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Health and wellness podcast centered on keeping it simple. Join the conversation.

Health and wellness podcast centered on keeping it simple. Join the conversation.
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Health and wellness podcast centered on keeping it simple. Join the conversation.






2teachone 013-Part 2-How to Stay Sober Again?: The Journey Beyond the Year in Recovery

In part 2 of part 2, we continue Brad's story through his tumultuous relapse, his final stay in rehab, and onto the sober successful life. We learn what wisdom the challenges of sobriety have taught him. And how he faces life and work, dating and sponsorship while practicing the principles that led him to sobriety. Join Dawn, Aaron, and Adrian as we sit with our friend Brad for the exciting, poignant and humorous second part of his story. This episode does contain some graphic language.


2teachone 013-Part1-How to Stay Sober Again?: The Journey Beyond the Year in Recovery

In part 1 of part 2 of the Journey Beyond the Year, Brad tells the first part of his story of addiction and recovery. We talk about the beginnings of Brad's journey, from trying to run away and live at Chatfield Reservoir, to being slapped at Catholic school, in the hospital for a month with blood poisoning, and finally rehab. Join Adrian, Aaron, and Dawn as we talk with Brad about the sometimes hilarious, often sad, but always real story of his life and times as a man dealing with the...


2teachone 012: Part 2-Good Grief: How to Deal with Grief and Loss?

In part two with Allison, we continue our discussion on grief and loss. We discuss what it's like to work as a professional in the mental health field while also experiencing personal grief. We ask what we, or anyone, can do to help a friend or colleague deal with loss, and we offer some basic advice on what it looks like to just "hold space" for someone who is grieving. We talk about milestones in the grieving process and how ritual can play an effective part in healthy remembrance. We look...


2teachone 012: Part 1-Good Grief: How to Deal with Grief and Loss?

In this episode we talk about grief and loss with our good friend and clinician, Allison. In part one we take an open minded and broad view of grief as we discuss how our personal experiences led us to want to tackle this complex and difficult subject. Self-care and coping skills are examined as we look to help ourselves, and our listeners, learn to deal with intense emotions in a healthy way. We look at how grieving has changed in the era of social media, and how sites like Facebook and...


2teachone 011 - The Journey: How do you Stay Sober Beyond the Year?

When most people think of recovery and sobriety they think of the beginning. They imagine the pain of detox, the pride of the first thirty, sixty, ninety days, the meetings and the steps, and finally the glory of the first successful year. In this episode, we go beyond the year to ask some seasoned professionals how they stayed sober through the trials and tribulations that come with success in recovery. How do they practice "sobriety maintenance"? What does long term sobriety look like?...


2teachone 010 - Love, Sex, Eating and Recovery. What are you doing this spring?

In this episode we at the 2teachone crew discuss the turning of the season. As we swing into spring we ask what this means for those in recovery. We talk about the uptick in the libido for people as they begin to shake off the shackles of winter and embrace the vernal equinox. We also share our plans for slimming down for swimsuit season. In honor of Mental Health Awareness month we specifically discuss the need for self-care for those in the delicate stages of recovery and we share our...


2teachone 009 - Women and Men at the Gym: The Tale of the Silver Sneaker Peeker?

Join us as Doris returns to talk with our special guest Bridget about the unique issues women face at the gym. We ask some of the questions that men have always wanted to know about women's fitness, and we get deep about the challenges women face as society changes and the gym changes with it. We also discuss what women would like men to know about their fitness experience and what they would like men to do differently when interacting with women at the gym. So listen in and let us know what...


2teachone008 How to run a marathon: The Aaron show ft. Adrian and Ricky

In this episode. Aaron a.k.a the word weapon, consumes way too much caffeine and dominates the conversation talking about his favorite activity, running. We find out the whole story on how marathons got their name. Last but not least, the role the royal family of England played in the current official marathon distance being 26.2 miles.


2teachone 007 Ricky Therapy: What is it? An Interview with the Rocket

In this episode, we talk to the founder and originator of Ricky Therapy, the Rocket himself. Come listen as we engage in a wide ranging discussion on life, dating, overcoming adversity, overcoming yourself and the journey from dis-ease to health. Join the discussion and laugh with us as Ricky enlightens all with the wisdom he has gathered on his path and shows you the ins and outs of the world famous Ricky Therapy.


2teachone006- Cancer: What is it?

In this episode, our in-house clinician Doris is back! She gives an informative view of what Cancer is, specifically tailored to the ears of the regular person. Sometimes when a subject is so complicated, like Cancer, those of us who are not doctors and nurses can get lost in the complicated jargon that professionals use to talk about it. We bypass all that to talk simply about a complicated and important subject, so that you can apply some common sense to this sometimes overwhelming disease.


2teachone 005 - A few things kept us out of the gym. These were our excuses!

Why don't people workout? In this episode we look at what our excuses were and what yours might be for not going to the gym. We give some friendly tips on overcoming the urge to give up on a healthy lifestyle and some motivation to achieve your goals. We feel we did a great job. what you think?


2teachone 004 - Ricky Therapy, Wild Dingos, and What's Next?

We have a little fun in this episode and we ask our listeners to become involved in the evolving direction of the podcast. Listen in and let us know what you'd like to know.


2teachone 003 - Cancer from our perspective

This episode was by far the hardest to record so far. We talk about cancer from our perspective. Most people have or will have someone close to them get diagnosed with the disease. We hope this podcast helps others when they need it most. Please share your stories with us too.


Episode 2: Making the Most Out of the New Year

In this episode we focus on following through with your new year's resolutions. We talk about nutrition, physical fitness, self-care, and how you can accomplish your mission of realizing your best self in 2019.


2teachone 001 - Why start a podcast?

In this episode we introduce ourselves and give our answer to the stated question. Why? Why start a podcast? Our aim is to take a fun and relaxed approach to educating our listeners. That means you. Subscribe for more episodes.