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011 - Jack O'Brien Brings You Into The 21st Century

In Episode 11 of the 21st Century Physio Podcast, Jack O'Brien from Clinic Mastery Brings You Into The 21st Century. In this episode, we discuss: - Why you need to become your patients most trusted advisor and how you can do that - Hot to improve your patient experiences to create raving fans and thriving practices - Why you need to use video to help promote your business - The key things you need to know about your business to make better decisions - What physiotherapy is going to look...


Episode 009 - Yves SIlveira Brings You Into The 21st Century

In Episode 009, Steve is joined by Sydney Physiotherapist, Yves Silveira Ives discusses: - Why persistence pays off in the Physiotherapy profession and why resiliency is a key trait for 21st Century Physio's - How to run an internship program with Physiotherapy students from around the world - How to set up a Physiotherapy business from your own home - The 2 year blues that Physiotherapists often suffer


008 - Dave O'Sullivan Brings You Into The 21st Century

In Episode 008, Steve is joined by Physiotherapist Dave O'Sullivan from Prosport Academy and English Rugby. Dave discusses: - What skills new graduates need to develop after completing University - The key things that you can learn from the elite sporting organisations - His unique method towards rehabilitation to help you help more patients become more resilient - Why you to stop trying to be the hero! This podcast an absolute gem and will be the best 45 minutes you spend this week...


007 - Sik Hon Brings You Into The 21st Century

In Episode 007, Steve is joined in Hong Kong by good friend, colleague and MAT host Sik Hon from Sportsline Asia Sik Hon discusses: - What Sportsline is doing to lead the way in Sports Physiotherapy in Asia and what you can learn from it - How to attract sports teams to your business and improve relationships with them - Why you need to be collecting data in your practice - How to transform from Physiotherapist to business owner


003 The Ultimate Physio Brings You Into The 21st Century

Join the Ultimate Physio himself, Nick Schuster as he helps you bring your practice into the 21st century with simple to track business metrics, tips to upskill new grads and how to make yourself the ultimate private practice physio.