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For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.

For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.
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For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as Dr. Justin Trosclair goes #behindthecurtain and interviews other doctors and guests to get the optimal dose for maximum life.








E 85 Rehab Focused Chiropractic Professor Dr. Todd Riddle DC

Combination of soft tissue modalities and rehab is Dr. Todd Riddle's specialty as he teaches at a Chiropractic College as well as weekend seminars of FAKTR. Evidence Based versus Clinical Outcomes- why don't they always match up. Why have a residency program? Dr Todd Riddle DC has had a successful clinic for over a decade in North Carolina and is now teaching 3-4 rehab, soft tissue and orthopedic classes at Texas Chiropractic College. Not only that but on many a weekend you can see him...


E 84 Absentee Male Role Models – Michael Baker

Why is it so easy for men to step away from their responsibility of being a husband and father or role model to others? We look at this from a Christian viewpoint as well as how to be a leader and steps to create an effective weekly date night. Michael Baker of The Sedated Man Podcast. Where has the strong male role model gone? What factors are contributing to men checking out of their family and being sedated? Sedated: being absent to your role as a father and spouse or even a mentor to...


E 83 Innovative Strategist Mindset of Shane Frisco

Marketing is vital but even more so is having that high level strategist blueprint to guide all decisions. You need an innovative approach and he has a diverse background to share. Find out what your customer's pain points are, then deliver a solution. Plus we spend some time on how we can support our kids in their endeavors. Audio engineer, serial entrepreneur, business strategist, marketer and a chef since a teenager. Marketing came as a necessity to learn because of having so many...


E 82: What’s Hurting The Optometry Profession, Drs John Ormandos Scott Colonna OD

In an optometry clinic, what position is best to hire? Perks to not working in a big box store, online sales, focus on growth, Rx for kids, and how to motivate your children to be productive adults. Drs John Ormandos and Scott Colonna OD of Uppercut. How and why did Dr’s Ornado and Colonna pivot from seeing patients full time to starting a consulting firm for optometrists? What was their transition plan from doing everything in an optometry clinic themselves to delegating? Like most,...


E81 Telemedicine, Concierge Practice and Medical Tourism Dr. Adel Eldin MD

Have you heard of telemedicine and medical tourism? Dr. Adel Eldin MD has been pioneering this model in Florida for the past 8 years and is ready to discuss it plus worldwide distribution. Dr. Adel ELdin MD is fluent in English and Arabic, has been published several times about urokinase and cardiac issues and studied at the State University of New York and University of Connecticut. He performed his clinical interventional cardiology fellowship at Hartford Hospital and Winthrop University...


E 80 5 Rules To Be Your Own Life CEO Dr. Ben Carvosso

What is your life’s work, ethos and passion? How can a designer diary and a three-way mindset shift be the spark to attain life alignment? Dr. Ben Carvosso outlines the business CEO and likens it to a detailed Life CEO, aka his book. We touch on spouse relevance, kid role models, and more. A defining moment created the spark to be a chiropractor in Dr. Ben Carvosso of Melbourne, Australia. Twelve years into private practice a foot injury that didn’t heal quickly sapped his mojo. During...


Bonus E 79 Forward KC Chiropractic Seminar 2018 Wrap UP

Key takeaways from the 1st annual Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance Conference aka Forward KC 2018. From the beauiful Cleveland Chiropractic campus, food trucks, after hour socializing and the seminiar itself; take a listen to myself and 5 short interviews from attendees about the conference. Things discussed on the podcast: Howard Fidler FAKTR, Benjamin Fergus GRIP, Jeff Langmaid Evideced Based Chiropractic, Brandon Steele ChiroUP, Marketing with Kevin Christie, Josh Satterlee and...


E78 Pinterest 101 For Doctors Rose Guthrie

Can doctors use Pinterest to find clients? Rose Guthrie thinks so. We discuss Pinterest strategy, do’s and don’ts. Also we spend time on GDPR, Facebook Custom Audience changes and ways to divide your time as a wife, mother and entrepreneur. Rose Guthrie hails from the UK and is coscheduler and convertkit certified and is a clickfunnels user and Funnel Hacker Live attendee. She closes 50% of her business from Pinterest Leads. You can find her on Social Media: rdoesdigital and online at...


E 77 Two Residencies and a New Country, Kelly Wood MD

After residency in Barbados, Dr Kelly Wood embarked and a journey to the USA so she can become a fellow trained endocrinologist. Not only does she help with diabetes and thyroid issues, but she has a mind, body and spirit approach. Also, she travels, blogs and has a love story worth hearing. Kelly Wood, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. She is developing her voice on her own blog, speaks at events and is looking forward to...


E 76 Lies of Socialism, Don’t be duped. The Truth From Russian Born Ekaterina Bolshakova, Interior Designer

Raised in Russia, learn firsthand how socialism can lead to disenchantment, alcoholism, corruption and why your Circle of Distribution is your most important asset. Nothing in life is truly free. Ekaterina Bolshakova is a kitchen specialized interior designer. Born and raised to the age of 30 in Serbia Russia, Ekaterina Bolshakova, brings a unique perspective to the political landscape of handouts and entitlement programs, like free school and healthcare. She was trained in Russia in...


E 75 Podiatry Practice Consulting with Tony Gavin of OSGO and Jonathan Small of Work Smarter Not Harder

Podiatry Consulting answering questions like: self imposed limiting beliefs, common objections to reach your practice potential, repetition causes burnout, new video marketing tip, handling the patients expectations, referrals, all on episode 75 with Tony Gavin and Jonathan Small Jonathan Small (work smarter not harder) and Tony Gavin (OSGO) join us today from Birmingham and Manchester, UK. Both are podiatrists and Jonathan has 30 years of clinical experience while Tony started a little...


E 74 Networking Referral Groups- Learn to Maximize Them Tammy Urbach 4BR

Are Networking Referral groups Dead? Tammy Urbach explains how to maximize and craft your best 30 second commercial and 10 minute presentations. Learn how she delegated responsibilities to grow into a massive movement for small business. Are groups worth it since so many focus on internet marketing? In 2010, Why and How did she create an entirely new Networking Referral Groups Organization when in reality there are several established nation and worldwide groups to begin with? Her group is...


E 73 Bad Business Practices? Do It Better with Dentist Dr Paul Goodman DMD

Learn 4 tips on buying and selling a dental clinic, how to sell the value of higher end products like dental implants (Dr Paul Goodman DMD also lectures on how to perform them), developing your own massive Facebook Group (Dental Nachos) and solid advice if you plan on having kids. Facebook Group – Dental Nachos. How did he pick such a funny name and what can you expect in a group of dentists? One of the key rules is to play nice and you can criticize ideas but no personal attacks. Since...


E 72 Relationship Ending Behaviors—Detect and Prevent by Divorce Coach Jeannine Lee

Relationship red flags, dysfunctional communication, parent child dynamics, balancing the other: these are covered so you don’t get divorced. If you do Jeannine Lee’s Beyond Divorce book and Group Recovery groups is a must to listen to. Learn about yourself and process all the tumultuous emotions. Jeannine Lee, author of Beyond Divorce, has a great specialty when it comes to being a life coach and relationship coach. We discuss how to find a life coach that is worth their grain of salt...


E 71 Scientific Exploration of How Acupuncture Works, Olivier Roy Montreal Acupuncturist

Electrical pathways, nerve endings, functional connectivity in the brain and more is discussed with Olivier Roy, Acupuncturist. Find out how he uses laser acupuncture in the clinic, what else can be treated besides pain and how does he make his marriage great when they also work together. Starting at age 21 Olivier Roy from Montreal Canada was encouraged to help people and he began to pursue counseling then massage therapy, yoga, reiki and then discovered Acupuncture. Now he has been...


E70 Solid Facebook Ads Guidance The Inspired Chiropractor Dr Shawn Andrews DC

Why pick the regional hub even if it’s a small town, Facebook Messenger Ads how and why, Why retarget your patient base and do it legally, Priority and Intention to learn new tech, and why teach you how to do FB ads vs Dr Shawn Andrews doing it for you. Dr. Shawn Andrews met his wife at Northwestern States Chiropractic College in Minnesota who is also a chiropractor but at the moment is raising 6 children. Dr. Andrews has a training course on how You Can Do Facebook Ads versus he doing...


E69 Don’t Be Lazy, Do Video and Funnels Dr. Chad Woolner DC – ChiroFunnels

How do funnels tell your story so effectively, 2 ways to improve video, a must have for following up with captured leads, psychology behind headlines, diversify your message and telling a cohesive story. Dr. Chad Woolner of Chiro Funnel Secrets spills the beans along with his MAP event. Dr Woolner has been doing funnels (click funnels specifically) for a very long time and his nearly 200 podcast episodes of Chiro Funnel Secrets is proof of it. Recently he held a small intimate gathering of...


E68 Being Wise With Your Ad Dollars, Don’t Be Duped By Slick Propaganda- Chris Burfield VanBurf Media

Pet Peeves with marketers and clients, how to not discount and get high quality patients, best length of video ads, why and how to interact with commenters, how he keeps a strong marriage PLUS he is a great story teller. Chris Burfield of VanBurf Media. Sometimes you can get the best advice from a 2 time college fail out. That’s Chris Burfield but what was a disappointment at the time turned into him working as a chiropractic assistant. He excelled at getting new patients via screenings,...


E 67 Bone Broth Protein For Paleo and Autoimmune Disorders Matt Field Primal HN

If you like manufacturing secrets, and you have a passion to learn about bone broth protein for specialized diets like autoimmune disorder and paleo, then Matt Field of Primal HN will delight you. He details how he made it and what goes into expanding flavors and new products. Did you even realize you could create a drinkable powder protein drink that actually started out as bone and soup? You don’t want to miss how heat and air at just the right time can allow this process to happen. Did...


E 66 Become Disciplined With Congruent Action Dr Janice Hughes Money Mindset

Coach vs Consulting, What to ask when ReBrand, how to pause before purchases, mindsets about money, consistent action steps for growing clinic and yourself, do office hours honor family time and slick way to hire staff; all topics covered today with Dr Janice Hughes Money Mindset Dr Janice Hughes from Boulder CO has coached thousands of health professionals at her company with a big focus on having a Proper Money Mindset. Raising money at a start-up BioTech Company for several years (ended...