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E87 - Clay Guida, Chad Mendes & Pappa - Finz & Featherz - Gillz & Thrillz

Clay Guida and Chad Mendes are UFC superstars! They are also true outdoorsmen who both share a burning passion for hunting, fishing, and eating wild! They both sit down with Chad at Urijah Faber’s Ultimate Fitness to discuss Clay’s upcoming fight, Mendes’ retirement from the octagon, and their outfitting and entertainment brands and businesses! Join us for some insight on the fight game, announcements in the outdoor world. And of course lots of laughs! Today’s episode is brought to you by...


E86 - Urijah Faber - Back in the Game

Urijah Faber has had a standout career in the UFC, but its tough to stay away when its your passion. We got a chance to sit down with the busy Urijah between workouts and on daddy duty to talk about his return to professional fighting, the UFC and the players involved and life as a new dad.


E85 - Tyler Farr - Country Music Singer and Songwriter

E85 - Tyler Farr - Country Music Singer and Songwriter by Chad Belding


E84 - Clay Charlton - Take-Em Outfitters Alberta Canada

Clay has put thousands of hunters on bucket list hunts up around Alberta Canada. He runs a great outfit along with his wife Crystal and they all work hard to satisfy his customers. Episode brought to you North American Whitetail Challenge, Carbon Express Arrows, Mathews Archery and Elk Ridge Knives.


E83 - Remi Warren - Live Wild, Hunt Hard

Remi Warren is constantly seeking new and accessible adventures whether at home or some far-off foreign mountain. Remi is a outdoor writer, outfitter, television host and obsessive hunter. He is co-host of Solo Hunters on the Outdoor Channel. He also hosts Ridge Reaper Series and you can catch him on episodes of MeatEater TV with his good buddy Steven Rinella.


E82 - Cam Zink - Professional Freeride Mountain Bike Rider & X-Game Athlete

Most would probably think Cam is crazy for the insane stunts and trick jumps he does on a Mt Bike, and they might be right, but just like any professional athlete, Cam is methodical, focused and works hard at his craft. We love having Cam on the show to talk about his experiences in extreme sports and what goes on in the mind of these athletes. Plus we get into other topics like Hunting and gun rights. This podcast is brought to you by North American Whitetail Championship by Bone Collector,...


E81 - David Wise - 2X Olympic Gold Medalist & 4x X Games Gold

What David can do on skis is truly amazing. Google his name and watch his Olympic runs in the half pipe. Its crazy what he can do! He is an amazing athlete and has risen to the occasion on the biggest events in freestyle skiing. Wise is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time X Games Gold Medalist. The metals keep stacking up but if get a chance to meet him or hear him talk you'd never guess he's one of the top skiers in the world. David is not only driven athlete but also has a...


E80 - Justin Moscove - Fowling Tide Pub Owner/Operator, Reno NV

Justin came from humble beginnings and has now worked his way to having one of the most successful restaurants / bars in Northern Nevada.


E79 - You Only Get One Body with Matt Pendola & Clint Belding

As parents what's the best way to align and push our kids in their sports and develop their physical fitness? We answer a few of these questions and talk about the general idea of taking care of our heath and body on this podcast with Matt Pendola, a professional fitness coach that has built a reputation for developing some of the top young athletes in the country. Clint Belding is a physical therapist and has a wealth of knowledge in the sports fitness and brings his experience as a father...


E78 - Scotty Lago - Professional Snowboarder, Olympic Medalist & Hunter Outdoorsman

Scotty Lago is a pro snowboarder, olympic medalist, 4x X-games medalist, world traveler, and hunter outdoorsman. Chad and Scotty talk about the extreme athletes in various sports like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and others. Plus Scotty talks about his past and future endeavours.


E77 - Scott Schellin - Reno Nevada Businessman and Sports Buff

Chad is joined in studio again by one of our favorites, Scott Schellin! Chad has so much to discuss with Scott and the two of them never know where to start or where to end so they decide to just go for it! Topics include boxing and MMA, basketball and the WNBA, insurance, fraternities, participation awards and a bunch more! Entertaining to say the least, Scott never disappoints on the mic! Today’s episode is brought to you by the North American Whitetail Championship, MOJO Outdoors, and...


E76 - Neal Fincher - Krav Maga Instructor

Neal joins Chad to discuss Krav Maga and why it is important to be aware at all times. It is always better to be prepared then to be caught off guard and Neal has developed an approach that can help anyone realize theirs. At the surface, Neal has a normal job and a normal life but his mental and physical toughness is far from normal. Today’s episode is brought to you by be North American Whitetail Championship and Hi Viz Sights.


E75 - Erin Pendola & Kelley Perotti - Female Fitness, MMA & Business

Erin Pendola is a fitness freak! Kelley Perotti is a 2x World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kelley trained Erin for her first degree black belt in MMA! Erin received this black belt. Neither one of them are stopping there! As both of their businesses Pendola Training and Conviction Martial Arts have exploded, the ladies find time for their families, their nutrition, their fun, and to sit down in our studio to talk about their lives and their stories with Chad! Today’s episode is brought...


E74 - Joey Gilbert - The Fight Game

Joey Gilbert is a champion in the ring and in life. And he is an inspiration for all of us. He joins us in the studio again to discuss the fight game and his career and his stance on work ethic and commitment! He lays it down only the way Joey can. He is passionate and he is assertive and his story and optimism are contagious! Today’s episode is brought to you by MTN OPS and the North American Whitetail Championship! Visit the Championship at


E73 - Chris Nicolai - US Fish and Wildlife Biologist & Hunter

Chad calls him the Bird Nerd and it’s for good reason. Chris Nicolai is obsessed with ducks and geese and he is a leading authority on them all! He joins Chad in the studio again to discuss the reverse migration, the “weird 2018-19 duck season”, banding, decoys, ethics, and everything else Waterfowl. This is a strong conversation on what drives our passion for ducks and geese! Thank you Chris! Today’s episode is brought to you by the North American Whitetail Championship, Elk Ridge Knives,...


E72 - Mike Stoker - Finding Success and Loving Life in Reno/Tahoe

Living the American Dream is something that we all....well...dream of doing. A good education, a promising career, a genuine love of family and friends, a strong family bond, money in the bank, our health are all prices of this American Dream puzzle. Chad has been inspired and intrigued by Mike Stoker for several years now. They finally get to sit down in the studio to discuss this dream, talk business, and weave their way through this awesome life that Mike has built for himself. He has...


E71 - Erin & Matt Pendola - Dynamic Duo Fitness Coaches in Reno, NV

Matt and Erin Pendola have become regulars on the podcast and it’s because their message is so positive and contagious. They promote finding a better version of ourselves and they have developed a training system that helps you not only get started, but one that helps you stay engaged in making it a lifestyle! Athletes don’t diet and exercise, they eat and train....and we are ALL athletes! Matt and Erin join Chad in the studio to discuss this mentality and to launch their new video series...


E70 - Zach Roubo - Mixed Martial Arts - 4th Degree Black Belt & Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu

From a young age, Zach had always wanted to be a ninja. Over the years Zach has studied and trained in different disciplines of mix martial arts. Zach has earned his 4th degree Black Belt and Purple Belt in Ju Jitsu at Conviction Martial Arts gym in Reno, Nevada. His mental toughness and positive approach is what enlightened Chad to want sit down in the studio and learn Zach’s story. It takes more then dedication to earn your black belt, let alone your 4th Degree Black Belt. Zach has the...


E69 - Tim Burnett - Host/Founder SOLO HNTR

Tim is an accomplished hunter and outdoor survivalists and has been from a very early age. Tim founded the tv show SOLO HNTR, which at the time was unlike any other hunting show. “ I want my viewers to feel the experience rather than just see it.” SOLO HNTR is now a national brand and Tim is working relentlessly to capitalize on its popularity. Tim sits down with Chad to discuss the daily commitment it has taken to visualize a national television idea and turn it into something that people...


E68 - Alex Crosby - Tahoe Creamery

Alex Crosby from Tahoe Creamery Ice Cream sits down with Chad to discuss his new endeavor! Tahoe Creamery was born in the back room of a small restaurant in Reno, Nevada when a group of like-minded individuals decided it was time to create a lasting legacy for their families. The vision was simple. Produce and distribute premium ice cream that paid homage to the 8th wonder of the world, Lake Tahoe. The lake known around the world happens to be right in the backyard of Tahoe Creamery and...