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TPS E24: Undercover Work, LAPD VICE, Internal Affairs

In this episode my pal Dave Escoto returns to tell us about going under cover for LAPD VICE and also working Internal Affairs. Dave shares some great stories while he answers listener's questions.


TPS E23: Background Expert On Judge Kavanaugh Investigation

In this episode Steve is joined by his good friend and background investigation expert Ken Roybal. Steve and Ken examine the Kavanaugh confirmation circus and the following supplemental investigation. Ken's commentary on the ordeal gives some really great insight and should clear up any lingering questions in your mind.


TPS E22: Bag Of Dildos, Listener Questions, Stinky LA

In this episode Steve commutes home from his security gig while he answers listener questions and recalls some funny moments from his police career.


TPS E21: Beto O'Rourke, Fatal Crash, Death Notification

In this episode I fly solo recalling one of the more disturbing accident scenes I responded to. Things also get a little political as I discuss Beto O'Rourke's thoughts on police.


TPS E20: From Inner-City Kid To Cop - Chris Jay LAPD

In this episode I interview LAPD Officer Chris Jay. Chris grew up in a rough neighborhood in LA and now patrols the same area. We talk about his struggle to get on the job, responding to gang shootings, and the stress that officers are exposed to on a daily basis. Chris also recalls living through the LA riots at the age of 12 years old. Support Chris's non-profit organization that honors fallen officers and their families. Contact...


TPS E19: Quadruple Homicide - Jay Moberly LAPD Robbery Homicide Division

In this episode I sit down with retired LAPD Robbery Homicide Detective Jay Moberly. A mans family is murdered and his house is set on fire when he is away. The events that lead up to the horrific crime stem from a dispute between two local business owners. Jay takes us through the discovery of the crime, the investigation, and the arrest of the suspects.


TPS E18: Bill Norton - Media vs Police, FB politics, Intense Moments

In this episode I chat with 18 year police veteran Bill Norton. We chat about intense moments in his career, FB fights that lose family, and the state of the media and how they report on the police. Bill takes us way back to his days as a summer officer in Scituate, MA and how policing has changed over the years. contact the show at


TPS E17: Cop To Army Combat Medic To Cop - NH Officer Shares His Unique Career Path

In this episode I sit down with an active New Hampshire Officer. Jon is a patrol officer, SWAT team member, and Army Combat Medic. He first became a cop and then at the age of 30 enlisted in the Army. We talk about finding your first suicide victim and Jon tells us about encountering Abbie Hernandez's captor. Jon's career path is interesting to say the least AND he has the stories to prove it! U.S. Law Enforcement FB...


TPS E16: Ken Roybal - Crazy Riot Stories, Police Chaplain, Background Investigations

In this episode I surprise interview a veteran of the LAPD. Ken Roybal saw a lot and did a lot during his career at one of the nations largest departments. We talk about being a boot in the 1980's, responding to the LA riots, and his 5 year stint as a Police Chaplain. Ken has a ton of great stories and it was really fun hearing him tell them! If you have any police background investigation questions email me and I will do another episode with Ken where we answer...


TPS E15: Police Helicopter Pilot Eric Weidner

In this interview we talk police air support. Ever wonder what it’s like to chase down a bad guy from the air? Fire a gun from a chopper? Be blinded by a green lazer while flying? Eric Weidner has the answer to all these questions and more! Really fun chat that gives you a peak into the life of a police pilot. Join the Facebook community Email Steve


TPS E14: Annie Ross Cold Case Murder Solved - Jim Engen

In this episode Steve sits down with retired Police Captain Jim Engen. Jim takes us through the brutal murder of Annie Ross in 1974 and the cold case that followed for 40 years. When Jim made captain at the La Palma Police Department he re-opened the case and began a vigorous investigation. After many hours, several donated, they were able to finally track down the murderer and arrest him. contact Steve at


TPS E13: Security vs. Police, Crime Scene Fly In The Mouth, Minimum Age For Police

In this episode Steve answers listener's questions and also shares a funny/disgusting story from a crime. Questions you want answered in an upcoming episode? Shoot an email to


TPS E12: Jon Pierpont - 34 Years Policing Cape Cod

In this episode I chat with retired Eastham Police Sergeant Jon Pierpont. Jon was on the job for 34 years starting in the late 1960's. We talk about policing over the past 50 years and Jon shares some great stories from his career.


TPS E11: SoCal K9 Handler On Patrol

In this episode Steve interviews a SoCal K9 handler by the name of Paul. He is still active in law enforcement so we just go by his first name. In fact, the interview takes place while Paul is on duty so please excuse the interruption! Steve and Paul discuss K9 work, bizarre calls, and the media.


TPS E10: Most Evil Criminal and Dumbest Criminal

In this episode Steve goes solo and answers some questions from a listener. Don't worry there are police stories shared! Steve talks about the most evil criminal he encountered on the job and the dumbest criminal. The podcast is growing at a steady pace and I have all of you to thank! If you like the show please subscribe and maybe share it with a friend. I would love to hear what you think or answer any quesitons that you may have.


TPS E09: Gil Reyes - Stories From The California Highway Patrol

In this episode Steve interviews retired CHP Officer Gilbert Reyes. Gil saw a lot in his career while patrolling the highways of California and supporting local law enforcement agencies. We have a great chat about sleep over police academy, wrestling giants, the LA riots, and brutal car crashes. Contact the show at -


TPS E08: Dave Ball - Juvenile Sexual Assault, Handcuffed To A Bed, Creative Community Policing

In this episode I sit down with retired police officer David Ball. David was an officer for Hawthorne PD, a very busy So-Cal city. He started in patrol and worked his way into detectives for the last 9 years of his career. Dave has some great stories and some great advice for new officers. Join The Facebook page! Email


TPS E07: Robert Rangel - Time Slows Down When Someone Is Trying To Murder You

In this episode I interview retired LASD deputy sheriff and author Robert Rangel. Robert tells us about some CRAZY things he saw on duty including him and his partner being ambushed and almost killed. Before we get to the attempted murder he tells a crazy/bizarre story that is very graphic and a bit gross but shows perfectly how insane this job can be. Just to warn you it starts around 9.40. Robert's Books On Amazon Red Dot...


TPS E06: Dave Carrasquillo - Inglewood Up To No Good, Crazy Police Stories From The Infamous City Of Inglewood, CA

In this episode I sit down with Inglewood Police Detective Dave Carrasquillo. As you might expect Dave had an intensive career working the mean streets of Inglewood, CA. Come walk with me in the boots of a ghetto cop.


TPS E05: Dave Escoto - Humor As A Weapon, Partner Saved My Life, Naked Olympians, Coping With Stress

In this interview I sit down with retired LAPD Detective Dave Escoto. Dave had an amazing career with several different assignments as a detective. Come ride along with us as Dave tells some of his craziest stories from the job! Thank you for the continued support! If you have a minute please go to itunes/podcast app and subscribe, rate, and review. Email me at