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Podcast by Rose




A Simplicite Life #4: How to Manifest Greatness Into Your Life

Fake it til' you make it? How about believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it! This weeks poddy is a day late! [Sorry!]. However, we speak about something that is so important to personal growth and bringing greatness into your life - that is manifestation! You can do anything you put your mind to! Today, I give you 6 steps to manifesting greatness into your life!


A Simplicite Life #3: How To Overcome Toxic Traits

Hey everyone, The first step to excelling in life is becoming right within yourself. For so long I didn't really understand this. I always thought "well thats just me - these toxic traits are just me", but they aren't! Today, lets discuss how we can grow mentally and become more aware of our feelings, and of our shortcomings. How we can be more mindful of our flaws and imperfections, in order to obtain a better, and higher self. References:...


A Simplicite Life #2: Getting Through Self-Disappointment and Depression

Hey everyone~ I was really going through the motions these past couple of weeks and found myself in a deep deep hole of depression due to exam stress! When I get into these moods, I begin to question myself. Why am I not enough? Why am I a failure? I'm not good at anything. I wanted to turn that negative emotion into a positive for others. And so, this is how I stop these emotions; how I walk myself through the negativity. Connect with me: Instagram: @Kokoro.se Youtube: @Simplicite.Rose...


A Simplicite Life # 1: How Overcoming Fear Can Change Your Life

I'm so excited, yet extremely terrified to embark on this new journey of podcasting. Welcome to The Simplicite Life - with your host, Rose AKA. me! I made the decision that even though I am not at my final destination yet, I'm going to document my lessons and reflections on my way to the life that I've always dreamt for myself. I will post new episodes every other Monday, in hopes that you can take a listen to them Monday mornings to keep yourself motivated to attain your goals. In this...