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#54 Darius Pittman - Sugarless Crystals

My name is Darius Pittman. I currently reside in Raleigh, NC and I have been doing the keto diet for about 3 years. I suffered from weight issues growing up. So, for the longest I have searched for issues. I can say unlike most men I have dieted as much as most women throughout my life. I was introduced to this lifestyle through a friend and I haven’t turned back since. I continue to educate myself and push forward. So much I run a food blog by the name Sugarless Crystals. Where I focus...


#53 Kendra and Ash - Keto Super Powers

Exogenous Ketones gave this couple a boost in energy beyond belief


#51 K.D. Lost 35 lbs on Keto and Cured Health Issues

More a hairdresser, wife, and mother who recently lost 35lbs following a ketogenic lifestyle. That's right, she is just a regular mom who was overweight and tried every diet plan and weight loss challenge out there. After the birth of her daughter in 2017, KD was dealing with PPD and anxiety. She was also unhappy with her weight, which seemed to make things worse. It took her months of talking herself in and out of starting keto. She joined all the Facebook groups and stalked plenty of...


#52 Kate Jaramillo - Ended Sugar Addiction & Ketogenic Living 101

Kate is the founder of Ketogenic Living 101. It is a company that offers Ketogenic services, group programs and one on one programs to the general public all over the world She founded the Ketogenic coach certification and now has a 100 certified Ketogenic coaches. They are here to educate and empower other people to live a Ketogenic lifestyle and be the happiest version of themselves.


#50 Nicole Smith - Drops 10 Sizes with Keto

Fifty pounds kept off and from a size 16 to size 6 as of August 2018, she now shares ways to truly live the ketogenic lifestyle as a long term life choice, with ways to save money, products worth trying/ not worth the money, keto travel tips, and the hidden gems visitors must try in select destinations. She now teaches Bodypump Weightlifting classes and is finishing additional teaching certifications to help others find new ways to get fit. Her work has been featured on PopSugar...


#49 Tara Shimer - Keto Baking Company

Tara Shimer has struggled with her weight and symptoms of inflammation for most of her life. Having had no understanding of the correlation between the two, what began as her first attempt to lose weight, at age 13, swiftly morphed into what would become a decade-long battle with anorexia nervosa and exercise bulimia. Through adopting a ketogenic diet, Tara finally began to see that chronic cardio and under-eating were only making the inflammation and chronic stress, worse.


#48 Kyndra Holley - Peace, Love, and Low Carb

The face behind this blog and the author of multiple best selling cookbooks, including: Craveable Keto, Keto Happy Hour, 30 Minute Ketogenic Cooking and The Primal Low Carb Kitchen Cookbook. Kyndra is a firm believer in the weight loss potential and health benefits of a real food low carb/keto way of life. She has used her many years in the restaurant industry and her passion for cooking to create an ever changing menu for herself, as well as for us. Many say that “Variety is the spice of...


#47 Rachel Barber - Healed Her Body and Lost 50 lbs

Rachel is a certified health coach and creator of the Fat Adapted Babe process. She is passionate about helping women take back control over their bodies! By releasing control and listening to her body, Rachel was able to lose weight EFFORTLESSLY. She wasn’t even trying! On top of that, she was able to heal her body from: chronic illness, fibromyalgia, and hypoglycemia! Rachel was no longer on the verge of developing Type 2 diabetes. Her brain fog, anxiety, depression, cystic acne, and...


#46 Katrina Harris - Shed 198 lbs & Keto Coach

Katrina Harris is a Ketovangelist Coach and has shed 198 lbs with NO cheats. She realized she had a sugar addiction and decided to give up all artificial sweeteners. Moderation does not work for an addict, and Katrina knew she was addicted. Once she cut out sweeteners, she noticed that her hunger and cravings were suddenly gone, and the lbs she shed felt like they came off by magic.


#45 Mena Freed - Dropped 40 lbs and Healed Her Body

Mena lost over 40 pounds and 35 inches. She managed to reverse the signs of aging, heal her body, improve her life, increase her energy levels. She has a new zest for life! She is medication free from all the health issues she indured through many years. And she is symptom FREE! Mena wants to help people. She wants to inspire woman, in particular, to live their best life. We only get one life and through her struggles, she has found her passion.


#44 Todd White - Dry Farm Wines - Healthy Keto WIne

Todd has been serial entrepreneur and creator since he was age 17. Today, after 15 years in the wine business his life is dedicated to educating and helping people make better choices about food, nutrition, and how they think about consuming alcohol. He is the founder of Dry Farm Wines; a writer, speaker, and a leading authority on healthy organic/natural wines and the importance of micro-dosing alcohol for health, longevity, and vitality. Todd’s passion is unlocking the best way to enjoy...


#43 Christine Fox - Down 100 lbs

After years of being lean and healthy as a professional Figure Competitor, Christine had gained over 100 lbs! It was partially from using fertility drugs to conceive her last child, but then the weight just yo-yo’d on and off over the years since. On April 1, 2017 she decided to put an end to the up and down lifestyle and was determined to regain her old body! It’s a year later and she has lost over 100 lbs!


#42 - Trish Concepcion - Lost 80 lbs in a year

Patricia also known at fitnesz.trishie on Instagram has been on keto since Feb 2017. She works full time and is a mom of 2. She is currently training for her first powerlifting meet in September. She follows a 90% Keto Friendly diet, but the 10% she intakes her Carbs (on her heavy lifting training days). Keto has done so many benefits for her. Not only in physical appearance, but it has also has built her Confidence not just mentally telling herself "I want to be skinny". Instead "I want...


#41 Ashley Dropped 56 lbs in 7 Months

On November 8th, 30 year old Ashley started the ketogenic diet and dropped 56 pounds in only 7 months. This brings her total pounds lost to 80 lbs in about a year.


#40 - Keto Basics with Tracee

In this episode, Tracee goes back to basics. You will learn 12 simple steps to get into ketosis simply and easily. After a 2 week hiatus, we will be back next week with our guest interviews.


#39 - Ketonian Korner Interviews Me

My friends Jolene Hale and John Davidson interviewed me on their podcast and this is the show.


#38 Brian Williamson - Down 60 lbs and Cured Depression

The Ketovangelist is one of my keto heroes. In this episode, Brian Williamson talks about his son with epilsepsy, his depression, and his 60 lb weight loss. For show notes, go to


#37 Alisha Kellner - Lost 125 lbs on Keto

Losing 80 lbs in 6 months, this PhD student lost a total of 125 lbs.


#36 Lisa Kloes - Healed Her Extreme Fatigue

Many people come to the keto diet to lose weight, but what if you don't have any weight to lose? Lisa was in extreme fatigue with low blood sugar and blood pressure. With her daughter's urging, she got started with the keto diet and her energy returned very quickly.


#35 - Mindset Mojo with Tracee

Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you are right. In today's episode Tracee rants about your mindset and why this is more important than anything else.