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Ep26 Why you need to know about Marabout Spiritual Healing?

Learn about one of the most powerful healing modalities I’ve ever experienced! Throw out everything you think is possible. Get rid of everything you’ve been taught about spirituality and religion. Listen in with an open mind and discover the endless possibilities! Find out why Deepak Chopra says “There’s no problem in the world that does not have a spiritual solution. Shout out to my awesome producer Mr. Doc!


Ep. 25 Why Black Women Need their own Healing Spaces

In this episode of Avalaura Heal My Life, my Business Bestie Althea Webber Bates, powerfully shares her healing journey and why Black Women need to create their own healing spaces. She discusses shy Self Care is different for Black Women and the importance of unplugging from our day to day grind. We also discuss our upcoming Black Women Leaders Retreat in Spain and why both us felt called to create this experience. To learn more about the retreat and sign up to attend, visit...


Ep24 Healing with Herbs with Special Guest Rosaline Law

Listen in to learn all about the healing benefits of herbs and healthy cooking. If you have a sugar addiction, this episode is for you! Rosaline shares a secret tip to combat sugar cravings naturally! Comment, share, subscribe and listen in next week!


Ep23 Black Women's Wellness with Lisa Peyton-Caire

In this episode you'll learn how your deepest pain can propel you into your purpose to help you heal and help other's heal as well. Lisa Peyton-Caire created a Black Women's Wellness movement inspired from her personal story. Listen in to this amazing discussion to find out more... Comment, subscribe, share and listen in again!


Ep22 Its my Birthday.... 3 Life Lessons I learned this year

I'm sharing with you the 3 lessons I learned this year. This is the birthday turnup episode. Join my mailing list at http://www.avalaura.com to join my mailing list. I have a special gift for you! Comment, share, subscribe and come back next week!


Ep21 Healing our Sisterhood with Special Guest SharRon Jamison

One of the blessings of having my own podcast is that I get to choose my guests and listen back to their awesomeness at any time! This week’s episode aint an interview… it’s a down home church revival! We taking you to church today! Healing aint easy, but its so worth it! And this week SharRon Jamison and I discuss how women can heal our relationships with our sisters. Its time to heal the sisterhood ladies! Trust me when I tell you, you will want to save this episode and listen again and...


Ep20 Black Woman Heal Day

Do you know about Black Woman Heal Day? Listen in to this episode to learn all about how to help Black Women Heal on April 1st with special guest and founder of Black Woman Heal; Lilada Gee. Listen in, comment, share, subscribe!


Ep19 Healing after a Bad Breakup

Listen in for an interview I did on the Modern Girls Guide to Healing after a Bad Breakup! If you've had you're heartbroken or experienced a breakup this is for you! Listen in, share, subscribe and comment!


Ep18 Healing Power of saying YES!

One of my favorite Floetry songs is Say YES! Check out this interview where I'm sharing with you how to say YES to yourself and YES to your relationships! If you struggle with self-love, self-care, boundaries and healthy relationships, this is a must listen to episode!


Ep17 Healing Power of Love with Guest Gee Sanders

Love is the most powerful healing force there is, yet so many of us struggle to find it and keep it. In this special Valentines Day episode, learn tips, tricks and secrets to dating and finding love from the Love Guru Matchmaker Gee Sanders! She dropped so many golden nuggets in this interview, make sure to listen in a couple times to get them all!


Ep16 Healing Power of Reiki

If you've ever wanted to learn about the beautiful healing art of Reiki... this is a must listen episode. Discover what Reiki is and isn't, how it works, why it's so important and find out how you can take a reiki training with Avalaura and learn how to practice it too. For more information go to my website at http://reikipowerworkshops.com/


Ep15 Healing Power of Foods with Special Guest Leah Salmon

The foods you eat can hurt you or heal you. So today we're discussing the healing power of the food we eat with special guest Leah Salamon all the way from the UK. I love it when my guests teach me something and I learned a lot of essential information from Leah! You'll definitely want to hear what she has to say.


Ep14 Healing Power of Emotional Awareness

In this episode, I’m sharing one of my favorite interviews with you. I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years and I have to say this is one of the most impactful ones regarding our emotional awareness and our ability to heal, feel and release our emotions and enhance our intuition. If you truly want to understand the power of tapping into your emotions... Trust me… this is a must listen to interview! Enjoy and leave your comments below. What did you learn? What was your biggest ah-ha?


Ep13 Healing Power of Silence

In this episode of Avalaura Heal My Life, Coach Mo guides us through an unforgettable journey into ourselves.... Learn the healing power of silence and self reflection. Learn how to tune into your most precious asset- yourself. You DO NOT want to miss this episode.


Ep12 Healing Power of Discovering your Purpose

Discover how important learning and living in purpose truly is. This episode gives you a Powerful Exercise to Help you tap into your purpose and establish a vision for your life this New Year! Additionally, make sure to join my 4 Week Live Online Meditation Program- M3 (Mantra, Meditation, Motivation) now at http://bit.ly/Meditation2018


Ep11 Healing Power of Vision

In this Episode take a trip back with me to learn how to establish a vision and create a plan for success in your life for this New Year! Make sure you get a pen and paper to do this powerful exercise! And make sure to join my online New Years Meditation to set your vision for the new year. Register now http://bit.ly/NEMeditation


Ep10 Healing Power of Meditation

Discover one of my favorite tools I practice daily and teach all of my clients! Meditation has sooooo many benefits. I'm sharing my experiences and teaching you how to meditate. And join me New Years Day for my 3rd Annual Soulful New Year Meditation. Sign up now free at http://bit.ly/NEMeditation


Ep9 Healing with Bellydance

In this episode of Avalaura Heal My Life, we are having so much fun discussing how you can heal your body with the sacred art of bellydancing. I love it when I learn something new and my special guest Marie James taught me some new things and changed the way I thought about bellydance. If you’ve ever thought about bellydancing, want to learn more about it or already dance, you want to listen in to learn how bellydance isn’t just fun or exercise, its healing too!


Ep8 Healing Power of Forgiveness

This episode will change the way you think about forgiveness. Listen in to this Powerful Interview with the amazing Vikki Johnson to discover how you can heal your life with the blessing of forgiveness.


Ep7 Healing your Negative, Toxic Relationships

Listen in this week for a powerful way to heal all of your negative, toxic relationships and shift the energy with an amazing energy healing technique called cord cutting! Do you feel called to do big, great and meaningful work in the world? Have you given up on your dreams? Are suffering in silence because you can't figure out how to create the life they really want by yourself? Avalaura helps you move from hole to wholeness in your life, relationships and business to live a...