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Hosted by Lisa Blanchard and Jesse Chaison of Spectrum Health Systems, this popular podcast discusses addiction and recovery, featuring personal stories, special guests and professional opinion.

Hosted by Lisa Blanchard and Jesse Chaison of Spectrum Health Systems, this popular podcast discusses addiction and recovery, featuring personal stories, special guests and professional opinion.


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Hosted by Lisa Blanchard and Jesse Chaison of Spectrum Health Systems, this popular podcast discusses addiction and recovery, featuring personal stories, special guests and professional opinion.




Pride Month Episode with Beck Gee-Cohen, MA LADC

Beck is originally from the Los Angeles Area and has found his way back to LA after about 20 years of living in various places across the US. Beck has a passion for working with the LGBTQ+ community and has years of experience doing so. He has written articles and papers directly addressing the need for training staff regarding LGBTQ+ communities. Join Jesse and Lisa on this episode of Airing Addiction!


Dr. Zlatina Kostova - Mental Health Awareness Month

On this episode of Airing Addiction, Jesse and Lisa discuss both Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy as well as ways both substance use providers and patients can integrate mindfulness into their lives and recovery with our guest Zlatina Kostova, PhD Join us live on this episode of Airing Addiction.


Nurses' Week 2022 with Michael Oliveri and Brandice French

Mr. Oliveri is a published third-generation nurse with over forty years of nursing experience. He has worked in world-renowned hospitals in Boston, Shriners Burns, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Ms. French has been dedicated to serving those most-at-need individuals for over a decade. She is currently the Director of Inpatient Nursing and a member of the board of directors for the Montachusett Recovery Foundation. Please join Jesse and Lisa as we celebrate Nurses' Week only on Airing...


Mike Welsch's Story

On this month's Alcohol Awareness episode, former Marine Mike Welsch shares how his addiction to alcohol forever changed his life. His loss of his leg has not stopped him from swimming the entire length of Lake Willoughby, running triathlons, and raising more than $36,000 for Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund during a cycling marathon. Hear Mikes inspiring story only on Airing Addiction.


Social Work - The Recovery Process with Amy Kasik and Dr. Taylor Hall

In this episode, Lisa will be exploring the impact of social work, and why a career in addiction social work is rewarding. Our guests from Spectrum Health Systems Clinical Supervisor Amy Kasik and Assistant Professor Dr. Taylor Hall from Bridgewater State University’s School of Social Work share their wide-ranging experience in their field and why it is so important for success in recovery. Only on Airing Addiction!


Magnolia Family Support with Maureen Cavanagh

On this episode of Airing Addiction, we will dive into the Magnolia FAST family support program that Maureen herself trained Spectrum and NERC in last year and has been running weekly for the past 8 months. Come learn about this support with Jesse and Lisa, why supporting families and loved ones is so critical to recovery, as well as what makes this group different and what families and supports need as they move through addiction and recovery with their loved ones. Only on Airing...


AJ's Recovery Story

Join us as Lisa and Jesse sit down with AJ Frost to hear his moving story of battling addiction. Only on Airing Addiction!


Richard Cassidy's Recovery Story

Richard Cassidy began his journey of recovery on December 2 2019. On December 16, 2019 Richard checked himself into rehab and has maintained recovery ever since. Richard is now founder and success coach of NutritiveAfitness and creator of the upcoming Vlog cast A Thousand Roads To Recovery. Richard lives a life of gratitude as he states that his life long journey has prepared him to help others improve their overall lifestyle and wellbeing. Join Jesse and Lisa to hear Richard's inspiring...


Mike Miles Story and Recovery During The Holidays

Mike has many years of experience in addiction, law enforcement and corrections. He's currently a Director at Therapy Services, a counseling practice in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and Host of the Friends in Recovery podcast. Join Jesse and Lisa on this episode of Airing Addiction where they sit down with Mike to talk about his recovery journey and recovery during the holidays.


Dr. James Broadhurst and 20 Years of Addiction Treatment Experience

Airing Addiction with Dr. James Broadhurst who has been a physician with Spectrum for 20 years, 5 years of which he served as Medical Director (2002-2009). Dr Broadhurst has over 40 years of medical practice experience, 20 years of addiction treatment experience and became board certified in addiction medicine in 2010. In addition to addiction treatment, Dr Broadhurst specializes in primary care and sports medicine. Join us as we talk with Dr. Broadhurst about the evolution of addiction...


Katie O’Leary's Recovery Story

On this episode of Airing Addiction, our guest Katie O’Leary of Director of Recovery Support Services at North Suffolk Mental Health Association will be sharing her own road to recovery. Join Cathy, Lisa, and Jesse to hear Katie's story.


Jaclyn Carnavale's Recovery Story

Join Cathy and Lisa on Airing Addiction as they hear Jaclyn Carnavale's inspiring story to recovery and how she has helped others do the same. Only on Airing Addiction!


Dianne's Recovery Story

Dianna Fontes is in long term recovery and has eliminated the need for methadone from her life. Join Cathy and Lisa on Airing Addiction to hear Dianna's success story.


Airing Addiction Anniversary Episode

It’s been one great year of Airing Addiction with new hosts Cathy Collins and Lisa Blanchard, featuring some amazing guests and stories! We’ll be looking back at some of the highlights in a special anniversary episode. Come listen in with us here for the show, when Cathy and Lisa will be joined by their producer (who’s usually behind the scenes), James Gangemi!


Childhood Trauma and Addiction with Zlatina Kostova, Ph.D

Join us for a conversation with Zlatina Kostova, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who specializes in research and treatment for childhood trauma. We’ll be delving into the relationship between trauma and substance use disorders with Dr. Kostova, and the impact of trauma-informed practices. Listen to Zlatina Cathy and Lisa on Airing Addiction.


Language in Addiction with Julie Burns and Miriam Komaromy

This week we’re excited to be joined by Miriam Komaromy from the Boston Medical Center and Julie Burns of RIZE Massachusetts. We’ll be speaking with our experts about their experiences in addiction treatment, and how and why the terminology we use in the field is changing. Join Cathy and Lisa on Airing Addiction.


Jesse's Recovery Story

Jesse Chaison is a Family Engagement Specialist at Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. who has himself struggled with addiction and is in long-term recovery. Hear his story, and how he uses his experience to help others like him every single day. Join Lisa, Cathy and Jesse on Airing Addiction.


Beck Gee-Cohen Speaks On LGBTQ Recovery

Beck Gee-Cohen speaks on LGBTQ recovery, the challenges, and how to get the best care with Lisa and Cathy.


Part Two - Recovery and Treatment During COVID19 with Dr. Jeff Baxter

On this continuation of the previous episode, Dr. Baxter highlights more of the changes and achievements Spectrum Health Systems has had to adapt to during the COVID19 pandemic. Lisa and Cathy expand on recent breakthroughs in care delivered by Spectrum Health Systems during this pandemic. Join Lisa, Cathy and Dr. Baxter on Airing Addiction.


Recovery Early in the Pandemic with Cathy Collins and Dr. Romas

Cathy and Dr. Romas describe their experiences early in the pandemic, and what that means for recovery.