divide and its close relation to the racial wealth divide. The conversation then turns to an analysis of the wealth data from...