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We are just two girls talking shit and storytelling; sometimes with guests!

We are just two girls talking shit and storytelling; sometimes with guests!
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We are just two girls talking shit and storytelling; sometimes with guests!






Series of Unfortunate Events, You Guilty WHORES

Ayyye we are back to finish this season. This episode Jay discussed the complex dynamics between the court and rape victims in conjunction with RKelly. Her second topic centered on women and them focusing on themselves as a means of taking care of their mental health. On the other hand was O.C and her topics were about Oklahoma's reaction to teachers going on strike and the odd reaction to Etrel's blackface. We hope you guys liked this episode, don't forget to like, comment, share and...


wig FLEW, edges laidT, and men BLOCKED

Tis’ the season to drag. It is holiday season so we are in a merry mood and ready for all the problematic behavior that will come with the following weeks. Yall have really been cutting up these last few days, big TRIPPIN. We started a new segment called QTNA, Questions That Need Answers, where we ask a question, evaluate the topic, and come back with an answer the next episode. If you guys feel like y’all know the answer or have an opinion on the question, then totally comment or write to...


Your Dick is Small and so is Your Political Aptitude

Three dudes blocked in the span of 24 hours. Jay drags well everyone but mostly men extensively; is she a man hater? Maybe a little, but it is all within good reason. O.C drags herself and talks about artists and their ability to hinder their careers through their personalities; she then proceeds to discuss rural communities and their confusing voting patterns. Jay talks about seasonal depression and ways to cope during the holidays. Smino is a king. Don't forget to write to us and comment,...


All Y'all Get Fs

This episode, O.C and Jay educate yall on education and the education system, since it has clearly failed some people. Jay talks about how to write a research paper using a discussion on discipline; so for you college students and others who still don't know how to write a research paper, she's got yall! (HBO hit us up). We discuss the education system globally and in the U.S. O.C talks about how numerous issues and examples of prejudice in the education system and how some of them came...


A Dash of Slut at a Gas Station

A Dash of Slut at a Gas Station Its spooky season, strumpets (look it up)! It's the most sluttiest time of the year and we are here to encourage the antics. Go whole slut or go home. We're also shading men *as per usual*. Come correct or not at all, Jay details how and where it's appropriate to approach someone. O.C talks about the Meredith Grays of the world and on Twitter. We discuss mother culture and why it makes for trash men (shading me again). We talk about the dos and don'ts of sad...


Sex, Friends and Money

On this episode, we discover... or more like borrowing a catchphrase and discuss some beneficial tips and exploring ideas relating to relationships. Jay gets to discuss sexual health and being safe while sexually active; while O.C discusses the complexity of merging accounts while in a relationship, and the gender enforced rules in those relationships. This was a great and flowing episode which we hope y'all like. Don't forget to follow us at @awlepodcast and write to us at


Dry Anal

This episode has truly been our favorite to record so far. On this episode, we drag Jay's dating life, the United States of America and discuss important topics that have been in discussion recently. Four main topics were discussed on this episode; for Jay it was Transphobia and Homophobia, and Christian Privileges, while O.C discussed the integral workings of following your dreams and Brett Kavanaugh. I hope you guys enjoy, we had some great laughs this epsiode, despite the depressing...


Political Agency

On this episode, we discuss sexual and political health. O.C gets a chance to discuss how to find accurate and correct information through the news and social media, all while preserving your mental health by filtering out trauma porn. While Jay discusses sexual health in regards to agency, consensual sex, adolescents, and so much more. Jay takes this opportunity to discuss the complexity of sex when it comes to adolescents and young adults, in the same space as predatorial situations. This...



This podcast is about giving a voice to the one's society tries so hard to silence. The title AWLE, Are We Loud Enough came from the stereotyping of certain demographic as loud and noisy, yet never paying attention to these same people being loud. This episode "Growth" was focused on financial mental health, sexual health, and financial health. The Mental Health chapter contained two segments: how to positively deal with deadlines and chores when you are depressed, and how to deal with...