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Lance chats each week with interesting people about their approaches to interact with consciousness and get the most out of their (and their clients) lives. Many talks are upon things like energy healing, hypnosis, meditation and other curious magical things.

Lance chats each week with interesting people about their approaches to interact with consciousness and get the most out of their (and their clients) lives. Many talks are upon things like energy healing, hypnosis, meditation and other curious magical things.




Lance chats each week with interesting people about their approaches to interact with consciousness and get the most out of their (and their clients) lives. Many talks are upon things like energy healing, hypnosis, meditation and other curious magical things.








EP027 Brett Cameron - The power of story

Brett Cameron joined me at Merewether beach to talk about story, metaphor, and hypnosis. This is an inspiring story he references: https://curtismcgrath.com.au/ Brett's business page: https://cameronhypnotics.com.au/ Brett's social media page: https://www.facebook.com/CameronHypnotics Fully Booked on...


EP026 Lance Baker - Reiki History

Welcome to the anniversary episode! Thanks for joining me for the past year, I said I was going to do weekly episodes... as you can tell by this episode number... I got halfway there lol. let's say the past year has been very different since I first decided to start a podcast, and I needed to put my health, family, clients, and students first while doing the best not to make this suffer, or just put out junk interviews and waste your time. This episode is from today's Reiki class and is the...


EP025 Daniel Foor - Ancestral Healing

Today Daniel Foor joins me to talk about ancestral healing and the work covered in his book and upcoming class on ancestral medicine. Ancestral Medicine website: https://ancestralmedicine.org/ Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/AncestralMedicine/ The book: https://ancestralmedicine.org/rituals-for-personal-and-family-healing/ Upcoming Animism class: https://ancestralmedicine.org/online-course-animism Upcoming ancestors...


EP024 Lance Baker - Remote Healing

This episode of Akasha Talks is more like a free lesson in remote healing. At a time where many of us are isolated at home, I feel the ability to do healing at a distance is a valuable gift. So I am giving you all that gift! Prior to watching this, I would recommend you check out my free Reiki one attunement video lesson series at: www.branchesofhealing.com.au/attunement Doing this first will help you understand the fundamentals of energy healing and feel the energy a little more. This...


EP023 Francesca Panzironi - Aboriginal healing Aṉangu Ngangkaṟi Tjutaku Aboriginal Corp. (ANTAC)

This week we talk with Francesca Panzironi from Aṉangu Ngangkaṟi Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (ANTAC) about their traditional healing work and her Hand in Hand report. "Indigenous Peoples have the right to their traditional medicines and to maintain their health practices, including the conservation of their vital medicinal plants, animals and minerals" United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, article 24.1 The recognition of Indigenous Peoples' right to their...


EP022 Kaz Riley - Sexual freedom hypnosis

Kaz Riley joins me to talk about sex, kink, intimacy and how hypnosis can work with these things in a therapeutic sense and more. We cover a diverse range of sexual things in this chat so be warned this is NOT a G rated episode. To find out more on Kaz you can goto her 2 business pages: https://www.karenriley-hypnotherapy.com/ https://sexualfreedomhypnosis.org/ Her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/experthypnosis/ or her Trancing in the sheets show on...


EP021 Gabriel Axel Montes - meditation, neuroscience and planetary alignment

Gabriel Axel Montes joins me to talk on a broad spectrum of topics including meditation, neuroscience, entheogens, Zen Buddhism, Artificial Intelligence (AI), tweaking consciousness, egregores, KAP (Kundalini awakening process) and planetary alignment with planetary based mantras including his experiment with doing 200,000 Saturn mantras in a year. Find Gabriel's Neural Axis Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/neuralaxis/ Find Gabriel's Neural Axis page...


EP020 - Rick Collingwood - Mesmersim

Rick Collingwood joins me to talk about Mesmerism or animal magnetism as it was originally named by Anton Mesmer. Mesmerism is the non-verbal the energetic origins of hypnosis, we talk about this and some of his strange and interesting experiences. Below you can find two links to some videos of mesmerism in action, the first is one we talked about in the podcast where Rick drops Tim's brainwaves with just his gaze and you can see the effects of the EEG in the background to watch the effect...


EP019 Rob De Groof Jeffrey Stephens and out of the blue hypnosis

Rob De Groof joins me this week to chat about the Jeffrey Stephens protocol, Out of the blue hypnosis, his history with clowning, mentalism, magic, and hypnosis and we also have a little chat about boob enhancement with hypnosis. Rob De Groof is one of Europe’s leading hypnotists. He is the owner and lead trainer of the European Hypnosis Academy with hundreds of students around the world. He's the official trainer of the work from his late mentor, Jeffrey Stephens. As you will hear he is...


EP018 Kathleen Lester - Animal reiki and telepathic communication with pets

Kathleen Lester joins me to talk about Animal Reiki and telepathic communication with pets. You can find out more about her work here: Animal reiki alliance: Www.animalreikialliance.com Veterinary reiki: www.veterinaryreiki.pet Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=22594525)


EP017 Larry and Cheryl Elman - The Dave Elman legacy

Larry and Cheryl Elman join me to talk about hypnosis and Larry's father Dave Elman. If you have heard anything about hypnosis before you have probably heard this name as he is one of the hypnosis greats! I have both Larry and Cheryl coming to Newcastle to teach Dave Elman's methods themselves and share some recordings of Dave's work too. You can find that event here: https://branchesofhealing.com.au/events/2019/8/2/best-practices-of-dave-elman-triple-your-depth and the Dave Elman...


EP016 Allison Davies - 12 pillars of brain care

Are anxiety, overload, or emotional dis-regulation a part of your family’s existence? If you’ve just silently nodded to yourself, well, you’re in the right place. I have Allison here to teach you about your brain, emotional & sensory needs so that you can help them to function at their best, kicking these problems to the curb and supporting yourself and children to thrive. In particular today we are talking about her journey and the 12 pillars of brain care. I’m Alli ~ Mum, Wife, Educator,...


EP015 Jason Partington - Making meditation mainstream

This week Jason Partington joins me to talk about two different projects he has going. To find out more go to: www.Makingmeditationmainstream.com.au https://meditationformen.com.au/ and social media: https://www.facebook.com/makingmeditationmainstream/ https://www.facebook.com/meditationformen/ Thanks for listening Lance Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=22594525)


EP014 James Tripp - Reality tunnels and hypnosis

James Tripp joins me to talk about his life, martial arts, consciousness, reality tunnels, perception, hypnosis and more. James coaching: https://www.jamestripp.co.uk/ James hypnosis and reality tunnel training: https://www.hypnosiswithouttrance.com/ His facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hypnosiswithouttrance/ And YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JamesTrippTV Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=22594525)


EP013 Raven Keyes - Medical Reiki

Raven Keyes joins me to talk about Reiki and the work she does with Reiki in hospitals during surgery, and the training programs she runs around the world. We also talk of the new fundraiser Medical Reiki Works has going on to organise a clinical trial of Reiki in hospitals. Ravens website: https://www.ravenkeyesmedicalreiki.com/ Medical Reiki Works and the fundraiser: https://www.medicalreikiworks.org/ The facebook...


EP012 Karl Smith Post-Trauma and the subconscious

This week Karl Smith of the UK hypnosis academy joins us to talk about his journey with post-trauma, His experiences in the army, police force and the accident where his trauma came from. We also talked about hypnosis, energy healing, mesmerism, holistic practices, living and working from passion, and his work with Kinetic Shift and the UK hypnosis academy. Hypnosis is internal, not an external state https://youtu.be/mbhEhodeh5E Radial Hand Drop https://youtu.be/Uw4HKOcGxOA Free 80 min...


EP011 Dr Bill Bengston Image Cycling for cancer healing and manifestation

Bill Bengston joins me to talk about his Image cycling process and his research with that for a cancer cure, manifestation and some more interesting things like cloudbusting. More details about Bill can be found here: https://www.bengstonresearch.com/ The cloud cutting/busting we talk about can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0GhEAkNZoE Thanks for listening Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=22594525)


EP010 Leanda Fraser - Reiki, Tarot and Astrology

Leanda Fraser joins me today to talk about my first reiki session, and her main passions, Tarot and Astrology, and the ways she uses them, and other things together to understand her consciousness better. You can find Leanda at: https://www.facebook.com/Pathways-and-Possibilities-188716174550629/ https://www.instagram.com/pathwaysandpossibilities/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbmNU6zGw_R3NV8gTuQ4ivA pathwaysandpossibilities@mail.com Support the show...


EP009 Oscar De Sousa - Empaths, chakras, human energy field and spirit

Oscar De Sousa Talks with Lance about empaths and a therapist course he has developed to help them with this, chakras, human energy field, and spirit. For well over 20 years Oscar has served as a medium, psychic, spiritual healer and spiritual coach. Born with his profound ability at channeling insights from many benevolent and high vibrational guides Oscar dedicated his life long ago to help people connect with their inner being and true purpose. While he may be a very hard man to get a...


EP008 David Lion - hypnosis, energy healing and spirituality

David Lion Joins Lance Baker to talk about his life and career. How he went from a shy unpopular kid to the most popular guy in college with magic tricks, moving into street hypnosis and then onto the real magic. David's life got much more interesting once he dropped the ego and opened up to energy healing and a spiritual life. You can find his website here: https://www.lionism.tv/ His academy here: https://academy.lionism.tv/ his YouTube here:...