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Status Update

It’s been a minute…several since our last show so here’s our status update….books, movies, relationships, whats about to happen to Ask Me About. Its all happening at Ask Me About. Status Updates: Drinking: Mantra-Battleground and HiWire-HiPitched Reading: Super Connector, All the Light We Cannot See, The Light of the Fireflies, Its Always Been Like This, … Continue reading Status Update


Celebrating Mule Day/Week!

On this Mule inspired Ask Me About, we talk about Sarah’s infamous Mule Day itinerary and speak to Bonnie Esslinger about Grow Columbia’s Muletowner Sundowner! Make sure you check out for a rundown of just some of the great events happening! And of course we close with “Have You Got That Lovin Feeling or … Continue reading Celebrating Mule Day/Week!


Singing a Different Tune….Marcus Malone and Bistro 822 Updates

Marcus Malone owner and imagination behind 822 South growing and bringing on major players to improve and become Bistro 822. David Baxter, local entrepreneur has partnered with Marcus to bring a, can you imagine, better 822 South. New menu! Things you can’t get within 4 hours of Columbia. A full bar. The music and entertainment will … Continue reading Singing a Different Tune….Marcus Malone and Bistro 822 Updates


Butch Rice, Acoustic Pop

“Soulful acoustic pop has never hit quite so close to home. Butch Rice writes of what we can all identify with, Love and Loss. With every tune the heartstrings resound as if the guitar has been in the hands of too many, slightly bruised and worn, but stronger in character.” On tonight’s show, Butch brings … Continue reading Butch Rice, Acoustic Pop


Musical Joi with Meredith Joi

Ask Me About JaynesMedia Sex and the Motherhood Ross Voice Tea On tonight’s episode, we are thrilled to have artist Meredith Joi. Facebook: Meredith Joi-CD Release Party at Cities Also performing: Kristin Larkin, Cory Fisher, River Tramps, Damien Boggs, Jen Palmer The album release party is Saturday, February 3rd at 6:30 pm at Cities … Continue reading Musical Joi with Meredith Joi


Best of 2017

We loved 2017 and we wanted to share it with you. This episode is our Best of 2017. Thank you for listening and supporting us in 2017. You have been a source of support and encouragement to us. We are looking forward to what 2018 holds for us and hope you will be a part … Continue reading Best of 2017


Hater Nation

Ross and Sarah talk about “HATERS”, their own personal ones and the culture in general. One thing is true…there will always be conflict, so therefore there will always be haters. A Hater: n. A negative or critical person A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they … Continue reading Hater Nation


Hot Reporter in the Hot Seat, Jay Powell

Jay Powell: Facebook Jay Powell: Twitter Writer for Columbia Daily Herald, Jay grew up in Franklin, TN and studied journalism at Middle Tennessee State University. What led Powell to his decision to become a journalist started with his enthusiasm of Edgar Allen Poe, specifically the Tell Tale Heart. “Since I’ve been in Columbia, I’ve watched … Continue reading Hot Reporter in the Hot Seat, Jay Powell


Do You Know a Good Lawyer? The “#Lattatude” of the Law

In Maury County, there are so many amazing attorneys, but we chose Kevin Latta to join us tonight and discuss popular legal topics: criminalization of marijuana, divorce, DUI, domestic violence. Listen, of course, but know this wisdom from Kevin Latta: “You have the right to remain silent, very few people exercise the ability.” “Remain respectful … Continue reading Do You Know a Good Lawyer? The “#Lattatude” of the Law


Parties, Parties, Parties

This episode goes off the rails as we discuss parties from times and lives past. Co-hosts Sarah Barry and Ross Jaynes along with guest Colby Block talk about all the parties from previous and recent years. Sex and the Motherhood Subscribe!


Marcus Malone, Guest, Friend, Keeper of the Circus

Owner of 822 South, Marcus Malone joined the Ask Me About team for an evening of discussion, and laughing. Marcus joined us in Columbia, TN three years ago when he and two partners to open Lucilles. We are now lucky to have more of Marcus’ vision at 822 South. After many delicious burgers, onions rings, … Continue reading Marcus Malone, Guest, Friend, Keeper of the Circus


Damien Boggs Columbia’s Music Ambassador

Muletown Musicfest is coming to Columbia, Tennessee September 29th and 30th! Music ambassador for Columbia, Damien Boggs joined us on Ask Me About to discuss his journey to becoming a musician, journey to Columbia and he plays some of his upcoming singles. And, we can’t wait to share what Damien is in love with this … Continue reading Damien Boggs Columbia’s Music Ambassador


Nerd and Needle…Mixing Science with Sewing

On today’s show, we have Elaine Jaynes, creative genius of Nerd and Needle. She’s had a successful online presence for sewing and creating a variety of nerdy accessories and took her gift to Comic Cons around the country. She is taking her talent for design and sewing and joining it with her love and education … Continue reading Nerd and Needle…Mixing Science with Sewing


Losing Time

On this week’s episode we talk about “What Alice Forgot”, a novel by Liane Moriarty. We ask each other to discuss what they would have forgotten if we woke up on a gym floor with amnesia. Dating, divorce, homes, etc would be missing and new love interests would be present…and many, many more things. You can … Continue reading Losing Time


Meet Fermenting Opinions

On this episode, we had Fermenting Opinions co-host David Popiden as our guest to talk about his podcast. Under the Ross Jaynes umbrella, Fermenting Opinions is our “Brother” podcast. Topics ranging on this episode from adulting, Eclipse 2017, flat earth believers, to political discourse and drones. More links below on how to find Fermenting Opinions and … Continue reading Meet Fermenting Opinions



Ross and Sarah asked for listener questions…and didn’t get any in advanced but got a few during the course of the show. In the meantime, this is what happened. We discussed our favorite and new social media platforms. Facebook Live Marco Polo Sarahah Snapchat Then Sarah asks Ross for a little knowledge and a big … Continue reading #truthbombs


The Game…If You Are in a Pickle

Unofficial reader question…reader who is “in a pickle.” Between two ladies and trying to decide who to continue with. The correct answer…and the answer to many others can be found in this episode. The Game is a book and process written by Neil Strauss that is how co host Ross Jaynes and Sarah Barry first connected. … Continue reading The Game…If You Are in a Pickle


Brokahontas, Daphne & the Mystery Machines

After recording our earlier episode, Ross is visited by Daphne Culver and Brittany Faith for a music interview episode! They stopped by to talk about their latest project Brokahontas, Daphne gives us the scoop on when you can see the Mystery Machines again, and we laughed/giggled a good bit. Daphne & The Mystery Machines … Continue reading Brokahontas, Daphne & the Mystery Machines


Grow Columbia, Our Hometown Show

Grow Columbia hosted a social last night at Southern Tre’ Steakhouse. Grow Columbia is a collaborative of local businesses to support local business. Downtown Columbia appeared to be alive and well with its most impressive and supportive professionals and community enthusiasts. In our first Facebook Live episode, we talk about Columbia-what we have been, where we … Continue reading Grow Columbia, Our Hometown Show


Wife In Laws

On this re-inaugural podcast, we have a guest to introduce Wife In Laws. Mandy Barry, married to co-host Sarah Barry’s husband, joins us to introduce Wife In Laws, a group of ladies from similar situations. We are women, mothers and friends. We want to strengthen the relationships between women. We want to help women raise … Continue reading Wife In Laws