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Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey discusses everything of interest to federal employees, from pay, benefits and retirement, to buyouts, COLAs and pay freezes.

Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey discusses everything of interest to federal employees, from pay, benefits and retirement, to buyouts, COLAs and pay freezes.
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Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey discusses everything of interest to federal employees, from pay, benefits and retirement, to buyouts, COLAs and pay freezes.




Is your TSP account shrinking?

Everybody knows the expression what goes up also goes down. Repeat as necessary. We know the stock market retreats and advances. But after the longest running with the bull market for almost a decade, 2018, or at least the last half of it, was a bummer. Many feds, young, old or retired, invested heavily in the stock-indexed C, S and I funds are nervous in the service. On this episode of the Your Turn radio show, we asked financial planner Arthur Stein what’s going on. A majority of his...


Shutdown assignment: Taking care of number one

On this episode of the Your Turn radio show, we speak with Greg Klingler of the Government Employee Benefits Association. He's director of products and member services for GEBA. He talks about life and long term care insurance for members, 529 college savings plans and options feds have during the shutdown to make changes — or additionals — to their TSP accounts, the pros and cons of self-adjusting Lifecycle funds and ways to possibly get your financial house in better order during and...


Is your TSP account suffering pre-recession blues?

According to the experts December is on target to have its worst month since 1931. The erratic, some would say more normal performance of the market this year has made lots of investors nervous — particularly those trying to build nest eggs that will last them through a retirement, potentially 20 or 30 years. Financial planner Arthur Stein shares his review of TSP funds this year, and what participants should look for in 2019.


Shutdown game of chicken: What’s in a word?

Federal News Network reporter Nicole Ogrysko about the potential for a shutdown. Also on today's the show is Executive Vice President of the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association Retired Brig. General Mike Meese to discuss the new blended retirement system for military personnel. He’ll give an update on what military members are and should be doing with their Thrift Savings Plan accounts. The Your Turn radio show airs at 10 a.m. EST here on or 1500 AM in the...


When health premiums and your budget collide

Premiums are important if you are on a limited budget. But so is the plans’ catastrophic coverage (the limit on the amount you will have to pay out of pocket if you have a serious accident or major illness in 2019). Equally important, be sure your doctor(s) will be in the network of the plan(s) you are considering. Fortunately for people looking for good coverage at a low premium there are a lot of choices among the local HMOs and national fee-for-service plans. Walton Francis, editor of...


Open season: Is it time to switch health care plans?

The possibility of a Dec. 7 partial government shutdown is another good reason feds — especially retired government workers — should pick their 2019 health plan ASAP. Walton Francis, editor of Consumers Checkbook Guide to Federal Health Plans, joins host Mike Causey on this week's Your Turn. He talks about best buys and explains why many more people need to switch plans.


Open season: How to pick the best health plan for you

On this week's episode of Your Turn radio show, Walton Francis answers your questions. He's the guy who wrote the book on how to pick the best federal health plan: Checkbook's Guide To Health Plans For Federal Employees. Next Mr. Pat Grady, TRICARE Health Plan chief, tells us about changes that active military and veterans should be aware of this Open Season.


How to get more for less from your federal health plan

If you don’t change plans you will remain in your current plan which, if benefits change or premiums go up big time, could be a mistake. Walt Francis, a federal health plan expert, joined Federal News Network's Mike Causey on Your Turn to help you through open season.


It's time to sign up for long care coverage

It's open season for federal health care benefits, and this week on Your Turn, Joan Melanson and Paul Forte of Long Term Care Partners join host Mike Causey to talk about the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program and other benefits available to feds, such as dental and vision insurance. November 7, 2018


Strategies to grow your retirement nest egg

This week on Your Turn, estate planner and tax lawyer Thomas O'Rourke joins host Mike Causey to discuss what you can do to maximize the amount of money you have in your retirement accounts.


When to retire? Breaking up is hard to do

Leaving Uncle Sam, especially after a lengthy career at a good salary, can be very rewarding and sometimes a bit tricky, too. If you can’t stand your boss, have nothing in common with your coworkers or hate your commute or your job, it’s a no-brainer — leave ASAP. But if you are like most people, the best time to retire is worth checking out, especially when you figure you might be retired for decades — maybe longer longer than you worked. After deciding which year you are going to retire...


Ups and downs of 2018 TSP returns

Washington, D.C. area financial planner Arthur Stein joins host Mike Causey on this week's Your Turn discuss how volatility in the U.S. stock market is affecting federal workers' TSP accounts, and whether feds should head for the ‘safety’ of the Treasury securities fund, or stay the course.


The future of the civil service

The Carter administration’s Civil Service Reform Act is turning 40 this Saturday. So how is the 40-year old reform working out in an era of draining the bureaucratic swamp?


Federal pay raise & government shutdown: What are the odds?

This week on Your Turn, host Mike Causey will be joined by Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko who brings us up to speed on what has to happen for Congress to approve a 1.9 percent January pay raise for most white collar feds in 2019. Executive Editor Jason Miller also joins to show to discuss Trump administration plans to "re-skill" and "up-skill" what it sees as an aging, tech-challenged workforce and what it might mean for you, your job and your boss.


Is there a pay raise in your future?

This week on Your Turn, host Mike Causey talks with Federal Managers Association President Renee Johnson and FMA Government and Public Affairs Director Greg Stanford about where we are, what needs to happen to secure the pay raise. Johnson, of the Naval Air Systems Command’s Fleet Readiness Center-East in Cherry Point, North Carolina, has been a fed for 25 years. Stanford covers Capitol Hill. Later in the show, Mike and his guests discuss what's needed to block proposals eliminating future...


NARFE: Protecting your retirement benefits

The Trump administration wants to cut costs in the giant Federal Employees Retirement System by totally eliminating future COLAs for FERS retirees. If it becomes law the 2019 COLA — assuming there is one — would be the last. Workers under the FERS plan would be required to increase their contributions to the FERS program by one percentage point a year for six years. That would mean a 6 percent cut in take-home pay, if it happens. The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association...


The TSP: Investing for the long haul

Stein is today's guest on this episode of the Your Turn radio show. He talks about bull and bear markets, and what people should and should not be doing when investing for the long haul. He discusses when playing it “safe” can actually be dangerous to your long-term financial health. Your Turn airs at 10 a.m. EDT on 1500 AM in the Washington D.C. area.


Are you close to being a TSP millionaire?

Thanks to steady investing, a growing number of feds and federal couples now have 401(k) balances exceeding $1 million. The vast majority did it the hard way. They started investing from day one, maxed out their contributions and rode out the market in good and bad times. So do you have an estate plan? Tom O'Rourke, a Washington area estate and tax attorney and principal at Miles & Stockbridge, answered questions on this week's Your Turn with Mike Causey.


Federal unions: The return to the status quo

Federal News Radio reporters Nicole Ogrysko and Jory Heckman join host Mike Causey on this week's Your Turn to discuss the recent court ruling against the Trump administration’s crackdown against federal unions, and why there is a mini-exodus of scientists from the federal government. August 29, 2018


The past, present and future of the civil service

This week on Your Turn, Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko discusses the past, present and future of the federal civil service, and Federal News Radio Senior Digital Editor Michael O'Connell explains how podcasts could help you get ahead in your federal career. August 22, 2018