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Each episode addresses a reader's dental issue through the lens of Dr. B's root cause and evidence-based approach to dental health and dentistry. Dr. Burhenne is a functional dentist and bestselling author whose website is visited by millions of readers each year.

Each episode addresses a reader's dental issue through the lens of Dr. B's root cause and evidence-based approach to dental health and dentistry. Dr. Burhenne is a functional dentist and bestselling author whose website is visited by millions of readers each year.


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Each episode addresses a reader's dental issue through the lens of Dr. B's root cause and evidence-based approach to dental health and dentistry. Dr. Burhenne is a functional dentist and bestselling author whose website is visited by millions of readers each year.




If I Snack in the Middle of the Night, Do I Need to Brush?

Midnight snacking is quite common for those with Type 1 diabetes, who need to maintain their blood sugar levels. If you do find yourself reaching for a simple source of sugar after bedtime though, should you brush your teeth afterward? Today, Dr. B answers this question by sharing his recommendations for which snacks he believes are best and how to take care of your oral hygiene in the middle of the night, from swishing with water to taping your mouth and more! Key Points From This...


Is It Safe To Have My Teeth Filed Before Aligner Therapy?

Most patients smile when they hear about Invisalign, as it’s both affordable and effective. However, as soon as interproximal reduction (IPR) is mentioned, their hackles go up. Today’s question is all about IPR: what it is, its role in aligner therapy, and whether it’s a safe procedure. The enquirer in question is worried that IPR will affect the health of her teeth long-term and, in this episode, Dr. B gives an in-depth explanation of the uses, precision, procedure, and safety of IPR in the...


Why Do I Get Gum Pain After a Filling?

Today’s question comes from Megan who found herself experiencing very serious gum sensitivity four days after getting a filling. In light of the fact that she has more cavities to be filled, she would like to know about the cause of this pain and whether or not she should be taking a different approach to the care of her gums in the future. In this episode, Dr. B explains the process of putting in a filling, how the technique of putting in a regular filling differs from a two or...


What Are Tooth Safe Snacks I Can Give My Kids?

As you may know, sugar is highly addictive, it’s found in many of the products we consume, and it is a major cause of chronic disease. But not all sugars are created equal. In today’s episode, Dr. B shares why we should stay far away from artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sorbitol, and choose natural sweeteners like monk fruit (luo han guo) instead. Monk fruit is 200 times sweeter than sugar, contains no calories or carbs, and it tastes good! That’s why Dr. B recommends monk...


How Do I Know When My Child Needs Pediatric Sedation?

If your dentist has recommended that your child undergo a pediatric sedation, it’s completely normal to feel anxious about it (even though only one in a million of these procedures has a negative outcome). In today’s episode, Dr. B. is joined by specialist pediatric dentist, Dr. Staci Whitman, who is going to equip you with information that will make the whole idea a lot less scary. Dr. Staci explains the value of pediatric sedation, and why she prefers general anesthesia over oral or IV...


What Your Physician Needs to Know About You From Your Dentist

Multiple systemic illnesses are linked to dysregulation of the oral microbiome, highlighting the importance of understanding the oral-systemic connection. However, we see dentists and physicians separately! Join us today to learn about the oral-systemic connection and why your physician and your dentist should be communicating. Dr. B explains why he wrote the Physician's CRP Letter, how dentistry and medicine split apart, and why this is such a bad model for overall patient health. We learn...


Tab or Toothpaste?

With climate change being the issue it is, many people are seeking alternative packaging for health products that reduces their environmental footprint. One of these alternatives is toothpaste in tablet form. Today’s episode is centered around a listener's question of whether she should be using Bite tablets or Wellnesse toothpaste. We dive into the topic with Dr. B's appreciation for both brands, and why he is so grateful for the options that boutique brands are providing us with. We next...


Why Do I Have White Spots on My Teeth After Braces?

Welcome back to another episode of Ask the Dentist! Today's question is from a listener who has white spots on her teeth following braces, and she wants to know what Dr. B recommends to treat them. We dive into the topic with Dr. B's explanation of what these white spots are, and how they are formed. We learn why the current standard practice of orthodontics is outdated, and why parents need to be involved when a kid gets braces. Tune in to hear Dr. B's three main suggestions on how to...


What Do You Need to Know About Oral Piercings?

Oral piercings are common amongst younger generations and are frequently judged by those who are older. This is not the case with Dr. B, who feels it's your choice. Tune in today to hear why you should be changing dentists if yours is making you feel uncomfortable about your piercings, and what to look for in a dentist who will give you the proper care. Dr. B breaks down the locations of oral piercings and the most common health issues associated with each of them. We also hear some great...


Tonsil Stones, Bad Breath and Grinding, What's the Connection?

Like many people, Dr. B is not a fan of the time change. However, as always, he has some great tips on how to cope with the change, resulting in improved sleep and better time management. Join us as we move from this helpful topic, to today’s question about tonsil stones, bad breath, grinding, and how they are all linked! We first learn what tonsil stones are, and how Dr. B recommends managing them without surgery. We hear how the oral microbiome is involved in their formation, and what the...


Can't Find a Functional Dentist Near Me? Then Do This...

By now all Ask the Dentist podcast listeners should be well aware of and hopefully using, Dr. B's functional dentist directory. However, what can you do when you can't find a functional dentist near you? Today's episode starts with Dr. B providing a different definition of what functional dentistry is, followed by a discussion around why the question featured is such a good one. Dr. B explains why no dentist is not better than a regular dentist, and how biological and integrative dentists...


How To Keep Your Retainers Clean Without Poisoning Yourself

If you've ever investigated the chemical makeup of your retainer cleaner, you would have been horrified to discover toxic chemicals such as persulfate. Understandably, today's question is from a concerned listener who wants to know if Dr. B has any advice on how to avoid these chemicals. Join us today as we hear about the retainer and denture cleaning products currently on the market, and why Dr. B is so concerned about persulfate. We dive into the role of a functional dentist in not only...


Is Brushing After Lunch a Good Thing?

In the USA, children are often encouraged to brush their teeth multiple times a day, however, as they grow older this often tapers to just mornings and evenings. Today’s question is from a listener in Colombia, where it is not uncommon for people to brush multiple times a day as adults. After listening to Dr. B's podcasts on how brushing your teeth can strip away the enamel, Steven sent in his question asking if it is unhealthy to brush after lunch. Tune in to find out why Dr. B encourages...


Do I need to worry about mercury from metal fillings while breastfeeding?

One of the most widely known recommendations for women while pregnant is to avoid eating fish due to the mercury content. But what about amalgam fillings? Today's question is posed by Emily, a concerned mother who wants to know if her breast milk is safe for her baby to drink because of the metal fillings she has. Join us to find out why Dr. B has both a short and a long answer to today's question, and why he believes that it is safe for Emily to be breastfeeding. We hear all about the forms...


Keep or Remove My Permanent Retainer?

Following the removal of braces, many orthodontists place a fixed retainer to ensure there is no relapse movement of your teeth. However, as Dr. B explains today, teeth are a dynamic tissue, and permanently fixing them in place can cause a multitude of oral health issues such as gum recession, gum disease, and even bone loss. Join us as Dr. B addresses Sarah and Staci’s questions about whether fixed retainers are a good idea in children and adults. The short answer is no (although there are...


How to Know If Your Toothpaste is Abrasive

Almost everyone wants that shiny, white smile… But at what cost? Many kinds of toothpaste sold throughout the USA have Relative Dentin Abrasion values well over the hardness of what our teeth are made of, resulting in tooth sensitivity and increased wear and tear. Today Dr. B dives into the makeup of common toothpaste brands, and how each of these is likely to affect your oral health. From the surprising RDA values of toothpastes marketed towards people with sensitive teeth to the habits and...


What are the benefits of Oil Pulling?

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic medicine used oil pulls to address oral and dental health. With the advent of Western medicine, we have shifted to using toothbrushes and toothpaste, which often contain harmful chemicals, and sterilize the oral microbiome. Today, Dr. B talks to us about why this is so bad for our oral microbiome and our teeth in general, and how you can make your own healthy and remineralizing oil pull chews! We dive into the science behind oil pulls, how they help to...


How Can You Kick the Sugar Habit?

Welcome to the first episode of the Ask the Dentist podcast for 2022! Dr. B is excited to share with you today the company that he has partnered with to test the oral microbiome (Bristle), and why he feels that this test is so important to our health. We move on to the weekly listener's question, asking how you can kick the sugar habit. Dr. B has personal experience with this and talks us through his tips, tricks, and substitutes to live a healthier, sugar-free life. We learn why there are...


What You Need to Know About the DSO Dental Model

The COVID-19 pandemic was particularly hard on small businesses, including private dental practices. Many of these practices have turned to Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) to keep them afloat. Join us today as we dive into the politics of dentistry and DSOs with Dr. B! We hear the pros and cons of being part of a DSO as a dental practitioner, and how the type of practice you choose can affect your outcomes as a patient. Find out why Dr. B was fired from his very first job, and the...


What Is Enamel Hypoplasia?

Hearing that your child has enamel hypoplasia can be incredibly distressing, for both the parent and the dentist! Today Dr. B talks to us about what enamel hypoplasia means, why dentists start sweating when they see it, and why it isn’t your fault as a parent. We hear how to identify enamel hypoplasia, and the tools you will need to keep an eye on it, as well as the potential outcomes of leaving it untreated. Dr. B discusses the various causes of enamel hypoplasia commonly listed in...