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For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.

For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.
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For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.








M 17 Cart Abandonment and Lifetime Back End Sales

M 17 Cart Abandonment and Lifetime Back End Sales The best way to make more on e-commerce is to have procedures for cart abandonment so you increase the lifetime back end sales. Optimize the sales cart, doing follow up emails and text and see results. A doctor's perspective many sold live in the Shanghai airport just did my presentation that the closest one the latest Asian conference, officially called the for so long. Let's see International Symposium on Ankylosing spondylitis, pain...


E 128 Student Loan Repayment Options Travis Hornsby CFA

Travis Hornsby CFA talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast. Doctors have multi 6 figure student loan debt. Don’t feel trapped any longer. Travis Hornsby CFA has done 1000s of reviews to put you in the correct student loan repayment or forgiveness plans. He gives so much valuable advice on this episode. Refinance and varying plans of student loan forgiveness or just a few options that you have to pay off your 6 figure student loan. Travis Hornsby, CFA discusses the...


M 16 CPA Advice on Home Offices and Taxes

M 16 CPA Advice on Home Offices and Taxes Taxes: are you paying to much? What about write offs like home offices and reducing your bill with proper entities like an S-corp and K distributions? Have you thought about 401k retirements yet? Let’s review. A doctor's perspective net many sewed this time is cash practice PT with Jared Carter Episode 70 taxes it's about most small businesses can qualify for a new pass-through income 20% savings whereas before this like secrets that could do that....


M 15 Endo Dentist and Lingual Frenectomy

M 15 Endo Dentist And Lingual Frenectomy Fee for service dentistry is alive and well. The guest recommends learning endo and has a side hustle helping babies latch on and breast feed better. It’s not just her but a team, however she is the one who does tongue tie release, lingual frenectomy. A doctors perspective podcast minisode. we're back at you. I'm seeing lots of waterways on this train ride right now. Cool to see so much of a country is literally like driving from Washington DC to...


E 127 Mastermind Coaching Model Pete Camiolo DC

Dr. Pete Camiolo, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast. You need a big mission but sometimes it can overwhelm you and family life suffers. This was his catalyst to begin coaching which turned into mastermind coaching model. We discuss the mastermind evolution and how it’s a superior method. Be a remarkable ceo. Starting out in a different profession he soon realized that people commented a lot that they didn’t plan to ever need to be in a rehab center or...


M 14 Superbills For Insurance In A Cash Pay Model

Should you give your patients a superbill or file for them out of network when doing a cash practice? Can you back bill the remainder of charges? I also cover how to handle “do you take my insurance Okay, welcome back to a doctor's perspective, today we're talking about cash PT lunch hour and number 17 with Jerry Durham from San Francisco. I'm telling you I have such an appreciation for construction workers it makes me think of back in the day when my New York City you know, this black and...


M 13 Client Acquisition Cost in the Gym Model

Client Acquisition Cost in the Gym Model What’s the ideal size for a clinic to have a gym? How should you structure classes? What’s a good fee? All those are answered in this minisode. Welcome back to the minisode of a doctor's perspective podcast. Today we are reviewing the clinic gym radio with a special guest, Alex Hormozi, he makes gyms profitable. 30 days on high-end clients, people go from struggling to secure. And one of his big philosophies in able to get that first couple of days of...


E 126 Add A Gym to Your Clinic Josh Satterlee DC

Dr. Josh Satterlee, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast. Make a clinic gym hybrid your next profitable expansion. Dr. Josh Satterlee goes through the why, how much square feet, fees, equipment, hiring, special certifications, class sizes and much more. You got them pain free, let’s keep them with exercise. He has a sad yet interesting story on how he went from engineering and biomechanics to becoming a chiropractor. We discuss his origin story and the...


M 12 Negotiations and White Space Priority

Negotiations and White Space Priority Win-win or win-lose negotiator, you need to know who you are dealing with and adjust accordingly. Create space in your life for uninterrupted down time for yourself at work and also for your family. Don't be so busy. Live from China listening to a doctor's perspective, minisode this episode of the story brand number 57 was the best of mid-2017. So many random guests are really exciting. Just boarded the train or Shanghai, I say those peonies were really...


M 11 Vertical Videos Win

Vertical Videos Win Vertical videos or square videos. Facebook feed or stories and Instagram feed or stories: which gives more clicks and cheapest price. a doctor's perspective live at ZhuZhou train station. Yeah, just traveling around in a bunch of these at the same time, if you haven't figured it out at a Subway sandwich and Pizza Hut and a KFC hazelnut coffee, yeah, that's the kind of Western food that I can get when I travel can't get a good steak so and where I live, I can get as like a...


E 125 Discover Your Who Jon Morrison Story Brand for Doctors

Jon Morrison talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast. Ted X speaker, author, and Story Brand Certified Guide Jon Morrison discusses the hero journey and the guide and specializes in chiropractors and doctors. He now creates story brand easy to edit websites for us as well. Jon Morrison briefly discusses how he got into the Story Brand Certified Guide business and the back story before that week in Nashville, TN. He has a niche for clarifying the message of doctors...


M 10 Spread Possibility

Spread Possibility Use the negative in your field to write great content. Bounce the bad thoughts out and spread the gift of possibility to your contact sphere. Welcome back to a doctor's perspective, jumping Jigga watts. We're going 180 miles an hour on the train. Yes, that is a fast train, but not many stops. Today we're talking about Jean Anderson podcast. Seth Godin. Yes, she got Seth Godin on you put out a new book. One thing, there's almost one-star reviews, you're like, Oh, my gosh, I...


M 09 Video Lengths for Facebook and Reach

Video Lengths for Facebook and Reach Facebook loves videos. Let's go over why that is, video length, direct uploads, captions and more. Welcome back to a doctor's perspective. Today we're going to review social media marketing is Facebook organic marketing day and I think was Episode 347. Well, you didn't know your Facebook reach for your page, even worse business page is only one to 6% of the people that follow you. So that's crazy low. Of course, they want you to make money when we're...


E 124 MSK Sports Podiatrist Nick Knight

Nick Knight Podiatrist talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast. Deep dive into MSK sports podiatry with Nick Knight. What is plantar plate injury, how do you treat MSK as a podiatrist, clinical research, 3d gait analysis, zero gravity treadmills, and his love of field hockey. A fresh look at what you can specialize in. Podiatry was not his first idea for a profession but from being excluded from the military and physical therapy Nick picked it. Luckily, there is a...


M 08 Maximizing Employee Revenue and Accounting

Maximizing Employee Revenue and Accounting Are you willing to incur the extra headache and expense necessary to double the clinic collections if it only means a mild increase in actual profit? We discuss hard numbers and the guest has free calculators to help you manage when to hire new people. Welcome back to a doctor's perspective. Today on the program, we're talking about the clinic gym hybrid podcast and making accounting simple. And it's with Greg Crabtree from simple numbers book. And...


M 07 Dropping The Masks We Wear

Dropping The Masks We Wear Artists have a persona on stage that isn’t usually who they really are. As a doctor, do you find yourself wearing a mask at the office that changes how you would like to interact around town? Dr. Justin Trosclair many so today we're going to be story brand Episode 112 testing kind of random might be a musician, manager and then magician stuff flashy. There's some good stuff. So the guy was talking about musicians these days to be creative, not just trying to make...


E 123 Ideal Vs Reality About New Grads Mohammed Rimawi DPM

Dr. Mohammed Rimawi DPM talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast. Dr. Mohammed Rimawi DPM discusses being an academic new grad and how to differentiate yourself. He specializes in surgical cases, sport injury, plantar fascitis and ankle sprains. What’s the best Instagram style and the skinny on barefoot running. What fascinated Dr. Rimawi about orthopedics were the surgery cases but luckily he realized he could do the same foot surgeries (which he loves) by becoming...


M 06 Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Imagine increasing your revenue by using sedation dentistry. The big perk is that patients can relax and get all the painful procedures done at one time and the dentist can do the best work. Welcome to the Minisode have a doctor's perspective podcast. Today's episode is going to be a fee for service dentistry sedation procedures. This was a cool episode. I don't know about you. I'm white knuckling at the dentist. I don't get cavities, and I still who I don't like when they...


M 05 Podcast Movement Mini Highlights

Podcast Movement Mini Highlights A super cheat sheet of Podcast Movement. The biggest take-a-ways are email signatures and using recorded testimonials on your show for social proof. A doctor's perspective podcasts and in so today we have secret key takeaways from the podcast movement event. Man, let me tell you I would love that he did give me all the big deals Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas. I mean, that's the two biggest ones I can think of that most people at least have heard of. But uh, you...


E 122 Marfan Awareness and 9 Clinics Kristi Boles Podiatrist

Dr. Kris Boles DPM talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast Dr. Kristi Boles owned 9 podiatry clinics before the age of 30 and also suffered from an aortic dissection from a condition she didn’t even know she had Marfan Syndrome. We explore the impact on her clinics and her new allied wellness patient focus. Interesting tidbit about podiatry in Australia: you finish high school and go direct to your degree. So she was working full time by the ago of 20 and she...