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101 Ways To Save The Planet is one hour of hope and optimism about the future. Each episode features interviews with some of the most forward-thinking minds who are dreaming up solutions to combat climate change and help humanity live in harmony with nature. We will share their vision for the future and provide information about how you, too, can help that vision become reality.

101 Ways To Save The Planet is one hour of hope and optimism about the future. Each episode features interviews with some of the most forward-thinking minds who are dreaming up solutions to combat climate change and help humanity live in harmony with nature. We will share their vision for the future and provide information about how you, too, can help that vision become reality.


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101 Ways To Save The Planet is one hour of hope and optimism about the future. Each episode features interviews with some of the most forward-thinking minds who are dreaming up solutions to combat climate change and help humanity live in harmony with nature. We will share their vision for the future and provide information about how you, too, can help that vision become reality.






Saving the Planet with Greener Schools (with Leslie Medema, Head of Learning at Green School)

And now for the episode Bonnie has been DYING to share with you ever since she started working with Green School in October 2020...today Bonnie and Madeleine welcome Leslie Medema, Green School's Head of Learning, to share with listeners all about this incredible and pioneering K12 school (named a 'School of the Future' by the World Economic Forum). Green School, which originated with Green School Bali in 2008 and has since expanded with Green School New Zealand, is on a mission to educate a...


Saving the Planet by Giving a Shit (with Ashlee Piper, Sustainable Living Expert, Author & TEDx Speaker)

Reporting from the jungles of Bali! Bonnie and Madeleine spend time talking about what's going on at COP26 - and their hopes for action from the 'powers that be' - before bringing it back down to the individual actions level with the help of the TRULY inspirational, sustainable living expert, TEDx speaker and author of the aptly named Give a Shit sustainable and ethical living manual - Ashlee Piper. Ashlee has an incredible ability to make often complicated and overwhelming topics related to...


Saving the Planet with Vegan Fast Food (with Jeffrey Harris, Co-Founder of Plant Power Fast Food)

We've said it before and we'll say it again. The biggest AND easiest / most accessible way we can have an impact on climate change and protecting our planet is by making more ethical decisions about the food we put on our plate. This is exactly the motivation that inspire Jeffrey to help co-found Plant Power Fast Food, one of the nation's first vegan, fast food restaurant chains with locations throughout Southern California. We talk to Jeff about how it's not enough to simply offer the world...


Saving the Planet by designing better cities (with Alyn Griffiths, author of The Future City)

What might the city of the future look like, and how might it meet the needs of future generations while limiting damage to our planet's fragile ecosystem? This is the central question of a new book by author, journalist and Scotsman, Alan Griffiths. His book is called “The Future City” - and is an insightful introduction to the most exciting ideas in urban building and development. It highlights 40 revolutionary projects that address crucial issues in design planning for cities of the...


Saving the Planet by Growing Better Products (with Jasmina Aganovic, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Gingko Bioworks)

Jasmina is a beauty industry pioneer who is passionate about translating innovation into meaningful brands that connect us with the miracle of biology. Her previous company, Mother Dirt, included a line of products focused on the skin microbiome. The hero product restores Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB), which current hygiene practices have stripped from the skin. Now, Jasmina is working with the powerful Ginkgo Foundry to see what we can learn from nature and harness through microbes for...


Saving the Planet through Farm to School Programs (with Krystal Oriadha, Senior Director of Programs and Policy at the National Farm to School Network)

As the Senior Director of Programs and Policy for the National Farm to School Network, Krystal Oriadha leads efforts to connect all communities to holding power in a racially just food system. The National Farm to School Network works to advocate for programs and policies that will allow ALL children, in all school settings across the US, DC and US territories to have access to farm to school programs that enrich their connection to the local community, farmers, and food producers while also...


Saving the Planet by Investing in Triple Bottom Lines - People, Profit & Planet (with B Corp Consultant, Mark Frieden)

Are all corporations the big baddies behind climate change? Can we have compassion for the human hearts behind those big glossy desks in the corner offices of the world? Today, we've invited B Corp consultant, Mark Frieden, to clarify what it means to be a B Corp company and why it's important for consumers to support ethical businesses that invest in a triple bottom line - People, Profit and Planet. We take a peek behind the curtain to better understand the process of becoming a B Corp...


Saving the Planet by Drawing Down Carbon (with Crystal Chissell, Senior Director of Drawdown Communities)

As Senior Director of new initiative Drawdown Communities, Crystal Chissell leads efforts to produce informational programming and guides to support local, collective climate action. These efforts will focus on scaling adoption of Project Drawdown solutions in a way that values the well-being of all people and nature. Project Drawdown has done a global analysis of the potential of these solutions over a thirty year period. That doesn’t always translate exactly into “here’s what you should do...


Saving the Planet by Supporting Travel Destinations (With Jessica Blotter, CEO & Co-Founder of Kind Traveler)

After an inspired trip to Belize, Kind Traveler soon-to-be co-founders, Jessica Blotter and Sean Krejci, were left with a question: How can we make it easy for travelers to give back to the communities and destinations that hey love so that they might able to leave the destination better than before they arrived? The question inspired them to found KindTraveler.com, the world's first Give + Get hotel booking platform that empowers travelers to positively impact local communities and the...


Saving the Planet by Coming Home to Ourselves (with Transformation Coach, Kim Mellor)

Transformation Coach, Manifesting QUEEN and New Earth leader, Kim Mellor, is on a mission to empower, lead and inspire womxn from all walks of life to uncover their soul, live their truth and own their magic. She does this through her network marketing business Arbonne, her 5 star podcast ‘The Soul Digger’ and her coaching programmes - including her new group coaching programme MAGNETIC - launching July 11! Prior to doing this work, Kim was a model for more than two decades. Like many of...


Saving the Planet SEASON 2 PREMIERE! (Catching up with our co-hosts)

Madeleine and Bonnie catch up after what has been A YEAR, in so many ways, since the podcast launched. We talk about our own eco-living journeys and how we can work to put down judgement and come back to more love, both for ourselves and for our fellow humans. How by coming back to our hearts we can identify the unique role we each have to play in re-creating our world for the highest possible good.


Saving the Planet by Regenerative Travel (David Leventhal owner of Playa Viva regenerative resort)

David Leventhal walks us through why we need to go beyond “leave no trace” and start to clean up the mess that generations have left. Focusing ourresources when we travel to go towards creating a better future by our impact on the paces we visit. At the heart of this cleanup is the Idea of regeneration. Not just sustaining where we are, but replenishing the people and places that we interact with. We talk about the positive feedback loops built into the dinning and the turtle sanctuary by...


Saving the Planet by telling stories with heart (Leia Marasovich, Environmental Storyteller and Content Creator with Farmer's Footprint)

Leia Marasovich is telling stories to ignite a revolution of the heart. Her work with Farmer's Footprint brings the humanity back to environmental activism, showcasing the lived experiences of real life farmers with a special focus on those communities that have been historically oppressed. We talk about how you can't bring about real, enduring change without first expanding our love for self, others, and planet. Leia's content is our reminder to always come back to our hearts. Where to...


Saving the Planet with Thirst Trap Farming (with Samantha Foxx, founder/mother of Mother's Finest Urban Farm)

This week we speak with the inspiring urban farmer and master bee keeper, Samantha Foxx. Her revolutionary way of farming is equal parts strength, power and looking fly. Her goal? To heal the world. “When you’re speaking from the heart that’s the type of effect you have on people, its real, and its intentional, and that’s what farming was. You’re planting a seed and planting something beautiful. So every time I plant a seed I can imagine another family is going to get out there and start...


Saving the Planet while keeping it sexy (with New York fashion designer Arielle Taylor)

Today we sit down with new york fashion designer Arielle Taylor to shine a light on the effects of the fashion industry on the ecological crisis. She answers all our questions about what it takes to live our values in our businesses and in our closet. Arielle is a "Zero Waster" a movement of people who are commited to decreasing the amount of trash that they produce by their lifestyle. Join us for this conversation that is sure to inspire you to be more intentional about the way you want to...


Saving the planet by combatting climate anxiety (with Clover Hogan, founder of Force of Nature)

Find out how bringing awareness to the anxiety that arises when we face the ecological crisis can be the first and often most important step in helping us to save the planet. “If the story in my head is that I’m powerless, then what are the chances that I’m actually going to take action? In our work we bring attention to these stories, and re-write them to serve you so you feel empowered to take action," says 21-year old climate activist and eco-anxiety researcher, Clover Hogan. Empowerment...


Saving the planet by removing "Sacrifice Zones" (with Maya Van Rossum, author of The Green Amendment)

Our conversation with Maya van Rossum, Founder of the Green Amendment movement, Is a conversation about fighting for something positive and SIMPLE: The right for all people to have clean water, pure air, safe environments and stable climates. Maya discusses the importance of getting clear language into state and federal constitutional bills of rights that support our right to breath, drink, eat and live without facing health consequences caused by environmental degredation. We also approach...


Saving the planet by eating chocolate! (with Mike Forbes, CEO of Alter Eco)

What better way to promote regenerative agriculture and agro-forestry than through the cultivation of a food loved by just about everyone - Chocolate! Our conversation with Mike Forbes, the CEO of Alter Eco, really shines a light into what happens when you prioritize the health of the whole system in business, and why it's the right decision every time. SHOW NOTES Where to Find Alter Eco: https://www.alterecofoods.com/https://foundation.alterecofoods.com/


Saving the Planet with Biophilic Design (with Dr. Phill Tabb from the Biophillic Institute)

Following our amazing episode with Serenbe’s founder, we're bringing in the master planner behind the beautiful and sustainable community. Dr. Phillip Tabb is one of the top experts in sustainable community planning as well asa biophilic urbanism, a model of design that encompasses humans tendency to want to live in communion with nature. Our conversation starts off with gaining a deeper understanding of why biophilic design is an important aspect of moving towards a greener tomorrow, and...


Saving the planet through HOLIDAY SHOPPING!! Special Ethical Gift Guide Episode

101 Ways to Save The Planet Ethical Gift Guide: WELLNESS Fatty15 Sustainable Supplementswww.fatty15.comHappyLabs CBDwww.thehappylabs.comHealist CBDwww.healistnaturals.comPela Blue Light Blockers www.pelavision.com/collections/blue-light-glassesPlaine reusable beauty products -www.plaineproducts.comPeet Bros. palm-free beauty productswww.peetbrospalmfree.comIndu aromatherapywww.indulotion.comViori beauty (package-free shampoo bar) www.viori.comBOOKS Whole Beauty by Shiva...