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With only 25 shows, we have rebranded the 15 Minutes of Giving No F*cks Podcast into the new Attentive While Oblivious Podcast. We felt that it gives the show a broader appeal with a more positive vibe. Don’t get it twisted - the show is still the same as our Divorce Devil Podcast, funny, witty, in-your-face, crazy, entertaining, innovative and sometimes out of control. The show’s premise has not changed and the goal is still the same - this special podcast is one that is not in the business of making you not care about things but getting you to take a step back and articulate to yourself what is important and what matters in your life. You still attentively care and are aware of everything but the oblivious side allows you to organize your life while pushing the 'fluff' aside. That's what everybody wants in life - less chaos. Every podcast will feature my co-host or a special guest, usually a friend of mine. We will discuss how the art of being attentive while oblivious is incorporated into their daily life.


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With only 25 shows, we have rebranded the 15 Minutes of Giving No F*cks Podcast into the new Attentive While Oblivious Podcast. We felt that it gives the show a broader appeal with a more positive vibe. Don’t get it twisted - the show is still the same as our Divorce Devil Podcast, funny, witty, in-your-face, crazy, entertaining, innovative and sometimes out of control. The show’s premise has not changed and the goal is still the same - this special podcast is one that is not in the business of making you not care about things but getting you to take a step back and articulate to yourself what is important and what matters in your life. You still attentively care and are aware of everything but the oblivious side allows you to organize your life while pushing the 'fluff' aside. That's what everybody wants in life - less chaos. Every podcast will feature my co-host or a special guest, usually a friend of mine. We will discuss how the art of being attentive while oblivious is incorporated into their daily life.







Welcome back to the differences between caring and worrying and how to understand them. Rachel and I are back on the mic hitting 3 more points to make your life smoother. What if, in parenting and in life, caring could triumph over worrying? We're coming at you with an intriguing conversation about how caring can inspire positivity and change versus how worrying often leads to paralysis. We'll put under the microscope the fine line where caring ends and worrying begins, and guide you on how to give people room to grow while setting the essential boundaries. Points of: Walk the f*ck homeGet an ulcerPhysical symptomsToo much anxietyThe Chronic - that’s differentMental stressesFunerals turn into reunionsSmall winsPositive speak is importantThat cheeseburger is going to kill meSeek professional help if you need itWe'll also shine a light on our own self-talk and its impact on our mental and physical health. Navigating through this sensitive topic, we'll share insights on transforming worries into motivations and victories into productivity. The episode will wrap up with a unique perspective on parents' role in the sports scenario, encouraging them to step beyond being just a sideline heckler. So, brace yourself for a highly engaging discussion that serves as a guide to care more, worry less, and set healthy boundaries.



Are you constantly bogged down by worry? What if we told you that the power to replace that worry with care is completely within your control? This is not just some abstract theory—we're laying down practical advice to help you conquer your fears by taking ownership and focusing on solutions. We discuss the dangers of over-parenting and how it can lead to an entitled mindset in children. We also shed light on why allowing children to learn from their own experiences is a more effective way of caring. But it doesn't end there. We're also diving deep into the concept of acceptance versus fear. We're exploring the liberating power of taking action, of not letting the fear of the unknown paralyze us. Fear is a part of life, but it needn't be the driving force. We discuss how to stay in the present, focusing on the now, and not worrying about the future. Remember, the power to make positive changes in your life is in your hands, and every step you take towards your goals, no matter how small, is a victory. Let's embark on this journey together and learn how to care more, worry less, and take control of our lives. Tune in, and let's transform our mindset


Nate and his story of drug addiction / recovery and methods to keep that straight and narrow of caring and not caring || Attentive While Oblivious Podcast #33 || David and Nate

So far on this podcast, we have focused on helping people not care so much so that it doesn’t interfere with their everyday life. Well, we’re throwing you a curveball - my friend, Nick, is a warrior having and still recovering from early drug addiction and psychosis. His story and struggles of deviating from the ‘normal’ path of a school-aged kid to getting his ‘shit’ together and start caring about what eventually mattered - himself is amazing. He had to take care of himself in order to take care of the most important person in his life, his young son. With a new lease on life and a mission of getting his body and mind right, Nate obtained his certificate for personal training, started working with at-risk youth, and forged a partnership with a professional counselor. With all those irons in the fire, he still has room for teen court and youth summer camp. With one book under his belt, Nate has just finished his second one. He is a big believer that it is the intervention that God has put in front of some of his youth and, hopefully, his bond, resources, and sharing his journey will assist some of them to make better choices. Great job Nick! Would you believe that a traumatic childhood encounter could spark a life-threatening addiction? Prepare to be taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as our guest, Nate, courageously opens up about his harrowing journey from trauma to triumph. Listen in as Nate paints a vivid picture of his downward spiral, from casual marijuana use to the deadly grip of crystal meth, and how it wrecked his life. Hear his raw account of hitting rock bottom and the pivotal moment that sparked his desire for recovery. Through rehab interventions and dealing with the pain of losing friends, Nate recounts his brave fight against the chains of addiction and his journey toward recovery. But it's not all doom and gloom, our conversation gracefully transitions into an insightful discussion on mentoring children. The world of a child is a complex one, filled with various priorities, developing brain functions, and influences both genetic and environmental. As mentors, how can we effectively guide them? This is where the power of motivational interviewing comes in. By helping the child find their own answers, we can better understand what's really going on beneath the surface. Take part in this enlightening exploration of young minds as we discuss how to comprehend, connect, and care for them in the best way possible. This episode is not just a tale of recovery but a rich exploration of understanding and nurturing the future generation NATE'S FIRST BOOK...



Do you ever feel caught between caring too much and not caring at all? Struggling to find balance in your relationships and emotions can be exhausting. Join us as we uncover the secret to being attentive while oblivious – the art of balancing caring and not caring in our daily lives. We'll discuss the importance of developing emotional intelligence, setting boundaries, and detaching from situations and people that can harm our mental health. Learn how to create long-lasting relationships and friendships that are mutually satisfying. Plus, we offer tips on handling grudges, practicing mindfulness, and embracing self-care to maintain your sanity. In this enlightening episode, we also explore how to differentiate between caring and worrying within relationships and when to let go. Find out how to practice acceptance, set boundaries, utilize mindfulness, and seek professional help when needed. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your approach to caring, ultimately improving your emotional well-being and the quality of your relationships. Discussions of: coming from a place of hurtsetting boundariesjournalingdepression is a diagnosed disordersolutions don't start from excuseslife events can get you centeredI'm pretty, I'm smart


The best ways to deal with the Veruca Salts of the world || Attentive While Oblivious Podcast #031 || David and Rachel

Ever wondered how we can put an end to the entitlement and ingratitude plaguing our society? In Episode 31 of the Attentive While Oblivious Podcast, we examine the concept of "Veruca Salt Syndrome" inspired by Veruca Salt from the beloved children's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Uncover the ways in which this character represents unchecked greed, entitlement, and the negative consequences of not being grateful, and how it is all too prevalent in both children and adults today. So, we are taking the Veruca Salt syndrome to task with our top ways to battle it. Discussions of: Veruca Salt is not a spiceThe difference between a want and a needSounding boardStress can be a factorBoundaries are healthyGreed and entitlementMen or women, kids or grown-assed adultsSociety of instant gratificationWe all want to be happySelf-reflection and personal growthProvide constructive criticismPromote accountabilitySeek support from othersJoin us as we reveal strategies for combating this spoiled behavior, such as setting clear boundaries, fostering empathy, and nurturing self-awareness. We'll also delve into the vital role of perspective-taking and understanding how our actions and words impact others. Plus, we'll discuss entitlement in relationships, the importance of constructive feedback, and how genetics might play a part in our behavior. Don't miss this eye-opening, thought-provoking episode that will guide you toward a more mindful and conscious way of living.


BATTLE OF THE SEXES - WHAT IS OBLIVIOUS AND NOT SO OBLIVIOUS IN THE BATTLE? || Attentive While Oblivious Podcast || David and Rachel

Rachel is back from vacation and we are back in the studio. How fitting to welcome her back and talk about all her faults being a woman! LOL… So, we decided to have a little fun. But seriously, we are discussing quite gender-specific differences between us with a personal flair. Discussions of: Men never admit they are lostWhatever direction she is facing is northFashionably lateProcrastinationGrocery shoppingElectronicsBuy it even if you don’t need itVibratorsPocket puppiesLikes a man in a truckSubaruGlampingTV showsVacationsSleep number beds are like a threesomeGirls rule60 without the 9Abbot Elementary is the best show on TVLost control of the TV remoteNational parksSeafood and sushiOnline shoe shoppingThis was a fun and witty podcast. It was a nice departure for us. We will be back at it next week considering our caring / non-caring subjects. Enjoy.


Why do people want to control you and how to combat it. || Attentive While Oblivious Podcast #029 || David and Rachel

This podcast deals with why people want to control you and how not to let them. Rachel and I go through quite a few reasons why people want control of you and us. Sometimes just a simple no can be a remedy in most circumstances. Discussions of: Mic dropGuilt is a subfactor of controlBoundariesI don’t like the lunch lady in the lineI am the boss of myselfGenerationalNarcissisticNo with no explanationYou care about yourself more than others feelingsRachel is a people pleaserTouch lovePosition holderYou can be a healer and not be a suckaElectric shock therapy We feel that the only one that should control you is you. Make it a point to set simple boundaries at first and go from there. Good luck with your journey!


Why is waiting for the shoe or the other shoe to drop such a part of our lives? || Attentive While Oblivious Podcast #028 || David and Rachel

Why are we always waiting for the shoe to drop in certain situations? We discuss that thought process and others just like it. We found that it is amazing how many times in our lives we have destructed things and/or circumstances for no reason except for our paranoia. Topics of: Scooby snacksP.F. Flyers and Buster BrownsThrow the show out the windowEven a squirrel gets a nutAnticipating anxietyRule of threesFolkloreBoth the kettle and pot are blackLand of the LostSpeak it into existenceGenerational cursesStress can cause physical ailmentsSh!t sometimes happens that you can’t control The ‘other’ shoeSo, we decided that waiting for a shoe or even the other shoe to drop is basically a waste of time and you can use that energy for positive thoughts or deeds. Taking control of the ‘shoe’ is paramount for living a better life.


How is your motivation a reflection of your life’s history? || Attentive While Oblivious Podcast #027 || David and Rachel

History - it is so important to give us a relative point. Repeating it can be a good thing or a bad thing. We humans are supposed to learn from our positive and negative histories. But, sometimes we don’t good a good job. We discuss the topic of history and it interplays in our lives. Topics of: Rachel is a helper to a faultTheir shoes don’t fit meWe don’t set enough boundaries with friends and/or familyYou have to recognize the destructive patternsYou got to give no f*cksThe title flows like butterHistory repeats itself until you change itGroundhog DayPatience and love will get you only so farYou can’t live someone’s lifeSage sprayBe gone demonsActions speak louder than wordsI’m not a doormat or a rugYou can distance yourselfThrowing clotsYou only stubbed only your toeYou have to search for your happinessBecoming the a$$hole can be a good thingIt can be ok to be the villain in someone’s storyBottom line - you gotta take care of yourself. Or you can’t take care of others. Pay attention to your history and adjust your life from there. Good Luck!!


Tips and methods of how not to let the sh!tty choices and/or decisions made by others affect you in your daily life. || Attentive While Oblivious Podcast #025 || David and Rachel

Well, this is the first podcast in the Attentive While Oblivious Podcast and it is a doozy. We were going to get to it eventually with Rachel’s semi-road rage - and our other bitches and gripes generally. Topics of: People driving slow in the left laneCalm down by podcastingLack of respect, no work ethicLearn your patience levelChildren can be feral and parents can be a$$holesPick your battlesTall all the steps to calmCOVID has helped things get worsePatience and kindnessDriving Mrs. DaisyYou don’t walk in other people’s shoesWhere is the safety for the teachers and kidsOverly stupid niceKnow your communication limitsNot everyone mixes Text your work bestieCommunicationwhen did a$$hole be an option as a childIn your nose and out mouthLet it goPens don’t drive in the left laneWe all need to be more patient and kind. The world would definitely be a better place. We will try to do our part and you need to do yours too!


Why is the healthcare system flawed (most of the time) || Attentive While Oblivious Podcast #026 || David and Rachel

Between the two of us we could talk about the subject and our sometimes disdain for our healthcare system. It is because of COVID, many people just don’t care, there are not enough professionals, and the bottom line becomes the key to approving or not approving certain treatments, or maybe just a total realization of lack of a better word - empathy. This podcast could have gone for hours discussing a few of those problems. Topics of: Nursing shortageThe healthcare system is overtaxedThe squeaky wheel gets the greaseEither see my daughter or see the policeSelf-careWe need to hold insurance companies accountableDon’t be an a$$hole to the nursesYou have to advocate for yourselfNo practical experiencePeople getting out of the healthcare systemPatience and fortitudeWe need to do betterStarts with one person at a timeHaving a toothache vs having cancer, treatment time!We don’t subscribe to having the answer to the problem, but we think it starts with patience, respect for others, and self-love - things we preach on both podcasts. We hope it gets better than worse. Prayers…..


Can giving no f*cks and religion coexist? 15MOGNF Podcast 024.

This is a continuation of our Divorce Devil Podcast #121, where we discussed divorce, divorce recovery and religion. So, we thought is necessary to extend the subject to 15MOGNF Podcast! It’s almost a never-ending battle of good vs. evil with the role and importance of religion in our daily lives. Discussions of: Who is the favorite child?You can’t save the world, but you can help someLetting go of the absolutesCatholic guiltFree willYouth group homiesThe golden rule, is don’t be a f*cking a$$holeNo deity would want you to hurt yourselfLack of respectWhat would Rachel do?Find two eggs and go drinkJust eat the ears off the chocolate bunnyBe ready to actively listenIf you’re religious or not, we stress just being a good human being and respecting others even if you don’t agree with them. We are so divided now. Just listening to start some conversations is a great way to create a more positive world. Enjoy.


15 Minutes of Giving no f*cks and letting go of fear which prevents you from moving forward in your life. 15 MOGNF Podcast #023

One of our favorite podcasts so far, handling fear and progressing forward. Once again, the most common denominator with all our 15MOGNF Podcast is self-love. We think that the strength of letting go of fear comes through self-love. Topics of: You get more flies from honeyWe are neutralReal HousewivesFear of dying, fear of not knowingA threesomeNo one is listeningLearning not to hurtTrusting your gut and processing with your brainTake that step outside of your comfort zoneAdult Big WheelDon’t live in fearWe do think that a little bit of fear is good. Respect your fears. Having no ‘ regurts’ is part of moving on from fear. It is a process with lots of baby steps!


15 Minutes of Giving No F*cks Podcast and finally stepping out of your comfort zone to chase your dreams and/or aspirations - 15MOGNF Podcast #022

Chasing your dreams and/or aspirations is something that all of us have thought of more than once. What holds us back from doing that? We discuss all the factors that may or may not deter us from achieving those dreams. Topics of: Life gets in the wayWe are legitOnly Fans and dirty socksDon’t neglect your familyAll the teeth are playdough2% and the squeaky wheelBacon and bitching lipsWhat do you want to be when you grow up?Prioritize your lifeWork ethicDo a good job even if you hate your jobHelp the worldHeal from murder?Dream big but live biggerVision boardsThink out of the boxSometimes it is just taking the first step in order to get to your dreams. Just realize, others have taken that first scary first step and survived, and you will move forward too.


15 Minutes of not giving a f*ck and learning to stop giving 1000 percent when you are not being reciprocated -15 MOGNF Podcast #021

Once again, we broach the premise of the show. Time and time again we have all been disappointed with people in our lives disrespecting us. Keeping it real and discussing topics of: I have a friend, and his mom is mad at himRespect should be mutualSet boundariesSelf-love is the key that keeps up groundedRemove you from my spaceThat sh!t can boil and boilPractice boundaries soonerTalk calmly and succinctly… that’s the bestDon’t engageClean your room right nowOur family knows our triggersLow-maintenance friends are the bestIf it comes back, kill it, stomp that sh!tEventually, the mule kicks backIt’s almost that we can't stress this topic and solution enough. We both go through it almost daily. We hope this shed a little more light on your journey through the hills and valleys of life. Take care and practice some of that self-love more and more each day! Music: Out of Flux, CHONKLAP,


15 Minutes of Giving No F*cks and not caring about what other people think of you except for those that matter most - 15MOGNF Podcast 020

What a barn burner. This is definitely one of our favorite podcasts in the 15 MOGNF Podcast space. You know it can get a little crazy and we do not disappoint! Discussions of: Choose the family you want in your lifeSelf-love is the foundationSquirrel and ADHDQuality vs quality of friendsHamburglarSquirt colaJust the tipKissing cousinsBe your own happy selfStay in your laneSet your phone to vibrate and pull to the sideYou don’t have to be a victim of your surroundingsAs usual, it does get a little crazy but that’s what it is all about. Our ‘nutty’ ride talking about our views on friends and family is definitely unusual. What are your views? Hummmmm?


15 Minutes of Giving No F*cks and keeping your friends at different levels - 15MOGNF Podcast 019

Well, we went ahead and kept the crazy intro just to show you what usually happens when we start a podcast just after another one. Once I figured out what I was doing, we both dove right in with our friend theories. Topics of: Not all your friends mixSarcastic and cynicalNo emotion with textingToss the salad - the cucumber saladGirl crush on introGone through hard times togetherEveryone is not supposed to be your friendMean GirlsDon’t blame the gator even if you look like chickenBackstage passes like a groupieSometimes people are in your life for that space and timeBig guys are never wrongAll or nothing from JerseyLearn from itWe realized that sometimes we are a friend to a fault. It takes time to get ‘unstuck’ and we understand you can’t change overnight. It is a process. Just watch out for the gator in the pond!


15 Minutes of Giving No F*cks and when concise and clear communication is not enough! AKA people don’t f*cking listen….!!! 15MOGNF Podcast 018

Pardon the less-than-stellar audio. Apologies. This podcast should have been broken into two shows. What to do with the people in your life that don’t listen to you\? Good luck with that! Topics of: The asshole thresholdTaint no one listeningDon’t hide the pastThe huge divide between the haves and the have notsWe all want to be heardBe willing to learnGenerational - good and badTeach meRead a bookThe curtains and the drapesEvery group gets a beatdown somewhereAgree to disagreeNeed more actively listeningPeople are so impatientAll we can say is to be patient with your friends and family. And once again, good luck with that! Enjoy!


Giving no f*cks and the art of being selfish with your time - 15MOGNF Podcast 017

Friends, foes, and/or family will suck the life out of you if you let them. This podcast deals with the methods and mindset of not heading down that path and the art of becoming more selfish with your time for your own sake. Topics of: Do what you loveFill your own love bucketInternal monologueSelfish vs selflessNot all your friends mixGet a hobbyQuiet quitting?Asking for forgiveness rather than permissionIt’s not about being an assholeHave some personal momentTaking time for yourself is paramount in life. We always say, if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t adequately take care of the ones you love. Be selfish!


Valentine’s Day is near, the art of Giving no f*cks is clear while still loving the three F’s - friends, family and foes… 15MOGNF PODCAST 016

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we decided to do a 15MOGNF Podcast on love and loving. Straight off DD113, we dive into giving boundaries and expecting manners while dealing with love. Topics of: Teach you manners, teach you loveEverybody has experienced some type of dramaTeach a man to fishIf your love tank is empty, you can’t spread loveYou must be equally yokedRealize when your friends suckShe is a no longer…A side friendThe pattern of loving yourself more over timeThere’s a Judas among usStart to right the wrongs by loving yourself firstEmpty parking spacesThe most important person you love is yourselfBrain ImodiumThis episode is pretty special due to the fact that at the end Rachel has some pretty big knowledge to drop - and has a brain fart. We have them all the time and usually edit them out, but to show our authenticity we left it in to show that we are real and actually human. We are looking forward to un-farting that brain and getting that knowledge in the next episode. Enjoy