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66: Don’t Eat This Fat

Today is a power episode all about one simple health tip that can help you avoid many complications that may arise from eating this one type of fat. This is a non-negotiable for everyone in my humble opinion ;) P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.


65: Is Infidelity Your Greatest Gift?

Infidelity. Cheating. Affair. Whatever you want to call it… it hurts. In this episode I explore how hidden amongst this great challenge that so many of us have to endure, could in fact be your greatest gift. We dive into the real world story of Kirsty and Tim and see how one conversation took them from suffering to compassion.


64: Do You Have Leaky Money Buckets?

I was inspired to do this episode after having an impromptu mentoring call with one of my team members. This person was doing something I was super guilty of in the past… not looking at the numbers. And it occurred to me that if we don’t have our financial houses in order, it leads to ‘leaky buckets’ in all areas of our lives. Could taking control of your finances be one of the most powerful tools of personal transformation and spiritual evolution?


63: Radical Honesty: Part 2

Time to get super honest with you (although I always feel like I am). But this takes it to a new level that’s for sure! Today I answer YOUR questions with Radical Honesty, so sit back and enjoy this extended episode as I take this week off to focus on my upcoming single and album release! P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.


62: How To Be A ‘Superior’ Man

There are few concepts that have impacted me more profoundly than that of the masculine and feminine. Before I started to totally 'get it' and embed this into my daily operating system, it was like poking around in the dark, searching for meaning and direction. This is an episode for all men and women. Let this become your GPS back to the truth of who you are. P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.


61: How To Absorb More Wisdom From Books

So you have just finished an amazing book... you are inspired... the months roll by... and you have totally forgotten what you learned. Sound familiar? Well, I have a quick fix for that. It’s a simple process anyone can follow to make sure the wisdom you found stays with you forever.


60: Radical Honesty: Part 1

How would the world look if everybody was radically honest with each other? Imagine how this would impact our relationships, our politics, our careers, our environment… everything. In this Part 1 episode I am going to explore this question and then ask for your help to turn this into an experiment. In my next Radical Honesty episode Part 2 I will be answering your questions with my own radical honesty.


59: Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance! (3 New Remixes Out Today)

Sometimes you just gotta dance! Today we celebrate the release of three new remixes of my latest single, ‘Open Wide’. So turn up your speakers and get your groove on ;)


58: The Consensual Quickie

I know what you are thinking, “why does BROADHURST ALWAYS TALK ABOUT SEX?!” I am no expert, but what I do know is just how important it is to maintain this intimate connection with your partner. And you know what? Love making doesn’t have to be a long process, in fact sometimes a ‘quickie’ is exactly what you 'need'. P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.


57: Inbox Zero

Email. We can’t live without it (yet) so we have to learn how to make it work for us. Today I am going to show you how I have refined my email habits to achieve Inbox Zero, including the some apps you must use if you want to master your inbox.


56: Living By The 'Lovers' Code

In episode one of Broad New World, I shared with you what it meant to ‘live by the code’. These self created boundaries enable us to get on with living the life we always knew deep down we were capable of, and ditching some of our stinky habits that have been holding us back. So it made sense to me that in our romantic relationships, we could have our own ‘lovers’ code; a set of guidelines mutually agreed that can take your love life to a whole new level.


55: Are You Seeking Unity?

Have you ever wondered why you feel so terrible when someone gets angry at you? You know that feeling where the other person's energy is almost stuck in your cells? What you are about to learn has the power to see you always recognise when something is not yours, step back, be the observer, and transform any situation back to love.


54: How To Keep The ‘Spark’ Alive

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “how do you keep the spark alive in your relationship?” Well this is one area I have sucked at over the past week, so let’s take a look at what went wrong and how we can all cultivate more spark with our lovers.


53: Why I Broke Up With Bulletproof Coffee

For years I loved waking up and grinding my coffee in readiness for that magical moment where I blend heaping tablespoons of butter making it into a delicious creamy brew. But, after a while things started to go a bit... shall we say... fiery? Today we are taking a dive into coffee from the perspective of bio-individuality to see if the world's most popular drink is right for you? P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new health practice.


52: My Past Life

Do you believe in past lives? I wasn’t sure until I had this experience. So get comfortable because you are about to meet me before I was me...


51: How Amazing Are Women?

In the ancient Hindu philosophy, they speak of the masculine and feminine forces of Shiva and Shakti. The male or masculine energy which is Shiva is said to be the energy of consciousness, and the female energy of Shakti is the force of energy. Shakti, the feminine, is considered divine, she is an agent of change. It’s time to honour some amazing women in my life who I just love to bits and who are creating waves in the world!


50: How To Poo

What happens when you let your trash overflow? Does it smell all fresh and look beautiful? Ah… nope. This is exactly what happens inside our bodies when we don’t move our bowels properly. That rubbish builds up and really starts to make a giant mess of our temple. Today I am going to discuss some simple things we can do to make sure we are doing really satisfying and smooth poops everyday and also reveal one supposedly ‘healthy’ source of fibre that could be making you sick.


49: Longevity Series: Find Your Tribe

And here we are! The 9th and final pillar of longevity. This is all about bringing together and getting started today on your own path to living a long, healthy and happy life. And one of the keys is to surround yourself with the right tribe...


48: Longevity Series: Vitamin L

There certainly are plenty of vitamins you can get from a balanced diet that will go a long way towards seeing you live to be healthy at 100. But there is one vitamin starting with L that you can’t find in food which is an essential ingredient in our happiness.


47: Longevity Series: Live A Spiritual Life

It’s so easy to look to the things we can touch and see as a path to living a long and happy life. A secret chemical in some foreign plant, a new fitness protocol, the latest biohacking gadget that promises to deliver instant zen. But perhaps somewhere buried amongst the mystical and unseen lies the true secret to happiness and longevity... the greatest biohack...


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