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The Truth In The Afternoon with Dr. Ken Harris, airing weekdays from 4p-6p on 101.7 The Truth.






5/26/23 4PM: The Anniversary of George Floyd's Murder



5/26/23 5PM: Master Lock Closes

Bailey Coleman is today's guest host filling in for Dr. Ken who is out on assignment. Master lock is shutting down its location here in Milwaukee. This plant has employed up to 1,000 at one time. Now the company will be moving to a new location in the US. Bailey shares how this news will affect Milwaukee.


5/25/23 4PM: Truth Roundtable: Being A Young Professional

Dr. Ken is joined by Nolita Franz, Founder of Beautifully Blended and LaNelle Ramey, Mentor MKE to discuss being a young professional, navigating career paths and dealing with imposter syndrome.


5/25/23 5PM: Truth Roundtable: What Is Justice?

The roundtable talks justice and how to see it through with the youths in Milwaukee. They also chat about Milwaukee's budget issues and what's instore for the future. Dr. Ken's May roundtable with Nolita Franz, Founder of Beautifully Blended and LaNelle Ramey, Mentor MKE.


5/24/23 4PM: Who Died and Made You Black

Joy Behar from "The View" has some choice words about black politicians not understanding racism in America. Dr. Ken also talks about the national deficit and Milwaukee budget.


5/24/23 5PM: RIP Tina Turner

Dr. Ken Top 5 at 5: - Owner of Peruvian restaurant ceviche faces 4 felony charges of sexual assault. - A new study states that Milwaukee has the worst road conditions in the country. In second place was Honolulu. - 37-year-old Milwaukee detective Travis Young has been charged with sexual assault. If convicted, he faces up to a year in prison and $11,00 in fines. - Moving to Waukesha? Maybe rethink it. A 17-year-old was convicted of wreaking havoc in the city with a rifle in his front yard and assaulting an officer. He now faces charges. - The queen of rock and roll Tina Turner has died at the age of 83.


5/23/23 4PM: Can You Say Hate Crime?

Stephanie Rapkin who spat on BLM protester Eric Lucas, told the judge that a year of probation and 100 hours of community service was "not viable" and she'd "rather go to jail right now and take care of it." Dr. Ken gives you his take on Stephanie Rapkin. Dr Ken discusses if this is a case where a white judge gives a white women a softer sentence. Dr. Ken is joined by Director of Content Kyle Wallace and they discuss why people need to stop thinking white people only get into college off of merit and blacks and other races get into a college just because of their race. They take a deep dive into the diversity in college and how we need to push back on certain narratives like black people being poor.


5/23/23 5PM: President of AK Development, LLC Ariam Keste

For Entrepreneurship Tuesday Dr. Ken is joined by President of AK Development, LLC Ariam Keste, who is a highly respected and accomplished leader in the Milwaukee real estate community, with extensive experience in the community and economic development through real estate projects. They take a dive into the real estate industry and the things you need to know and look for. They discuss how Ariam started from working with her mom to what she has become now. Dr. Ken gives his Top 5 at 5 where he discusses things like Door Dash, more on Stephanie Rapkin, and more on the Wisconsin Government.


5/22/23 4PM: It's Someone's Birthday!

On his birthday, Dr. Ken reminds us to continue to live life fully. He also talks NAACP's travel advisory to Florida and how this "warning" is actually hurting black communities traveling and living in Florida more than helping.


5/22/23 5PM: Even Mickey Mouse Is Feeling This Recession

Dr. Ken Top 5 At 5: - A man was shot and killed by police in a shootout regarding a domestic violence incident in Mount pleasant/Racine. - Giant fires broke out at a wood company in slinger Wisconsin. - Green Bay is slotted to host the 2025 NFL draft. - Disney announces major layoffs and budget cuts. - Announce charges against a group of 91 people, 61 men and 30 juveniles. This group committed over 100 non-fatal shooting incidents and 35 homicides over a 2 yearlong feud created from a social media dispute.


5/19/23 4PM: Gotcha

It's Friday so it's pop off Friday & it's the end of National Law Enforcement appreciation week... & Remember, ever gimme has a gotcha...


5/19/23 5PM: RIP JIM BROWN!

Dr. Ken Harris wraps up National Law Enforcement Appreciation Week with Special Agent Cole and they talk about her experience working for the secret service, does his top 5 @ anytime other than 5, and messes with DJ Brotha Z.


5/18/23 4PM: 80 Million Years of Life Lost

Dr. Ken reviews a medical study on high mortality rate that black people and their infants are dying at.


5/18/23 5PM: Ruby Red Slippers

Dr. Ken Top 5 at 5 - A 76-year-old man stole the ruby slippers from the wizard of oz. The slippers decreased in value and now are worth 3.5 million dollars. - Wisconsin public water parks are beginning to open for the summer. - A settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit case against kia and Hyundai. - Kenneth Wright who crashed into a bus shelter was sentenced to prison. He plead guilty to 2nd degree homicide and faces 15 years plus another 10 in probation. - Milwaukee police officers are at the scene of a crash Teutonia and Atkins. The driver allegedly was found with gunshot wounds.


5/17/23 4PM: Dear Elizabeth Holmes

Police Chief Jeffrey Norman joins Dr. Ken for law enforcement week on Truth In The Afternoon on 101.7 The Truth.


5/17/23 5PM: Why Do Used Cars Cost so Much?

Dr. Ken's Top 5 At 5 - IRS admitted to auditing black tax players much more than other Americans. 2.9-4.9 times the rate. - Kwik Trip is named the #1 gas station with none in Milwaukee. - There is a police presence forming in Mequon. - Specialized graphics have been introduced to help alert drivers in the Milwaukee area to unique traffic patterns. - The north leg of the zoo interchange has finally been completed.


5/16/23 4PM: Do Hard Better

Dr. Ken gets passionate about the need to hold people accountable. He talks about all the overdoses and stop giving excuses. Dr. Ken talks about how acting white when you're not making it easier to get a job and how life is hard and will always be hard to do hard better. Dr. Ken says if you're complaining about the city and you do not like that it is pretty simple just leave or work in public service and help make it better. Dr. Ken says people talk about accountable with black people but nobody does with the people in Cedarberg.


5/16/23 5PM: Law Enforcement Week: Andra Williams and Ray Banks

Dr. Ken is joined Andra Williams and Ray Banks for Law Enforcement Week. They discuss their lack of confidence in the leadership of Milwaukee and defunding the police. They list reasons of why that doesn't work and actually makes this worse and harder. Do bad cops actually get in trouble when they are wrong? Dr. Ken, Andra, and Ray all discusses how they actually do and the process that goes along with it. They answer many questions from callers on different situations and the processes that go along with it. They give you all the incite from a cops perspective.


5/15/23 4PM: Law Enforcement Week: Denita Ball

A devastating drunk driving crash leaves 5 individuals dead including an infant shakes Milwaukee and Dr. Ken weighs in. Dr. Ken also kicks off law enforcement week with his first guest, Dr. and sheriff Denita Ball.


5/15/23 5PM: Drunk Driving Is Devastating

Dr. Ken Top 5 at 5: - Jonathan Owens officially signs with the Green Bay Packers. - Milwaukee Police Department fights against opioid related deaths and makes a new partnership with hope kits and the Milwaukee Fire Department. - It's AAPI month and Asian restaurant week kicks off today in Milwaukee -"ElevAsian" - Madison considers a pay raises for prosecutors. - A devastating drunk driving crash leaves 5 individuals dead including an infant shakes Milwaukee.