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My aim with Amplified Wellness is to present to you amazing health and wellness experts discussing a wide range of health topics. I want this to be a platform that provides you with tools that you can immediately take away and apply to optimise the health and longevity of you and those you love.

My aim with Amplified Wellness is to present to you amazing health and wellness experts discussing a wide range of health topics. I want this to be a platform that provides you with tools that you can immediately take away and apply to optimise the health and longevity of you and those you love.
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My aim with Amplified Wellness is to present to you amazing health and wellness experts discussing a wide range of health topics. I want this to be a platform that provides you with tools that you can immediately take away and apply to optimise the health and longevity of you and those you love.




Dr Kristin Comella - Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Join us on episode 16 when we discuss Stem Cell therapy also known as regenerative medicine and discover the healing might of these cells that occur naturally within our body. Dr Comella has been treating and healing thousands of people with this therapy. Listen as she explains the incredible healing nature of stem cells and the conditions they can assist with. Please get behind Dr Comella's work as like many natural therapies we want them to remain accessible by many people and not...


Tah & Kole Whitty - Get radically honest to live a life you want! Not what societal constructs tell you to!!

In episode 15 husband & wife duo Tah & Kole Whitty join me to discuss how their Bio Integration modality is helping individuals get radically honest with themselves. Discover how you can live life on your terms and not one that is defined by social constructs.


James Swanwick - Is your health being affected by poor quality sleep?

Thank you for joining in on an amazing episode! In Episode 14 James Swanwick Co founder of Swanwick sleep joins me to discuss the chronic impact that artificial lights have on our health and in particular our ability to sleep. James also is on a mission to help people reduce their dependence on Alcohol. With his 30 and 90 day programs he is assisting people to lose their grip on alcohol and find a whole new vitality and even look better. Want my detox program ABSOLUTELY FREE?!? For a...


Dr Christopher Shade - How to Amplify your Detox Program with Keto and Fasting

In Episode 13 I am joined by the Detox Master and founder of Quicksilver scientific Dr Chris Shade. We discuss how the ketogenic diet and fasting can support effective detoxification processes via MTOR blocking and Autophagy. Dr shade explains the body's detox pathways can become compromised & damaged from lifestyle factors leading to major health issues and poor ability to clear toxins. Dont miss this episode, the information is so important so that you can get your innate detoxification...


Dr Mickra Hamilton - Epigenetics Of Stress & Living to your Potential

Dr Mickra Hamilton joins me on Episode 12 to discuss how the science of Epigenetics is paving the way for optimised performance and potential for the human system. Learn how to boost your stress resilience, breathe more effectively and pass the right epigenetic expressions onto your offspring. We now know we possess so much power over our Genes and how they express. Take control and live to your health Potential.


Ariel Garten - How to enhance your Meditation practice with Muse Brain Sensing headband

In Episode 11 I am joined by Ariel Garten a neuroscientist and co creator of the brain sensing headband MUSE. Ariel discusses the immense benefits offered by meditation and how this can be enhanced with the use of MUSE. Mediation offers so many health benefits and with the help of muse it has become even more achievable for those that struggle with traditional meditation practice. Enjoy Chris B


Anthony G. Jay -Estrogeneration - How Estrogenics are making you Fat,Sick and Infertile

In Episode 10 of Amplified Wellness I am joined by Dr Anthony Jay. Researcher and Author of Estrogeneration - How Estrogenics are making you Fat, Sick and Infertile. Dr Jay discusses how Artificial chemicals in our environment act like excess estrogen in our body leading to a cascade of health implications like Obesity, Cancer, Infertility and more. This was extremely interesting and alarming to learn about. This is a must not miss episode Cheers Chris


Leigh Ewin - Biohacking your health with cold water and breathing

In episode 9 we are learn about the amazing health benefits of cold water immersion. We are joined by Wim Hof method Coach Leigh Ewin who currently resides in Finland. Leigh explains through a process called hormesis we can strengthen our body systems and upgrade our health by getting outside our comfort zones in ice cold water. Prepare to tackle the cold water and watch your health amplify.


Dr Zung Price - How emotions affect our physical body - The Mind/Body Connection

In Episode 8 I interview Dr Zung Price a Doctor with nearly 30 years experience in conventional and Integrative medicine. Dr Price discusses the mind body connection and in particular how our negative emotions cause chaos in our body leading to unwanted stress and disease. Dr Price is also a trained Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and specialist in many energy healing modalities.


Michelle Norris - Paleo FX CEO discusses the SAD diet and how eating Ancestrally can heal!

In episode 7 of Amplified Wellness I am joined by the CEO of the worlds largest Paleo conference PALEO FX. Michelle Norris discusses the SAD diet and how it is fueling modern disease and how eating in line with our ancestral past can help regain optimal health. Paleo Fx is an event that occurs annually in Austin Texas and attracts the the very best thought leaders in Paleo, Keto, Ancestral health and functional medicine Enjoy the episode Best health & regards Chris Barnes


Mason Taylor - Discover the healing power of Medicinal Mushrooms

Are you tired, burnt out and suffering from autoimmune issues? If so you wont want to Episode 6. I welcome founder of SuperFeast Mason Taylor. Superfeast create wild crafted Medicinal Mushroom blends and Tonics that are sourced with the utmost care and integrity ensuring you are getting the finest most potent healing nutrients possible. During the show we discuss some of the common problems faced by people today due to burning the candles a both ends along with compromised diets. We...


Dr Belisa Vranich - The most important practice for Optimal Health & Longevity

In Episode 5 Dr Belisa walks us through what it means to breathe effectively. Her latest book Breathe the Simple and Revolutionary 14 day Program to improve your mental and Physical health offers a step by step approach to retrain your breathing muscles and habits so that you increase the volume of oxygen entering your system which is only going to make your entire system work better and feel better.


Dr Dan Engle - The Concussion Repair Manual - How to Heal and Optimise the damaged Brain

In Episode 4, I am joined by Board Certified Psychiatrist and Functional medicine Practitioner Dr Dan Engle. We delve into his latest book the Concussion Repair Manual! A practical guide to recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury. Dr Dan is so passionate about this field and boy does he know his stuff. If you are a parent and have kids in sport make sure you listen to this podcast!! Enjoy CB


DR Simon Morgan - Maintaining Bone Alignment Health and all things Wellness

Episode 3 introduces Dr Simon Morgan a Wellness expert who specialises in Bone Alignment Health. Dr Morgan Discusses the key elements required for Optimal Health and Wellbeing and the impact that poor Posture Alignment Hygiene has on your Body.


Blake Morrison - Body and Mind Factory - Maintaining peak health and fitness for the time poor!

In episode 2 of Amplified Wellness I interview Founder and Head Coach at Body and Mind Factory Blake Morrison.We delve into habits essential for maintaining peak Health and fitness during our busy lives. Other topics are Nutrition and eating habits for Fat Loss and optimal body composition


Croyden Wheeler - Mindset and Preparing for an Arctic Marathon

Welcome to episode 1 of Amplified Wellness. My guest is Health and Fitness Entrepreneur Croyden Wheeler. We discuss mindset and his preparation leading up to Arctic Marathon and what the key areas he believes are essential traits for health and Fitness.