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87: The Playful Side of Parenting

Parenting. It’s one of the greatest challenges we face, and also one of the greatest opportunities for growth. In this episode we are going to dive into the playful side of parenting. I invite you to come on a journey with me… an experiment for parents and non-parents that could unlock new levels of love, joy and happiness.


86: Want Better Relationships? There’s An App For That

It’s true that technology has connected humanity like never before, but the polarity to that connection is a level of disconnection as we walk around with our heads down, absorbed into our phones. However, what if there was one app which actually could support us to digitally deepen our connections?


85: Radical Honesty Series - Your Questions Answered Part 2

My most downloaded episode to date has been from my Radical Honesty Series, where I answered all your questions. So today I have decided to do it again. These are your questions, on any topic you like, answered with complete radical honesty.


84: My Debut Album is Out Now! (Plus Why I Changed My Name)

Today marks a big day for me. One of the biggest in my life. Today is when I finally release my debut album called ‘Thank You’. Many of the songs you will know, plus a few new ones I am releasing as they fit perfectly onto this collection. In this episode I am going to talk to you about what it took to write this album, how the songs came about, why I changed my artist name and this show name, the recording process and much more. Plus I am going to play for you two of the new tracks on the...


83: Ayurveda Series 2 - How To Balance Kapha

If there was one body type or dosha that people love to disown, it would be kapha. But If I were to have envy of any particular dosha, it would most definitely be Kapha. Sure, if kapha goes out of balance it can lead to increased weight gain, but when in balance it holds the key to lustrous skin, shiny hair, a strong immune system and a long, happy and healthy life. Listen in this order.. Ayurveda Series 2: Agni – Your Digestive FireAyurveda Series 2: Agni – Rekindling Your Digestive...


82: Ayurveda Series 2 - How To Balance Pitta

If you have ever felt angry, irritable or possessive, or perhaps broken out in a rash or embarrassing pimples, chances are you may have what is called a pitta imbalance. The Pitta dosha in Ayurveda represents the fire element. You know those type A personalities? Yep, pitta. It’s amazing for getting shiz done in your life, but like all doshas it’s important to stay balanced and keep that fire under control and recognise the imbalance before it takes you over. And that’s what this episode...


81: Ayurveda Series 2 - How To Balance Vata

“I’m so vata right now”. If you’re anything like me, you will know exactly what the statement means. No matter what your predominant dosha or body type, we can all develop imbalances in any of the three doshas. So even if you are more pitta or kapha, this still applies to you. And in this episode we will be taking a look into how to balance the vata dosha through diet and lifestyle. Listen in this order.. Ayurveda Series 2: Agni – Your Digestive FireAyurveda Series 2: Agni - Rekindling...


80: Ayurveda Series 2 - The Antidote to Aging

‘Anti-ageing’ certainly is soooo hot right now. We all want to look our best, but so often turn to external devices to give as that healthy glow. But what if there was a secret ‘essence’ in your body that held the key to your optimal vitality, immunity, calm and radiance? In Ayurveda it’s called Ojas, and today we are going to find out what robs us of our Ojas, and how to build it back up using simple lifestyle strategies and learning about the three categories of foods, and which types...


79: Ayurveda Series 2: Ama - The Root Cause Of Disease

In the previous episode we learned all about the gatekeeper of good health, Agni, also known as Digestive Fire. But today we are going to look at the antithesis of Agni, which is called Ama, also known as toxins. Ama can accumulate in the body when we don’t digest our foods or our emotions properly. The good news is that Ama is relatively easy to clear form the body, if you catch it before it is forced deeper into the tissues of your body. So, let’s dive in and take a look at what Ama is...


78: Ayurveda Series 2: Agni - Rekindling Your Digestive Fire

One of the greatest things we can do, not just for our digestion but for our life, is to develop a strong and balanced Digestive Fire, also known in the world of Ayurveda as Agni. In this episode I am going to walk you through some simple tips you can implement right away that will re-balance your digestive fire, forever change the way you relate to food and take your health to the next level! P.S. Always listen to your intuition (and your doctor or practitioner) before trying any new...


77: Ayurveda Series 2: Agni - Your Digestive Fire

If you are wanting to take your health to the next level, then this series is not to be missed. “To eat is human, to digest is divine.” When those profound words were first spoken thousands of years ago, never could these wise seers have anticipated just how much this simple knowledge would be needed. In this second Ayurveda Series we are going to dive into the world of digestive fire, also known as Agni. We are also going to take a look at what happens to our bodies when our Agni is...


76: Just Gimme The God Damn Hamburger!

Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a man called Nick. He thought he had things pretty figured out, until one day, a mysterious delivery from Uber Eats, pushed him over the edge...


Ep 75: Ever Wondered - My Latest Single Out Today!

There are few things that light me up more than releasing new music. And today I finally get to show you my latest single ‘Ever Wondered’. Like all my songs, they seem to land in my lap. One minute there is nothing, and the next there is a full song. I clearly remember when I first sung this and started fully sobbing! There was something about it which just hit me in the heart. I love that! That’s why I do it. When Melissa first heard the finished track she was really taken aback by my...


74: Shallow Series - The Disempowerment of DM's

There’s no doubt that social media is a very powerful tool. I love the way I can connect with people from all over the world, but there is one side to social media that I believe can be tweaked in a way that will turn disempowerment into growth (Hint - I just turned off my DM’s).


73: #shareyourself

January 1st, 3:41 am, I had an epiphany… what’s the point in going through life learning all these lessons, only to keep them to myself and not share them with the world? In this episode we are going to talk about one simple thing you can do each day that will take your life to the next level.


72: Radical Honesty Series - Let’s Talk Money

Money, money, money. Why is it that when it comes to radical honesty, very few people feel comfortable to really share in details how they make their money? I mean, come on, who doesn’t wonder about this? It’s something that many of our friends get asked all the time…. “How do Nick and Melissa make their money?”. Well today I am going to break that taboo, put money talk back on the table, and share exactly how Melissa and I have created wealth.


71: Westerners To The Rescue?

After an amazing trip to Nepal, I can’t help but think, was it me the Westerner doing the saving? Or perhaps was I the one being saved?


70: My Two Greatest Creativity Hacks

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do you get into a creative mindset and actually get everything done?” Well the answer I am afraid is rather simple. In this power episode I am going to share with you two things I do that have taken my creativity and productivity to a new level.


69: Are You Deep or Shallow?

I am shallow. Actually, I can’t believe how shallow I am at times. It’s this lack of depth which has caused me to recently hit a pain point. A signal that it’s time to change things in a big way. If you are ready to go deep with your mission in life and make a real impact, then this episode is for you.


68: Thank You (My Latest Single Out Now)

Any day where I get to release new music into the world is a great day for me. This is why I am here. But few songs mean more to me than this one; 'Thank You'. I wrote this in an intense state of gratitude for my ex-girlfriend. And I believe that maybe, just maybe, this could be a catalyst for people all over the world to heal something they didn't even know needed to be held. Can you say "Thank You" to your ex-lover? Listen to ‘Thank You’ on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and...