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U.S. Congressional Representative Ben McAdams, D-UT talks about his experiences in Washington, D.C. during his new job as congressman from Utah’s 4th district.

U.S. Congressional Representative Ben McAdams, D-UT talks about his experiences in Washington, D.C. during his new job as congressman from Utah’s 4th district.
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U.S. Congressional Representative Ben McAdams, D-UT talks about his experiences in Washington, D.C. during his new job as congressman from Utah’s 4th district.




Transportation - Troubles and Solutions

In this issue of WashingTown, Congressman Ben McAdams talks about being in Utah for a couple of weeks to discuss issues that require cooperation between local governments and federal lawmakers. In this episode, he talks transportation - infrastructure and issues - with Utah Transit Board of Trustees Carton Christensen, board chair; Beth Holbrook, and Kent Millington. They talk about some of the new and innovative projects UTA hopes to undertake and what some of the issues are when trying to...


The Art of Testifying Before Congress

Attorney Mehrsa Baradaran discusses what it’s like to testifying in front of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions, a subcommittee on which McAdams serves. Her testimony came during discussions about the Community Reinvestment Act and what possible updates or changes might be necessary, especially if financial institutions don’t have incentives to help with issues that are not profitable for them. The author of books and academic papers on the subject, she talks...


The Marijuana Money Dilemma

In this episode, Rep. Ben McAdams discusses the Safe Banking Act (H.R. 1595) with Washington Rep. Denny Heck. With 34 states legalizing marijuana to some degree, including Utah (medicinal), federal lawmakers are now grappling with how to allow those businesses dispensing or selling marijuana to use the federally insured banks or credit unions. Running cash-only businesses has made these dispensaries targets for criminals, and Rep. Heck shares a tragic story in his conversation with Rep....


Citizen Lobbyists

In this episode, Congressman Ben McAdams (D-UT) talks with Deondra and Gregory Brown, two of the popular piano ensemble and Utah family, The Five Browns, about their hopes to change federal laws regarding the statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases. A survivor of sexual abuse, Deondra said she and her sisters were lucky that Utah laws allowed them to seek prosecution of their abuser (their father), a fact that is important in both a survivor's recovery and for public...


Our Brother's Keeper

In this episode, Congressman Ben McAdams talks with businessman and member of Utah's Muslim Community Avais Ahmed, as they discuss why his family chose Utah, what it was like being one of a handful of Muslims growing up in Kaysville, Utah, and how a terrorist attack in New Zealand that targeted Muslims in two different places of worship impact the Muslim community here in Utah. They give advice on how to bridge the divide between different groups, and why the efforts may amount to something...


Meeting of the Mayors

In this episode, Congressman Ben McAdams meets with St. George Mayor Jon Pike and Clearfield Mayor Mark Shepherd to discuss what Congress could learn from the way local governments solve problems and deal with issues. They touch on priorities, including an airport expansion in St. George and infrastructure and minimum wage issues. Mayor Shepherd talks about decisions he thought might cost him his job, and why he did it anyway.


The Border

In this episode, Congressman Ben McAdams talks with another newly elected representative - Veronica Escobar, a Democrat who represents Texas's 16th Congressional District, the heart of which is El Paso. Rep. Escobar talks about how the mythology surrounding immigration, including incorrect or misleading crime statistics shared by President Donald Trump in his State of the Union address last month, make immigration and border conversations more difficult. Congressman McAdams shares his own...


The Volunteer

In this episode of WashingTown, Congressman Ben McAdams sits down with one of the thousands of volunteers who helped him win the closest election of the 2018 midterms. Adam Gianelli had some unique reasons for volunteering to call and canvass for McAdams, and he wrote about it in a personal essay for the Washington Post Magazine. The poet and University of Utah graduate student felt volunteering for the campaign offered him the chance to have both his political voice and his actual voice,...


State of the Union

While many members of Congress made political statements with who they invited to the State o the Union speech last week, Congressman Ben McAdams took a different approach. In this episode Congressman McAdams (D-Utah) talks about why he invited his very Republican brother-in-law (and early Trump supporter) to the State of the Union address. The two men have preserved their relationship - and peace at family gatherings - by avoiding politics, but they share their thoughts on the ability to...


Mr. McAdams goes to Washington

This is the first episode of a podcast that will explore whether a successful democratic mayor from a red state can find a way to accomplish anything of significance in the deeply partisan Washington, D. C. Ben McAdams earned a narrow victory over the Republican incumbent, and he now represents Utah's Fourth Congressional District. In this first episode, he discusses being sworn in during the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, and he interviews his wife, Julie McAdams and the wife...