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Discover American history, gun training tips, product reviews and interviews with great people on the responsible, family friendly, gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007). Get the app at

Discover American history, gun training tips, product reviews and interviews with great people on the responsible, family friendly, gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007). Get the app at


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Discover American history, gun training tips, product reviews and interviews with great people on the responsible, family friendly, gun owners podcast hosted by Kenn Blanchard (since 2007). Get the app at






What Google Can Teach You About the NRA

Conversations with Marcus Hyman aka Instructor Solo - Firearms instructor that is hustling in the DMV to help everyone trying to learn 301-338-8613 And with my podcasting battle buddy, Michael J. Woodland on the best guns for beginners. 803-250-1256 History of the NRA and what’s going down. N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James Sues to Dissolve NRA Read more: ...


3 Things You Won’t Believe About Rev. Kenn Blanchard

Longer than usual episode. Remembering Jeff Quinn, gun blogger, reviewer, deacon, biker. Iconic bearded brother with two long braids in it from Tennessee. Conversation with analytic endeavors co-host, Nic Thompson on millennials, faith, miracles, and why Kenn came back to podcasting after retiring in December 2019. Kenn describes a time when he faced certain death on a motorcycle on Highway 1 returning from Disneyland and felt the presence of Divine intervention.What he didn’t say was...


World According to Rev Kenn Blanchard

Enemies, allies, spies, politics and guns. How to get started in the gun community if you live in Maryland, from no gun to concealed carry, interview with John j. Petrolino. On his new book Decoding firearms, and easy to read guide on general gun safety and...


5 Things About Gun Training You May Not Have Heard

637 - Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast Tips for instructors / trainers and students Mental S.H.I.T. - (Crude language warning) Conversation with Michael J. Woodland from He’s back with me. History of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense Trainers/Instructors Avery Skipalis, Chris Cerino, Chris Costa, Clint Smith, Dave Spalding, Ed head, gun site, Gabe suarez, Good Hodnett, Grant Cunningham, Greg Ellifritz, James Yeager, Jeff Gonzales,John Hearne, John Lovell,...


The Most Hated Black Man in America

Kenn explains why some African American men shy away from joining white gun clubs. He also hits on the psychological, social and anthropology history behind Uncle Tom. Disclaimer. Interview with Dr. Steve Albrecht Concealed Carry tips for the Urban Shooter or new shooter Transciption service Editor services Support me Https:// thanks for listening,...


Shooting For Peace

The host of Black Man With a Gun Show, Rev. Kenn Blanchard restarts his leading podcast by popular demand. This introduction to what he has planned as well as candid, and honest talk about what’s going on. He shares some of the changes he is making, Covid-19, politics in Washington DC, the NRA, history, BLM, racial injustice, gun rights, rise of Black Gunowners, and more. You don’t have to agree. We can fix this. On John Wayne, On Racism: Racism is as much about impact as it is about...


634 - Gun Owners, How Does It Feel To Be Right?

2A, patriots, gun owners and activist. Wasssup?. Just a quick shout out to my friends that got it going on. You were right. You bought your arms and ammo before the government shut it down. Before the price gouging. Before the toilet paper flew off the shelves. How does it feel now to be right? Now what do you do. Be vigilant that is what. You can’t eat ammo but make sure you have adequate stores of basics so that you can make meals too. Be operationally aware so you don’t tell...


Shackled to Gun Control

A black history special also on USCCA. Super short episode but thanks for keeping the site alive with your financial support to Look for me at Check out the NEW podcast at Shalom Baby! Kenn


632 - Special Bonus Message 2020

Just a quick announcement that I have a new podcast at This was over 600 episodes so feel free to go back and listen. I interviewed over 200 guest and covered some great historical topics about the gun movement over the past 12 years. I may come back for short messages like this but look for me at and Please continue to support me on Patreon. I would have never got this far without you. Now I am supporting...


Farewell message

This is my farewell message to friends, family and coworkers in the 2 A movement. In my twenty plus year of being in this space, I have never seen anyone actually retire. They usually die, get a mention in the NRA Rifleman, and Ammoland and that's it. Or they screw up in a media interview and get crucified by trolls and the community members that like that sort of thing. I'm trying to go out on my own terms. The world has changed since I started. A lot. Some good stuff has happened. And...


Interview with Cheryl Todd

Interview with Cheryl Todd News Point of View from someone that has been in the gun rights movement since 1991. LuckyGunner Ammo American Gun Owner shirt


2 A Rally

on November 2, 2019, about a hundred gun rights activist from different organizations, channels and locations came together in unity for the US Constitution. The one point they all agreed on was the importance of the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. It was a major feat because it was the herding of strong personalities. I was privileged to be in the number chosen to speak that day to a crowd about ten times that number on the grounds of the US Capitol's west lawn. There were 26 or...


Harlem’s Hellfighters and Us

630 - World War I and Us Historical look at our flag, WWI, Harlem’s Hellfighters, and the Trench Gun News: the NAAGA is having its first convention in 2020, and I am taking a break from this podcast. Shout out to all on Youtube that listened. Please give me a thumbs up there. If you are new, please take the time to listen to any of the 629 episodes previously until I return. If you want to contact me, If you would like to purchase a book, go to...


How history ties into our present with guns

The best prophet of the future is the past. Lord Byron News/Opinion - Get My Book here: Check out our affiliates Get the Free App at (thanks to our patreon supporters) Please join our team and support your podcast at new...


Red Flag Yo Mama

I had fun with this title. History of Black Cowboys and Isom Dart, Tom Hart and Yo Mama Jokes, Red Flag laws and the news. VIDEO: Black Man With A Gun:...


Why We Shouldn't Compromise

Compassionate yet Uncompromising History of the Wars Against the Native Americans Confrontational Politics Ideology Thanks for supporting the show using Check out the companies and links on Get your autographed copy of Black Man With A Gun Reloaded for $25, email me at for more info


Lessons from Colion Noir

Lessons you can learn from Colion Noirs’ conversation with Harvey Levin and Charles from TMZ. This was so good I had to call him up and praise the brother. From Minister of Defense, the Pastor of patriots, pistoleros and paladins, Rev. Kenn Blanchard The media and the truth Final portion of my interview with pro shooter Todd Jarrett Maryland Shall Issue update Killers, Bible history on the Ten Commandments — Thou Shall Not...


Circle the Wagons

There is a whole lot going on: Interview with Todd Jarrett, Pt3 What do you think of the new org to reform the NRA? What are you thoughts on the NRA now? News Did you know that there was so many crimes where more than 4 people were murdered? Affiliates for you to check out: Crossbreed holsters Duluth Trading Co ATN - Maker of Night Vision and Thermal Imaging: Check out how you can Be the Predator with ATN's Thor-HD Series Thermal SMART Riflescopes Palmetto State Armory: Ammunition...


Race Wars Stories

It's like a pink elephant in the room. Folks don’t want to talk about it but did you know that we have had race riots since 1898 in this country? The fear and mention of race wars still comes up in conversations. And it comes up with firearms ownership. Here's some history and background for you so you can be better armed to talk about it and our rights. Racism sucks. Continuing a conversation with pro shooter and friend, Todd Jarrett, as he talks about STI Guns and more on his life...


Todd Jarrett - In Close with Pro Shooter

The summer is here and I thought I'd go long in case you had a long drive or down time and wanted to hear the inside scoop of a good friend of mine, competitor and awesome shooter named Todd Jarrett. This is part 1 of 4. The longest part actually. His backstory. Things you would never hear on a youtube video. How he got started. Question of the Week is about Bullet Proof vest. I am testing one for...