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Podcast of the Rio Grande Foundation that addresses public policy issues facing New Mexico.

Podcast of the Rio Grande Foundation that addresses public policy issues facing New Mexico.
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Podcast of the Rio Grande Foundation that addresses public policy issues facing New Mexico.




037 Cato Rates Governor Martinez, Netflix and more

Paul and Dowd begin with a discussion of Paul's experiences and meetings at the State Policy Network annual meeting. Paul meets some prominent figures in the liberty movement and recounts the success of a prominent NMSU Aggie in the liberty movement. Susana Martinez has been named the Cato Institute's most fiscally-conservative governor. There's more to the story and Dowd addresses that. Right to Work won (again) in September and it has been introduced in Farmington and Ruidoso as...


036 Truth in Accounting for State of New Mexico

Paul and Dowd interview Sheila Weinberg of the Chicago-based Truth in Accounting. Her organization works to "compel governments to produce financial reports that are understandable, reliable, transparent and correct." Topics include New Mexico's fiscal health -- including unfunded liabilities and the disclaimers attached to the state's reliably late comprehensive annual financial reports -- and the highest- and lowest-ranked performers on TIA's "Financial State of the States" report.


035 Kavanaugh, Occupational Licensing, Ethics Commission and more

On this week's episode Dowd and Paul discuss the Brett Kavanaugh becoming a justice on the US Supreme Court as well as assessing some of the key Court decisions in the past year and the politics of the issue as we move toward Election Day. They briefly recap the bail reform event and discuss the executive order issued by Gov. Susana Martinez on occupational licensing. Dowd explains how "progressive" economic policies often result in "regressive" economic outcomes, especially for a...


SP1 New Mexico Bail Reform Panel Discussion

On October 4, 2018, the Rio Grande Foundation and Justice Action Network co-hosted a panel discussion of New Mexico's recent bail reform and pretrial assessment systems. Moderated by Lauren Krisai of the Justice Action Network. Panelists included Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto and former US attorneys Brett Tolman (Utah), and David Iglesias (NM. Rio Grande Foundation president Paul Gessing introduces the event and Ms. Krisai at the outset. 00:00 - 1:45 Gessing introduces event and panel 1:46 - 8:05...


034 Seth Saavedra on Education Reform

Paul and Dowd sit down with Seth Saavedra of "The Education Blog." Seth writes extensively at his blog about education issues in New Mexico. He's got personal experience in education both in and outside of New Mexico. He's a self-identified Democrat and education reformer and among the many topics addressed are APS, New Mexico's change-averse culture, and the education proposals being offered up by both Michelle Lujan-Grisham and Steve Pearce.


033 Trump benefits to NM Economy, Food Stamps and more

Dowd and Paul discuss the problems at New Mexico's Human Services Department involving administration of the food stamp program which have resulted in New Mexico owing the federal government $164 million. A new report echoes previous analysis from the Rio Grande Foundation indicating that New Mexico's economy has improved more since President Trump took office than any other state economy. The RGF signs onto an important amicus brief relating to "excessive fees." Telecommuting is more...


032 Charter School Principal Tim Thiery

Dowd and Paul talk to Tim Thiery, principal of the Estancia Valley Classical Academy a public charter school which is based in Moriarty, NM. The Academy is affiliated with Hillsdale Academy and charges no tuition for students. The Academy's Foundation is hosting an upcoming event with Lt. Col. Allen West and they discuss that as well as the broader education situation in New Mexico and what makes it hard for schools in the State to excel.


031Right to Work, Film Subsidies, Education, and Campaign Finance Reform

On the Rio Grande Foundation's weekly podcast Dowd and Paul discuss the latest Right to Work jobs numbers from August. They recap the Americans for Prosperity meeting in Ruidoso on Right to Work, and Dowd offers some insights from his presentation comparing Kentucky and New Mexico. The City of Las Cruces is considering a new film subsidy. Education is moving to the forefront of hot issues facing New Mexico. Paul and Dowd discuss the recent polls and some of the issues facing our...


030 Corporate Site Selection and How New Mexico Stacks Up

Paul and Dowd visit with John Boyd. John specializes exclusively in the field of site selection and business relocation. He is constantly monitoring business climates, labor conditions, cost trends, incentive programs and other factors that impact a company's decision on where to locate business operations. Learn how New Mexico fairs against our neighbors and what we could do to improve business attraction.


029 Pearce vs. Lujan-Grisham Race: Gessing and Muska Analyze

Dowd and Paul discuss the Albuquerque Journal's recently-released polling data for various New Mexico races. Is the data reliable? What does it mean for this fall's elections? The Rio Grande Foundation recently hosted a series of events around Southern New Mexico. Paul and Dowd discuss their trip. KOB TV did an excellent story on an important issue (Medicaid and its problems) and Paul was able to sit down with them. Dowd has been tracking the development of data centers that may or may...


028 Opportunities for New Mexico and China

Paul and Dowd interview Deborah Burns of Invest US LLC. Deborah was involved in bringing the US/China business matchmaking conference to Albuquerque in October of 2017. What is happening these days with some of those businesses and job creation? Deborah has spent 6 weeks during the past year in China. How are the recent political controversies over trade perceived there? What additional opportunities exist between New Mexico and China and what other investment efforts can New Mexico take...


027 It is Time for Gross Receipts Tax Reform and So Much More

Paul and Dowd address why now is the time to reform New Mexico's gross receipts tax. They also address numerous other policies that are negatively impacting New Mexico's economy. Topics include a right to work update, education reform, sick leave proposals and more.


026 United States Historian Sets the Record Straight

Dowd and Paul discuss important historical points and the way they are often misrepresented by historians with Dr. Larry Schweikart. Schweikart is the Foundation's upcoming speaker at a series of luncheon talks to be given statewide during the week of September 10-14. Check the Rio Grande Foundation website for details.


025 What IS Mayor Keller's Economic Plan for Albuquerque?

On this week's episode of Tipping Point New Mexico Dowd and Paul discuss Albuquerque Mayor Keller's economic development plans. What IS the plan? Will it be effective? What is left out of the plan? In another, related story, Keller has hired the City's "poet laureate" Hakim Bellamy as an employee. He's working for the taxpayers of the City now. What's he doing? He has a new video out about the City. Dowd and Paul discuss the situation.


024 D+ from Thumbtack.com survey of NM small business owners

Paul and Dowd interview Lucas Puente of Thumbtack.com regarding their recent survey of small business owners around the nation. New Mexico ranks a disappointing 47th and the City of Albuquerque rates a "D+" up slightly from "D" last year. Aside from our own results, there are interesting data points to consider with regard to city performance and its correlation to the respective states in which those cities are located.


023 Spending $1.2 billion, NM's Freedom Ranking and BBB

Dowd and Paul discuss New Mexico's $1.2 billion surplus and what should be done with the largess. That shifts into a conversation about the Cato Institute's Freedom In the 50 States report which gave New Mexico high marks on personal freedom, but found the State sorely lacking in fiscal restraint and the size of its government bureaucracy. Dowd shared some "exciting" information about recent activity at the New Mexico Spaceport and both of them addressed the recent infusion of federal...


022 Free Trade Talk with Donald Boudreaux

Paul and Dowd talk free trade with George Mason University economist and prominent blogger Donald Boudreaux. Among the issues discussed are how to think about international trade? What are the benefits to trade? What could happen to the US economy and stock markets if trade is reduced?


021 Tiny Homes, Diverted Taxes and Judge's Decision in Taos

On this week's podcast Dowd and Paul discuss the "tiny homes" proposal being considered for the homeless in the Albuquerque area. Is this a good idea? What has happened elsewhere this has been tried? Dowd and Paul then briefly discuss the property tax vote in Las Cruces, diversion of state 911 funds during 2016 (while film subsidies and support for the Rail Runner continued), and the latest Thumbtack survey on small business friendliness in Albuquerque. Finally, Dowd and Paul have a...


020 Lujan-Grisham’s and Pearce’s Education Reform Ideas

Paul and Dowd discuss the details of both New Mexico gubernatorial candidates education reform ideas. Not surprisingly, there are big differences between Lujan-Grisham’s and Pearce’s plans. Paul and Dowd offer their analysis and insights on the plans presented as well as ideas about what true reform might look like.


019 ABQ More Money Fewer Cops, Gas Tax, RTW and BBB

Paul and Dowd discuss New Mexico’s gas tax and the State’s infrastructure system as a whole (also whether a gas tax hike is needed). It was another big week for Right to Work with San Juan County becoming the 8th New Mexico county to adopt an ordinance. Missouri also voted on Right to Work, but it was turned down overwhelmingly. What happened? Is this the beginning of a reversal of Right to Work nationwide? What does it mean for the fall? According to a new report by the Legislative...