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The Dream of a New Freedom

Is there a way that you can have the dream and NOT be tied down to a geographic location? Greg talks about his recent trip to Bali. He discovered a whole new feeling about his own spirituality through the people he met. He describes specific trips he made that brought a new enlightenment on faith, work, and travel. The trip also made him reimagine the idea of living a new kind of freedom. Discover what that looks like and how you can enjoy it as well in today's episode!


Managing Polarity in a Relationship

Are your past relationships causing problems with your currrent one? It's a fascinating thought that Greg talks about in today's episode. He explains how being triggered in relationships could actually be emotions from the past. Are they yours? Do they belong to them? If you want to have a great relationship with others, you need to make sure that you don't ruin it by destroying Polarity. What is Polarity and how does it affect you? Become the person you truly want to be and then they will...


What Are You Meant To Do?

If you had to slam your fist on the table and declare "This is who I am!", could you do it? What guides you? Do you have a say in the matter? Greg talks about how the choices we make in this life are the only choices we get. We all have choices. Are you making the RIGHT ones? He teaches you "The Declaration Statement". Learn how this statement can change the course of your decision making so you can begin to architect a reality you have been dreaming of!


The World of Designing a Life

What if you could not only design your life but instead, Greg talks about a future scenario where you can design yourself through genome mapping. Do you want to be taller, smarter, muscular? Maybe it's about children being healed in vitro. He talks about the structure of DNA mapping, eradicating disease and the process by which this may actually happen sooner than you think. What the ethical issue of all of this? Should we be able to "play God" or is this something we need...


Building your own American Dream Location Free

Are we thinking all wrong when it comes to building the American dream? Greg talks about his family history and his humble beginnings. The goal was to have that home that you were always told was the dream. But what if that's not the right dream? He talks about the American Dream vs. Location Free. What is the best lifestyle that you can create for your family? Living Location Free might be just what you're looking for! What if your dream turns out to be anywhere your heart desires? Find...


Greg answers questions about fake profiles

On Greg's last episode he talked about his personal issues with getting caught up in fake online profiles. He has had many people use his image and more online without his knowledge. Well, Greg's producer Drew Steele had a lot of unanswered questions from that episode! What has he been doing to help stop it from happening to him personally? What steps can you take? Knowing that you are giving your personal info out voluntarily to places like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, are their...


The Dangers of Fake Profiles and Emotional Attachments

Is your image being used online without you knowing it? Could someone THINK they are talking to you, but it's actually a scam? Greg shares his own personal story about how his image was used by an online scam artist. What do you do when you are being preyed upon on the web? He describes what it means to be "Catfished". Social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and others can be great, but there is another side that you need to know about! Fake profiles and emotional...


The Do's and Don'ts of Entrepreneurship

There are stumbling blocks that will knock out 70 to 80 percent of new businesses. So how do you get over the peaks and valleys of being an entrepreneur? Greg talks about how YOU can be seen through a sea of products and applications. If you don't do it someone else will! He shows you all the steps you need to take, from your first ideas to market, that will help you to avoid the pitfalls that so many fall into. Get ready to architect your new entrepreneurial future!


Break away from the Auto Pilot life

Do you stay in the same daily routine but expect different daily results? Greg asks the question: What if you were to break away from your Auto Pilot life? From how you get out of bed in the morning to the way you make coffee, what if you were to take a second and ask why you do things the same way each day? The way for you to get to your new goal in life is about changing your regular routine! Are you getting too comfortable with that? Greg shares with you a 72-hour challenge that may...


Every moment in life is meaningful

On this powerful episode, Greg remembers his dad who passed away 22 years ago. He describes the tough times his family had when he was young. When his dad was laid off at Geneva Steel in Utah, he decided not to take assistance but instead get out and work. This idea that it didn't matter how much he was making because he could still have a say in his circumstance. He could make a decision to move forward and not settle. This simple but powerful way of thinking stuck with Greg throughout...


What's your Why with Mindable CEO Daniel Matishak

In the world of business, how do you motivate your team to care as much as you do? It's just one of the many questions Greg talks about today with Mindable CEO Daniel Matishak! Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Mindable, a marketing optimization company that specializes in activating niche communities in the personal development space. Greg and Daniel discuss how important it is to see the vision you have as opposed to the day to day tasks, understanding that you have to let go and...


Spiritual Materialism

What is spiritual materialism? Greg first talks about the accumulation of wealth and how this feeds your ego, your materialism. But what if there was a way to have more joy and connection with the world by understanding a different way to look at materialism? Learn how to stop elevating your own ego, and discover how to bring the information you have learned from others so that you can truly give back and live the life you deserve!


The anatomy of currency that gets you to bitcoin

Greg breaks down the history of currency to help you understand where we are today with Bitcoin. The fiat currency is tricky to understand, so is cryptocurrency the answer? Is it the latest and greatest in money or is it just the latest fad? Greg gives you the facts about how money works across the globe. He then talks about how Blockchain allows you to send money directly from one person to another without a middleman. What would life be like if you had full control and full...


Your kids. Not a goal but a mindset.

As we start the New Year, Greg asks the question "If you knew you were to die 1 year from now, what's the one thing you would like to teach your children and leave them with when you're gone"? Greg shares the impactful lessons he has learned raising his kids, and how it is so important to keep this question in mind each day. What IS your goal when you are gone? What is the legacy that you leave behind? He talks about the "Don't eat the marshmallow yet" approach that has helped to teach...


The Secret Code to Success

Greg talk about how you can succeed at any goal you set your mind to. He discusses Stephen Covey's 4 Quadrants or Time Management Matrix and the concerns of conflicting goals. What is the "why" behind your goals? With a body, balance, being and business approach, Greg breaks down the steps that will have you on a path to goals that you never thought you could reach!


That cat won't bark

How DO you live with heartache? How do you break the cycle of going back to that place of heart-break? Greg talks about trusting yourself, your intuition and how you need to stop looking at the disappointment from other people and, instead, look within yourself. Get back to that place of being loved again!


Reach past the plateau

On today's episode, Greg talks about the things you can do in your everyday life to create successful habits. These habits can help you change a negative in your life into a positive! Greg talks about how his personal belief system has enabled him to get the highest and best outcome for every situation, giving him the love, joy and happiness he desires.


Multiple Streams of Income

On this episode of Architecting Reality, Greg talks about managing multiple streams of income in business. Is it the elusive unicorn? How do get paid from more than one place at the same time? From multiple business to real estate, network marketing to stocks, Greg talks about how each way you get paid is a gift, not your life. We all have different gifts so why do most people fail at it?


The Power of a Spiritual Connection

After his divorce, Greg explored the steps needed to find Mindfulness. He talks about how meditation could bring clarity to his life. Is there a right way to meditate? What is the difference between meditation and Mindful Practicing? Greg also discusses the book "Love yourself like your life depends on it" by Kamal Ravikant and shows you how you can be more productive in your every day life!


Greg talks about Ayahuasca

Greg W. Anderson, your host, talks about his interest in different world religions. It was an experience that he had in Colombia where learned more about the Shamen who use the drug Ayahuasca. Stepping outside of his western culture, he learned more about the use of Ayahuasca as a remedy for people who were having emotional issues. Greg also talks about his personal experience to understand his brain better and to be a more impactful person in the world today.