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Founder of Alpha Omnia, Tom Velev, takes a dive into the world of fitness, nutrition, nature, adventure, and spontaneity. His belief in consistently challenging your mind and body to improve overall well-being is brought to you in each episode. Join the journey and follow @alphomnia on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more content and updates.

Founder of Alpha Omnia, Tom Velev, takes a dive into the world of fitness, nutrition, nature, adventure, and spontaneity. His belief in consistently challenging your mind and body to improve overall well-being is brought to you in each episode. Join the journey and follow @alphomnia on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more content and updates.
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Founder of Alpha Omnia, Tom Velev, takes a dive into the world of fitness, nutrition, nature, adventure, and spontaneity. His belief in consistently challenging your mind and body to improve overall well-being is brought to you in each episode. Join the journey and follow @alphomnia on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more content and updates.








#25 An Interesting Life The Mikky Wright Episode

Mikky Wright has lived a fascinating life with lots of great stories and lessons to share. From joining the Navy at 17, living in Puerto Rico, being a part of the grunge scene in Seattle, and owning multiple businesses he's already experienced life in more ways than most people do in their entire lifetime. If you are interested in contacting Mikky or would like to follow along on his journey you can do so on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. Support the show


#24 Growing Up Behind The Iron Curtain with Daniela Petrova

Daniela Petrova joins us in this episode to talk about what life was like growing up behind the Iron Curtain in Bulgaria during communist rule. She has a great story and let us in on what life was like back then. She came to the U.S. in her early twenties and talks about some of the challenges of moving to a drastically different country than the one she lived her entire life. Today Daniela is a freelance writer. Her stories, poems and essays have appeared in The New York Times, The...


#23 J.T. Talks Traveling, Endurance Racing, and Mental Strength

John Thornton, who goes by J.T., joins us in this episode to talk about his travels and experiences around the world. He shares a crazy story of how he and his friends almost were abducted in Istanbul and tells us a little about his first year competing in spartan and obstacle course races. He also shares some tips on productivity, minimizing distractions and accomplishing your goals. Support the show


#22 Health, Weight Loss, and Entrepreneurship with John Heles

John Heles helps people lose weight through proper diet and nutrition. He believes that the most important aspect of weight gain/loss needs to be addressed from a personal standpoint. Informing someone about nutrition and exercise is easy. Understanding who they are, what their circumstances are and why they make the choices they do is the challenge. John comes onto the show to talk about his personal weight loss journey and how that led to him owning two weight loss centers, Your Loss Your...


#21 J'den Cox Olympian & 2018 World Wrestling Champion

J'den Cox is the current wrestling world champion at 92 kg. His impressive resume includes 4-time NCAA All-American, 3-time NCAA Champion at the University of Missouri, won the bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and he won bronze at the 2017 World Wrestling Championships in Paris. In this episode we talk about his most recent accomplishment being the wrestling world champion. His stellar career at Mizzou, his Olympic journey, and preparation for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo,...


#20 Scott Forrester is The Aware Athlete

Scott Forrester is the author of The Aware Athlete. The book is about how the wild origins of our human nature and the new science of neuroplasticity are redefining fitness. He also helps people realize and achieve their dreams through the Feldenkrais Method which is discussed in his book and in this episode. Check out Scott's website to learn more about him and his work. You can also check out The Aware Athlete Facebook Group by clicking HERE. If you are interested in...


#19 From foster care to the NFL to entrepreneurship with Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player turned entrepreneur. He has an incredible story from foster care to being adopted, being a standout linebacker at the University of Oregon and playing in the NFL. Today he consults multi-million dollar companies and is a personal coach for individuals that are looking for direction in their businesses and life. He is also a motivational speaker, author, and ninja warrior. His Trust Your Hustle process and the three pillars of See, Sacrifice, and Sustain...


#18 Tribalism

In this episode Tom talks about the lack of tribalism in today's society and the impact it has on mental health. He uses examples and ideas from the book Tribe by Sebastian Junger. We talk about times of war and how people come together and are happier during hardships. People are tribal by nature in today's society without realizing it. Support the show


#17 Flo Zurkinden Talks Emotional Fitness

Flo Zurkinden is an online fitness coach, wellness coach, and endurance athlete she specializes in healthy lifestyle transformations. In this episode we take a deep dive into emotional fitness and mental health, entrepreneurship, and a little about Flo's life to really understand how she got to the point in her life that she is at today. You can check out her website at and you can follow her on Instagram @the_relentlesslifeproject. Her Facebook pages are The...


#16 Competing in a Death Race with Tony Matesi

Tony Matesi is an endurance athlete and entrepreneur! He joins us in this episode to talk about his experiences competing in Death Races, which is a race that tests you mentally and physically. No two races are alike, they are designed with extreme challenges and are completely insane! Races have taken over 70 hours before. We also talk about his entrepreneurial past and what he's currently up to. He is hosting his first race the SiSu 24 PNW in June 2019. Check out his website,...


#15 Creating film and chasing dreams with Zack Kravits

Zack Kravits is a filmmaker and photographer, he offers a cinematography course for aspiring filmmakers, and he's in the process of launching his travel bag company, Weylyn. He's worked with prominent and influential people like Vic Mensa, Lewis Howes, Pusha T, Nick Bare and many more. He's made tremendous strides in his career over the last couple years and he shares his knowledge in this episode. We go over his film career, entrepreneurship, and putting yourself in position to be...


#14 Touring with Jon Kilmer

Jon Kilmer is a music and TV producer based out of New York City and Los Angeles. He's been a tour documentarian for artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Steve Aoki, and Mike Stud. As a director he has amast over 150 million YouTube views on his projects. His latest web series, "Tourings Boring", was picked up by NBC/Universal and aired in the summer of 2016. Jon came onto the show to talk about how he started in film, how he and Mike Stud connected, what touring is like, some funny stories from...


#13 Travels from a van with Jess Bonde

Jess Bonde travels the world with his girlfriend in a van. He goes to a continent, buys a van, renovates the inside to make it feel like home, and off they go! He's traveled throughout Europe and was making his way through North America at the time of our talk. In the episode he talks about their journey and experiences. On their next trip they will be starting in Europe and driving to Indonesia. By the way he's also an awesome photographer. You can check out his website HERE and make sure...


#12 Kayaking Down the Mississippi River with Oliver Simes

Oliver takes us through his first trip kayaking over 2500 miles down the Mississippi River from the headwaters at Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. He talks about his journey going through the deep forests of Minnesota, encountering wild animals, and meeting interesting people along the way. On his second attempt to conquer the river he was trying to break the record. He talks about that experience and why he had to pull out early. Support the show


#11 Talking Handsome Pills with Aaron Platts

Aaron Platts, COO of Handsome Pills, comes onto the show to talk about their new product launch, a multivitamin. We talk everything about Handsome Pills from how they started to the launch and what's ahead. We also talk about Aarons busy year moving to New York and being a part of two great growing companies. We take a small dive into our mindsets and journey that we've been through the past few months creating something from scratch. Handsome Pills is a very promising young company with...


#10 Alpha Omnia is Dead... Sorta

Some big announcements in this short episode. Tom goes over why Alpha Omnia will only be focusing on the Podcast for the near future as we regroup. Support the show


#9 Life as an up and coming rapper with Naya Ali

Naya Ali is an up and coming rapper from Montreal. Her lyrics and flow are out of this world. I was constantly hearing how she is the next big thing in music so I had to have her on to talk about her music, mindset, goals, and what's next for her. Follow her @nayaalitheoriginal and listen on SPOTIFY. Support the show


#8 Traveling the World with Riley Brown

Riley Brown is a world traveler and he makes it happen while holding down a full-time job. He's been to Spain, New Zealand, Japan, France, Peru, Germany, and Bali all within the last 18 months. We learn about his trips, experiences, and what he's learned along the way. Support the show


#7 Talking Fitness and Nutrition with Monica Sehgal from RB Fit Chicago

Monica is a personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, and a private chef but it doesn't stop there. She is also the owner of RB Fit Chicago and was training for the Chicago Marathon when we spoke with her. She comes onto the show to discuss everything fitness and nutrition related. You can follow her @brnsgr1981 and her website is Support the show


#6 Army Intelligence with Josh

Josh is a U.S. Army Intelligence Veteran and currently enrolled in the Chicago Police Department Academy. We talk about his journey into the Army, his tours in Korea and Afghanistan, and the next chapter of his life in the CPD. Support the show