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This weekly pro-gun variety show that provides inspiration, observations and conversation about life, the gun world and how to “survive another week.” It’s free, family friendly, fun, and has a narrated story about Zombies. Lineup: 45-60 minute podcast, new show available every Friday

This weekly pro-gun variety show that provides inspiration, observations and conversation about life, the gun world and how to “survive another week.” It’s free, family friendly, fun, and has a narrated story about Zombies. Lineup: 45-60 minute podcast, new show available every Friday
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This weekly pro-gun variety show that provides inspiration, observations and conversation about life, the gun world and how to “survive another week.” It’s free, family friendly, fun, and has a narrated story about Zombies. Lineup: 45-60 minute podcast, new show available every Friday






574 - Celebrating Juneteenth and Dick Heller

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast episode 574 I have an conversation with the guy in whom the Heller Decision is named, Dick Heller. He is funny. I also share some back story that it originally had a black woman and friend of mine, Shelly Parker as the plaintiff. The history of Juneteenth and the importance of it relating to gun rights. Michael Woodland talks about the community project. you can support it at Personal announcement. ...


573 - What Is Use of Force to Law Enforcement

Use of Force Continuum as a police officer sees it. A little Old Testament law about using force in the home. (Exodus 22:2-4) Michael J. Woodland interviews and talks to the owners of . thanks to the new supporters; YOU ROCK!


572 - What is freedom to you?

eluetheromania -a mania or frantic zeal for freedom On this episode, thoughts about the YouTube thing, freedom of speech and freedom from slavery. And things that are FREE. Michael J. Woodland on Law of Self Defense from Atty. Andrew Branca The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance. the right to keep and bear arms is similar to the abolitionist movement. Why we fight If you need to speak to me confidentially because you are going...


571 - Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

B2B with Shanyn K. Stewart - Gun Business, Accounting, and Taxes Michael J. Woodland introduces us to the Womens Defense Network Atty. Andrew Branca with the Self Defense Case of the Week


570 - You Need This Air Gun In Your Life

On this weeks Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast #570, I will share my review of the Condor SS, .22 cal. Michael J. Woodland introduces us to “Kimo” Moya of Attorney Andrew Branca gives us a new case in his feature from the Law of Self Defense. and we have a new sponsor from like cigars? Join now and use promo code “BMWAG” for 25% off the PuroTrader...


569 - The Zen of AirGuns, part 1

This week on the podcast I want to introduce a gun that is not a firearm. Introducing the Condor SS that I will be reviewing and the history of airguns. Remember the Daisy Red Ryder? This is the beginning of a project I am working on for folks in the urban environment to get one of these pro airguns. Andrew Branca’s feature on the Law of Self Defense is from a 2014 case talking use of force and our martial arts. Michael talks about how important fitness is to one...


568 - What Does Stand Your Ground Really Mean?

I think spring is finally here. How are you? It’s Black Man With A Gun Show podcast time and this week, Attorney Andrew Branca explains Stand Your Ground law, misconceptions in his Law of Self Defense feature on the show. Michael > Woodland shares his adventure attending the NRA annual Meeting, and Barbara Baird of Women’s Outdoor News gives us an “inside baseball” tip for gun bloggers on how a professional gun writer does a gun review for the major...


567 - Gun Control Is When They Push Laws They Know Won’t Work But Do It Anyway

Wishing all my friends and family safe travels back home from the NRAAM in Texas. Episode 567 Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast Kenn on stopping the division using the race card. Michael J Woodland on voting, training and more Andrew Branca’s law of self defense case of the week. (Idaho) The anti-rights and gun phobic hit the same old tired arguments that are not logical, practical, real or possible. Same tricks different day Thanks for listening, and supporting this show. If you...


566 - Kevin Dixie of No Other Choice Firearms Training

Back in November 2017, my patient co-host Michael J. Woodland, interviewed St. Louis, MO firearms trainer and holistic community activist Kevin Dixie. I apologize in advance for the lateness and the quality of the show. I just got a chance to process the audio and present it this week for the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast. (For the record don’t use a Bluetooth device for an interview) And there are some sounds I couldn’t get rid of when a little girl does a drive by but please stick...


565 - Ways Parents Can Save The Children

The facts about children and guns. Michael J. Woodland interviews April Cayce of @Rebound911 The Law of Self Defense with Andrew Branca, Admonition to parents.


564 - Did You Know I Do This Out of Love

Interview with John Krotec of GreenZone Hero, Law of Self Defense’s Andrew Branca with another one of his cases of the week, Michael is attending the USCCA concealed carry expo but let us with his thoughts on Smart Guns for you. I realized that what gets me going is love. I really care about the vets, the LEO's, and the gun community that you are a part of and that listen to this show. Thank you and God bless. Pro For Sho - Ear Pro on Amazon Thank you for supporting this podcast and me...


563 - How To Say the Right Thing

We are talking effective communication for the new gun rights activist. The struggle is real and you can win this thing if you are properly prepared to do battle. The opportunity to make a difference can come at any time and I want to share some stuff I have learned over the years about communicating. The USCCA is having a three day expo next week and I got a chance to snag my friend Tim Schmidt for an interview. to join up. Michael J. Woodland has a...


562 - Lies, and Damn Lies About Gun Reform

Going to share some facts that have been omitted in the rush to pimp little kids and protest something in this millennia. How can we be so mean to these kids? Its easy when its stupid. It’s easy when adults, politicians, lawyers and professionals Google everything except the truth. Michael J. Woodland on cleaning your rifle, and Andrew Branca with the Law of Self Defense Tip of the Week In honor of Easter, I want to share with you some background for the Christians that have heard...


561 - Shotguns for self defense, Gun Rights and Porn in the Afternoon

At the time of this podcast episode there is a huge march in Washington, DC funded by the super rich against gun owners. Kenn Blanchard talks about the shotgun in self defense, Michael J. Woodland on a survivors mindset, Andrews Branca gives a tip on the judicial system, and Kenn shares the news of the tragedy in Maryland with a school shooting. Kenn inspires and tries to encourage. Gun control, gun rights, civil rights, and civil liberties...


560 - Why Does This Black Man Want An AR-15

Its been a heck of a week for the pastor of patriots, pistoleros and paladins. I’ve been doing little ministering, a lot of writing and organizing the new site. Check out the posts by David B. Cole, and the products being reviewed. Why Would This Black Man Want An AR-15? Which gun organization should you join? What Happened on YouTube - Michael j. Woodland interviews Hank Strange Thank you for your awesome support. You can join us at...


559 - Gun Control is bearing false witness against a neighbor

Kenn Blanchard explains the subtle difference of a republic vs a democracy. There is a rant in there about how the gun control argument is basically lying on the good people. There is a "Shoot Don't Shoot scenario" for you to ponder. Andrew Branca from the Law of Self Defense provides a case study. Kenn and Michael talk a little (a lot). And this show goes just over an hour because of it. Let us know what you think of the scenario on and this episode...


558 - 3 Things Everyone Knows About Mass Shootings That You Don't

The Truth about Gun Control Gun control is as old as gun powder itself. There has always been one side in favor of controlling who can get a gun. Gun control is great for politicians and the media because it is easy to sell. It’s about money. It’s good for corporations and celebrities in need of tax write offs. Its good for politicians because you can’t offend a mechanical device. It’s good for organizations because you can look like you are doing something socially correct. It is good...


557 - Black Panthers, a School Shooting, and the AR15

This week on the BMWAG show podcast I share the history of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Andrew Branca returns with his segment on the Law of Self Defense, my cohost Monster, aka Michael Woodland, talks about a guy that destroyed his AR-15 over the media fallout from the tragedies. We got news, as there was a horrific shooting of young people, and the gun control people are on a roll. I will share what went down in Orlando, FL at the Podfest Multimedia expo I attended that made...


556 - Lift Every Voice & Sing

On this week's show I share the history of Black History Month, highlighted a martyr of the Civil Rights era. Michael J. Woodland gets me on video finally (see below) and Andrew Branca shares something new from the Law of Self Defense. And listen to our Armed Citizens defense news. Thank you for following this blog and listening to the podcast. Get the free app for the show and all social media at History On Christmas Day 1951, Harry T. Moore and his wife,...


555 - Remembering the 54th Massachusetts Black Infantry

On this, the 555th episode of the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast I share the history of the US Army 54th Colored Regiment Unit. For those that like to hear good guys with guns story I have some this week for you. Introducing Andrew Branca of the Law of Self Defense Podcast this week. And I have a little monologue about my son, the state of Maryland and how do you get a gun in Maryland. The 54th Massachusetts Infantry was formed January 26, 1863 History of Company B, Law of Self...